St. Patrick’s Day 2017

unnamed-1Happy St. Patrick’s Day. If you have read this blog for awhile you know I’m not a fan.  I’m always thrilled when it is over.  Seeing my sweet Irish mom last night was tough.  But so it goes.  I hope that Irish angels are surrounding her today.  Thanks to all of you who think of us and pray for her.

 In more fun news,  I’ve entered a limerick in String Theory’s contest on Facebook.  Go like it if you please, I could  win the gift certificate.  That would be fun. 

We did have fun yesterday, after my eye doctor appt.  We watched Northwestern play in the NCAA tournament, at a Buffalo Wild wings with friends.  The place was rockin’ as it is near the campus  and tons of students were there.  It was quite fun to watch with a hundred fans cheering their team on.

The photo I took above is proof I have a hard time out in the world, as a retired nurse.  There is a baby in that carseat, that is completely closed with a cover.  The father was asleep and the mother was on her phone.  I was so close to saying something, but I didn’t.  Aren’t those situations akward?  I never know if I should cross the line.  Fireman was sure the material would be breathable, but I was not so sure.

Finally Knitted Bliss is showing a pair of Kleenex mittens on her post.  One mitten has a slit that you can keep Kleenex in to grab without taking off your mittens.  It is a cute idea.

So many of you said you liked corned beef and cabbage, and if you were one of them ENJOY!!!!  May the road rise to meet you….may your knits be on your back, and may your bloggy pals hold you in their knit hands!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day 2017”

  1. Love the very end of your post…so sweet. I am not a nurse, but I’d be worried about that baby too. I get very frustrated in situations like that. Thinking of your Mom and wishing her peace and angels to surround her.


  2. I would be worried about that baby too. It seems so many take their children in public places, any age child and then ignore them. It always makes me wonder what they do at home???? I worry too much about everyone and everything and I have very little or no control over any of it! 🙂 I’m going to check out those Kleenex mittens. I could sure use some right now! Allergies, sinus thing or a cold. I’m not sure which, but a lot of Kleenex are being used!


  3. GO U NORTHWESTERN! FINAL FOUR! I heard someone on NPR say ‘it could be their year’ (followed by ‘it could be anyone’s year’). I kept them in my bracket pretty far though!


  4. I’m praying for your mom and you! I think your reaction to the covered baby was a nurse/mother thing. I see such things and have to bite my tongue to stay silent.

    Mittens with a Kleenix holder? I must have a pair. Of course, I’ll have to wear them all year.


  5. Why don’t you like St. Patrick’s Day? That mitten Kleenex idea is smart. I’m wearing my shamrock earrings and Kristi has a corned beef in the Instant Pot.. potatoes and cabbage and carrots to be added later. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I always cringe when I see someone with a baby carrier. They usually swing them around, put them on the top of cars, put them on the floor in drafty areas.


  7. I’m strongly (but kindly) opinionated also when it comes to caring for babies/children, also!
    I don’t like the car carriers that mother’s lug around-hold your baby! I can appreciate your self-control on this one!


  8. That would have been a tough one, how can you say that the baby needs to breath and the parents need to take that seat off the chair and place it on the floor where it is safe! I am not a St. Patty’s Day fan either. You are in Badger country now, you better be rooting for them. I am a Jayhawk by marriage so you know where my loyalty lies.


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