Rain-or-Shine Cowl Finish

As Teresa says, here’s the big reveal!  I finished my Rain-or-Shine modified cowl last night.  Pattern by Bekah Knits.  Knit in EY Select Bel viso,  a luxury cotton linen blend. I believe it cost 25.00 for the skein.  I used almost all of the skein or about 380 yards.  Colorway: 09 Cordelia.  My Yarn shoppe in Delevan, Needles ‘N pins sells about 8 different colorways.  They are all lovely.

Loved the colors and subtlety of this yarn dye.  Love that it is cotton and it will be for me.  Indulgent?  Yup.

I modified it by eliminating the honeycomb lace sections and I did the large size.

So what’s with me and Lace?  I don’t enjoy it near as much as stockinette and fair isle and sock patterns.  I love the look afterwards though.  So product, process the debate goes on and on.

I grabbed the camera when I was up for a second at sunrise.( I had the camera with me as I was trying to catch a photo of the ORANGE moonrise last night.)   No luck. So you get  a Wisconsin sunrise.  Good thing I know you aren’t picky!DSCF0531


Author: compassionknit

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13 thoughts on “Rain-or-Shine Cowl Finish”

  1. Ahhh, beautiful sunrise picture…ours are still grey, grey, grey. Flurried ALL day yesterday (luckily nothing stuck on top of the snow/ice we got on Tuesday). Your cowl is beautiful – that will look and feel so nice in SPRING!! Good that you practiced a bit of indulgence on yourself!!


  2. That is a gorgeous cowl. I know what you been about process and product. It’s frustrating sometimes. I’m glad you got a luxurious yarn for yourself. I need to feel better about doing that for me too. I have no problem buying nice yarn for gifts for others, but for myself. I feel guilty. That is a beautiful photo too!


  3. The Wisconsin sunrise is just beautiful. The cowl is fantastic and if you liked knitting with the yarn and you’re going to wear it, it’s a wise investment. I know you can’t have itchy on you but seriously the fact it’s this cotton it can get even more wear out of it!


  4. Your big reveal is great.. that turned out awesome! Now you have to model it for us.. 😀 Great sunrise photo.. I never see them as I’m not a morning person. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. I love that cowl, and it will be so easy to wear. I always seem to knit bulky ones that I can only wear when it is freezing…I think I need a more versatile one. Yours is beautiful!


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