Visitors of the Feline Variety

Out my window:DSCF0529This cat is not one we have seen before.  There are at least 4 cats that are indoor/outdoor cats in our area.  If cats are not SOCIAL animals, as some say, why do they want to meet my cats?  

My only concern is if they have fleas.  If they meet through the screens in summer, I do not want fleas.  Advice?  I don’t want to put flea collars on my cats.  

On my kneedles:

I am knitting the cowl in cotton/linen and a the Sockhead Hat from Boho knits in Ty-Dy Socks color 1233.   I prefer a knit hat that is a slouch AND has a big ribbed brim.  Like several inches of ribbed brim.  Trouble is I don’t like knitting that brim.  Sigh, but it must be done.   I shall carry on.

In my crockpot:

Turkey breast, with lipton onion soup mix, a can of whole cranberry sauce and orange juice.  Mmmmm. It is easy and always turns out delicious.


Have a wonderful Wednesday bloggy pals.



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17 thoughts on “Visitors of the Feline Variety”

  1. Giroux gets a topical flea treatment each month. It eliminates fleas, ticks, hookworm and roundworm, ear mites and helps to prevent heartworm. The downside is, it is a bit pricey. We chose this option because we had herds of deer and living in Florida, MOSQUITOES (heart worm carriers).

    The poor boy was loaded with fleas when we adopted him (along with the resulting tapeworms) — the treatment does NOT work for tapeworms, I don’t think. He’s been on Revolution for two years and I have not seen a flea or seen him scratch like he has them.

    Good luck …………….fleas are NO fun.


  2. I think cats are very social.

    We have used Frontline in the past for our cats, especially since they are always indoor/outdoor cats. BUT, I have decided no more chemicals. I really don’t like putting that stuff on Tyg (and it doesn’t seem to work anyway since he was coming inside with a tick or two a few weeks ago when it was warm). I’ve never seen fleas on any of our cats that we have had, and none on the other cats in the neighborhood – even the feral cats that used to be around. I’m now using a gel that is “natural” – primarily peppermint oil. I’ve also heard that the oil from rosemary is supposed to repel critters (I’ve rubbed fresh rosemary on cats in the past).

    Your turkey meal sounds delicious!!


  3. No advice from me, your catless blog buddy, but I hope you find a solution. Your neighborhood cat looks friendly and yours look curious about this interloper.


  4. Like Dee said… the flea drops (Advantage, Frontline, Revolution etc) work great. One drop and it keeps fleas away for months. By far the most effective flea remedy I’ve ever used.


  5. Our vet gives us a pill for the cat (comfortis) that seems to work well–but then, we also have dogs and they also get a pill (not comfortis, one that lasts for three months) and since they would be the main source of fleas, that takes care of it. But then you have to make sure the cats eat the pills. And they are not cheap. Perhaps diatomaceous earth around the screens?


  6. I am allergic to almost all the commercial flea meds so I struggle every year to find something that works. Last year I tried those expensive collars and they were a real bust. Now I dust everything with a mixture I found here:
    I got it all off Amazon. I use a dust mop to sweep it all over the floors and the deck where the outside kitties eat and then I use a paintbrush to dust it on the back of the kitties, up between their shoulder blades where they can’t lick it. Does it work? Dunno-but time will tell. Flea season will be upon us in the very near future.


  7. That little kitty looks so sweet and like he, (or she), just wants to play! I understand how you would be concerned with fleas. I’m sorry I can’t give any advice, but I do think the picture of all of the cats is very sweet. Your turkey breast meal sounds delicious. I think I’ll get one when I next go grocery shopping and try it. Your knitting projects sound really nice. The sockhead hat is a great pattern! Have a lovely day my friend.


  8. It’s a very nice looking cat and so cute to see them looking through the window like that. I use flea and tick shampoo in the summer months. Lilly Bean never goes oustide though and we don’t have any kitty visitors so we really haven’t had any flea issues. Your crock pot meal sounds yummy! I need to give it try.


  9. Thank you all foryour suggestions and cat knowledge. Someone at knit group today said I’d better worry about spraying not fleas. She said the outdoor cats will spray our screens and then my cats will spray! WHAT????? How on earth do I prevent this?


  10. With the usual number of cats here-6-8 at least, that move in and outdoors, we use Capstar-a small pill that kills all fleas and ticks. We outsmart the ‘system’ by buying the dog pills (same ingredient) and cutting them into the smaller doses that cats need. That way we pay the same price for 6x the pills. No flea problems here for the 5 years we have been using this product.
    (No powder residue or drops on their neck that make several of the cats very sick!)


  11. If I didn’t know she was sleeping upstairs, I’d swear that Mocha was looking in the window. Can fleas get through the screen? The ones in CA were too big, I think, and here we don’t seem to have a problem with fleas, but then our two are indoor cats. Your crockpot recipe sounds tasty; could you give a few more details, like how long at what temp. and how much oj?


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