Happy Pi Day

DSCF0526It is Pi day and this is the day we celebrate our Pie’s birthday .  She’s 4!  She’s still a tiny cat but she is mighty.  She has a new mouse toy with catnip to celebrate.  Happy Birthday crazy one.  In addition to her congenital cataracts. she has some other odd qualities.  She rarely sheds a hair.  Her coat is different than the other cats’ coats.  She’s somewhat of a shedless cat.  Nothing wrong with that! 

My Rain cowl turned into a snow cowl.  We only got a few inches of snow here yesterday.  Perhaps one of the BEST things about moving that I didn’t plan on, but love, is that we are not in the Lake Effect area anymore.  

We enjoyed living near Lake Michigan and going to the beach with the kids when they were little. We went often.  However, it is a huge body of water. I also worked at a hospital just a block from the Lake.   If you ‘ve never seen the Great Lakes, they are more like small oceans.  Truly.  And …they impact the weather near the shores. Big time.    As in, it does NOT warm up in Spring until June due  to the lake breezes carrying air over the freezing waters.  

I ‘ve been envious of the places just a tad west of the shore who get a fully 15 to 20 degrees warmer in Spring because they are not in the Lake Effect area.  I live a full 35 miles west of the big Lake now.  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!  Now I’m hoping for a true Spring.  Fingers crossed!!

Being the bossy boss of my own knitting, I’ve manipulated the Rain cowl pattern.I just did not like the honeycomb repeats.  The holes were too big and the actual knitting was cumbersome.  So, I’ve decided to eliminate the honeycomb parts.  I’m probably half way done with the cowl.  In my early knitting days, I could not do this.  I’d just give up.  I feel like this is big progress for me.  

Have a great Pi day.  3.14159





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day”

  1. The cowl is lovely and I think renaming/reconfiguring it is a brilliant move. As a child, I lived on Lake Michigan and have very “big love” memories of the winters…you know, children are nutty!


  2. Happy pi day!! And happy birthday to Pie! I’m going to bake a pie today-as long as we have power. That stupid storm is being a real nuisance at the moment.


  3. I always forget about Pi Day. One of these years, I want to bring in pie for my co-workers! Seems appropriate for a high school.
    I love the Great Lakes. I hope you get your warmer spring.
    And congrats on making a leap in your knitting. Being able to alter a pattern without worrying is a huge step!


  4. Happy Birthday to Pie! Tyg sends a meow and a little swat (not being mean…that’s just Tyg).

    And Happy PI Day. I baked a Pie this morning!!

    Our snow event has not been the forecast blizzard…thank God. But still, no work for me today!

    Love the way your cowl looks. So very pretty.


  5. awww, happy birthday Pie!
    We are having pizza for pi day :o)

    This is my second time living off of a Great Lake…Lake Ontario for a few years, and now Lake Michigan. Because it is only temporary (husband in military, so we move a lot) I kind of enjoy the Lake Effect, but I have NEVER liked driving in it. OMG. There is nothing like it. Instant tummy ache for me, it gives me massive anxiety!


  6. Happy Pi Day Kathy dear! and Happy Birthday to the mighty miss pie!

    I applaud your taking command of the cowl and making it yours. You would tell me to enjoy it, right?!?


  7. Happy Birthday to Pie from me and everyone at our house! It’s a good day for a birthday, if you ask me …

    Give her a kiss from me.

    Your knitting is lovely – isn’t it a good feeling to feel confident enough to change something?


  8. Happy Birthday Pie! I love your Rain cowl. The touch of blue in the white does make it look a little like moonlight on snow, but Rain anyway.

    We are cold here again but only for a few days and only if you call 45 at night cold.

    I like the way you are adapting your knitting to your own design changes. Not being afraid to make changes to a pattern is the mark of an advanced knitter.


  9. happy birthday dear sweet pie! And happy Pi day to you!! I started a new project in the spirit of the massive amounts of snow that came down. It was a fun snow day for me.


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