I Over Complicate Things

DSCF0492DSCF0490I found my next project.  I’m knitting the Rain cowl in a Cotton-linen-nettle blend from EY Select Bel Viso.  Bailey at Needles ‘N Pins suggested this yarn when I asked for cotton.  My colorway is Cordelia.  Can you see the little bits of green tones in the fiber?  The joke of course is that we are not having Rain or Shine, we are having a snowstorm of March parameters tomorrow.  

I may have to call the shoppe and ask about the pattern.  Doreen knit it up so she will have the answers I need about the next part. (  There are 2yo’s and then in the next row you knit and purl into the 2 yos.   Does that mean you knit and purl into each of the yos or do you knit one yo and purl the next?   This is thoroughly confusing, I know If you have never seen the pattern or knit a honeycomb lace panel. )  If you haven’t even had your coffee yet, just forget I wrote about it at all. 

Both Allison and Karen are excellent knitters and they BOTH tell me I over complicate things.  They do this without knowing the other says the same thing. 

I had a grand time with my nurse pals yesterday.  This despite the fact that I flew out of the garage and took off my mirror in the process.  The silver lining to this happening, is that Al’s Nathan was super helpful via text.  I ordered a new mirror and it should arrive in a day or so.  30 bucks free shipping. He sent me a video link that shows how simple it is to replace it.  Nonetheless, that 30 dollars that could have been yarn.  Can you tell I’ve never had a garage I could park in before. ?

I’ve been told over and over by Fireman, Pal Kristine and others that I drive too slowly.  Well for once I sped up, and look what happened?  That kind of incident throws me for the whole day. I overcomplicate things…..Clearly no one suggested I speed up while backing out of the garage…..they meant drive at least the speed limit on the intimidating expressways.  Sigh.  To be human….

I did not let it get me while I enjoyed the company of my nurse pals.  Life’s too short for that Right?  I’m off to dust the house now, and try not to overcomplicate that ….. HappY Saturday and change your clocks tonight. 



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

21 thoughts on “I Over Complicate Things”

  1. I just bought some linen blend something from Knitpicks for a top. I’m also going to start on that top you made for spring as well, but with cotton/acrylic for that. Good call on not getting pure cotton. Ouch!


  2. Yeah, garages. They are brutal if you aren’t paying perfect attention! Nice to have someone to talk you through the replacement process though! That cowl is very pretty, as is the yarn! Looks scrumptious, and kind of summery even though that’s currently just a sparkle in our eyes.


  3. Being a nurse is VERY complicated. Think about that when as you challenge yourself with new knitting skills. I’m cheering you on from Michigan.


  4. Love your latest project. We can “think” Spring even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Sorry about your morror, but glad you had fun with your friends.


  5. I’m guessing that one yarn over is knit and the other is purled. Let us know what you found out from Allison or Doreen.

    Thrilled to hear you had a wonderful time with your friends and that Nathan was able to assist you from afar. Look at the silver lining that to have the repair done at a shop would cost well into the triple digits – that’s money saved for yarn!


  6. LOL. Betta your mirror than the car’s body. We’ve all had goof ups. I was parking in a space in Pacific Heights where there were these knotty trees.I totally forgot they were sticking out. I told Eric, the tree hit me! I dented my passenger door pretty badly where you couldn’t open the door. He told the insurance and body shop guys what I said; they had a good laugh.


  7. When you reach the double yarn over on the wrong side (or on the next round if you’re knitting in the round), you’ll see two loops wrapped around the needle. Knit the first loop, then purl the second loop.
    hope that helps!


  8. Poor mirror! I have never had a garage either and would surely do the same thing if I did. Good luck with you new project and your snowstorm!


  9. My thought would be to knit one stitch and purl the other stitch. And I’m sorry about your mirror. I have never done that, but my husband has! Now I won’t feel so bad if I ever do a boo-boo like that. I tend to overthink things too. I have a very cautious nature and that’s just one way it comes out. Have a lovely Sunday my friend. Blessings, Betsy


  10. Backing out of the garage can be tricky business…..glad to see you didn’t let it spoil your outing with old friends though. The cotton you chose for the Rain or Shine cowl is very pretty. We are having a March snow storm here in NC this morning too but I’m told it will be gone by this afternoon. I’m counting on that too! Not a fan of snow!


  11. If you send me a picture of the wording on the pattern I can help you out. Sometimes it is knit one and purl on in each stitch and sometimes it is knit 1 and purl one in the same yo. If the yo is a wrap of two then it is knit one and purl one in the same yo. As for driving to slow, well I have never been accused of that. Happy knitting!


  12. You will love the pattern once you get going with a little help from Al!
    I’m glad you had a great time with your friends! I once backed through my closed garage door….sigh. It is hard to be human!


  13. lovely knitting! I once backed out of our old garage without opening the garage door….yup. funnily no harm done to the car and the door was metal so I kicked it back into shape!! little accidents like that is God’s reminder to pay attention and be present….I hate those kind of lessons….


  14. Interesting that nettles are used in your new yarn! Not fun to run into them when hiking, that’s for sure. Sounds like you got your answer on the yarn overs; that would have been my suggestion, too.


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