Friday Randomness

DSCF0328All Allison has left to do on this cute baby cardi (this is the back) is add buttons and block.  And yet it sits. The hard part is clearly done with.  That lace back is going to blossom into gorgeousness.  When she does the big finish I’ll have her show us.  For now a yellow sweater is taunting her.  

DSCF0445In keeping with the green st. Pats March theme, I give you dilly bites.  They are made here in Wisconsin.  They are perfect for adding to a lunch.  They are crispy and pickly.  They are one dollar.  Sometimes I love creative packaging.  This makes a pickle perfect for traveling.  

There is green grass growing…..but be not fooled


I’m off to meet a few nurse pals from my work days. A handful of us have moved north and we enjoy a good chat together.  It seemed when we worked, we were all very close.  We went through a lot together, over a long period of time.  When you leave, or retire, it takes some effort to gather, but it is  certainly worth it to see friends.   It is usually as if no time has passed, and the caring is still very much there.   We still encourage one another, laugh and while I don’t wish to be back at work, I do wish I saw more of them and others.   So this should be a fun morning!  


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Friday Randomness”

  1. Have a good visit with your friends.

    For the most part, when we moved to Jacksonville, I let my Orlando life go. The only part I miss was how easy it was to get together with a few *special* friends. We still make time to get together, but it is far less spontaneous.

    I’m glad you can still get together with your friends.


  2. It takes a great deal of effort to keep long distance relationships alive. I’m thrilled that everyone has made your gathering a priority. Have fun!

    Love the sweater Allison made – it’s gorgeous. Dill and sweet pickles are yummy. I’ll look for the travel packages. Thanks for the heads up.


  3. That sweater is going to be so beautiful when blocked. I can’t wait to see it. I’m so glad you still get to see your friends from work. It’s so important to keep those relationships active. They understand things you dealt with at work better than anyone else can. Oh, and the pickles look really fun! 🙂


  4. What a beautiful baby sweater! We had 4-5 inches of snow this morning. But the sun is out now. Enjoy your visit with friends and have a great weekend. Oh and I had not heard of those dill chips. I bet they are great.


  5. The baby cardi will blossom after its blocking. The lace panel looks familiar. Have fun hookin’ up with your colleagues. I understand even though I’m not retired. Leaving teaching I miss the chats with my coworkers and the social interactions.


  6. I love seeing my teacher friends. We meet every few months and it is like time has stood still.
    As for those pickles….yum. I ‘ve been buying little tubs of half sours that I can’t get enough of. Love that cardi. Al is quite a talented knitter!


  7. What a lovely little cardigan! So fancy for a little! I love dill pickles so if I spotted those I would be sold! I love the picture of the barns. Very calming. I’m into calm things since I’m not, ha! Have a wonderful time with your good friends. 🙂


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