For the Birds

DSCF0450.jpgFinished!  My Take Five Socks (Dee’s awesome pattern).  The yarn was gifted to me from Al for Christmas.  Knit on size one double points.  It is an Oklahoma Yarn from a local dyer.   The color is a bit more pink than has shown up on the photo.

I started them a bit ago, and then put the second sock down while I knitted summer tops.  It was nice to have them ready to pick up again over the weekend.  You know this is a huge departure for me.  I normally stay true to one knit until it is done.  Could it be?  Am I becoming more flexible?


Blueberry Dump Cake for Two last night.  There is nothing easier than dump cake.   It is more of a cobbler to me.  The recipe is from the book Delicious Dump Cakes.  There are many free dump cake recipes on line.  Go ahead, try one.  Best eaten warm in my opinion.  I’m a corning ware lover.  Are you? My mom always had corning ware in our cabinets.

Fireman and I walked for two hours around part of the Lake Geneva path yesterday.  He suggested we bring our trekking poles and I am so glad we did.  The path is uneven and changes in character often.

Finally, today we saw some shoots coming out of the ground Sunday when we did some yard work.  I was HOPING this new house would have some flowers in the springtime.   There are daffodil shoots coming up and hyacinth, too . I’m not sure if there are irises or day lilies coming up in a few spots.  We are far from over with the cold here, but the signs are there….

and we cleaned out a bluebird house that was just jammed with junk.  Here’s hoping a bird makes a nest there.  I’m very nosey and would love to see the birds carry on there.

Do you have bird houses?  We did in the old house and no one ever wanted to move in….

Here’s hoping for this home, let’s hope its FOR the Birds!





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

13 thoughts on “For the Birds”

  1. No birdhouses yet, but I have an artist friend who makes lovely ones, so I am planning to purchase one of hers this year at her garden art show. I don’t know if they’ll be used or not, but if nothing else, a little art for the garden is awesome. While I don’t have birdhouses yet, I did plant cannas last year for the hummingbirds that seem to live way up high in a neighbor’s very mature trees. We had constant hummingbird visitors, and while I may not have provided them with a home, I felt pretty good about providing them with a buffet. 🙂


  2. Nice socks!

    No bird houses here – just one busy feeder. My Dad has a couple. Before my grandfather died, he got into woodworking and bird houses were one of his favorite things to make, so Dad put a bird house in his birch tree, and one in the back yard fir. I don’t think he gets nesters in the fir, but you’ve got to watch how close you get to the birch in spring… the nesting sparrows will divebomb you if they feel threatened.


  3. My grandmother had large martin houses on high poles all over her yard when I was a kid. I used to love watching the birds flying in and out with their nesting material. Your cake looks so yummy. I was just thinking about making a cake today. Now I have to.


  4. Pretty socks and pretty cake. I’m consuming sushi for lunch and I would rather have cake.

    We have several bird houses…one my Dad made and one Fletch made and several others. We do get birds to nest – not every year, but usually we have at least one pair of wrens who take up residence. Amazingly they typically choose a hollowed out gourd that we have hanging on our patio…and then they are upset when Tyg is around (but it’s like they are almost inside our house!!).


  5. I’ve never been successful in attracting birds to the houses I put up in my yard over the years. Big house, small houses, unique houses – not one bird occupant!

    My mom had a lot of Corning ware in a variety of sizes. It’s good stuff!


  6. Beautiful socks! Love them. I wore a pair of my handknit socks to physical therapy today and got lots of compliments on them. No one could believe they were handmade. Fun! I have birdhouses around the back yard but no birds have ever nested in them. Wasps tried to but we stopped that fast. Your cake looks yummy and good for you on the walk. I just got home from walking two laps of the mall and guess what? It’s snowing again. 4 more inches predicted today. It’s never going to stop! 🙂


  7. Cozy socks in a fun color. We have a little wooded birdhouse on one of our trees but I never see a bird about there. I think it’s because of them aggressive squirrels that roam our neighborhood. I think it’d be neat to have one of those plastic bird houses that suction to your window.


  8. Bravo on the socks! I look forward to seeing what blooms in your yard this Spring. We moved into this 100 year old farmplace in December and I will never forget being amazed at the flowers and rhodies that bloomed that year. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  9. I think retirement suits you!

    I love my Corning Ware pieces. I only have two left from my vintage pieces I purchased when I moved into my first apartment in 1974. The 8 x 8 one gets used A LOT!

    Your socks look wonderful. I’m so glad you enjoyed the pattern.


  10. Well, yes I actually do like and use three Corning Ware casserole dishes. We were married in 1977 and received one as a wedding gift. I have three feeders in different locations but no birdhouses. I love bluebirds but rarely see them as they prefer large meadows. Lucky you, if you entice some into your yard. Fun socks. Aren’t socks just the best of projects?


  11. Spring is coming…I planted iris last Oct and I think they are sprouting…time will tell soon, I trust. A Gardner I am not. Would love a birdhouse or hotel or both but the cat (feral that’s moved into our yard) might have other thoughts, I’m afraid…I do see a variety of birds flittin’ about.


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