Helena by Coco Knits Finish

DSCF0438.jpgI finished Helena.  It was a super easy knit.  It needs blocking, Captain Obvious here.

Details: Knit with Berroco Remix.  One and a half skeins.  I chose the 3rd version of the pattern.   Basically this means I knit it in the round for the first half of the pattern. I may make another.  I figure I’ll wear this one out.  dscf0440-1

Yesterday I thought we would clean our carpets.  We rented a machine and worked, like DOGS, for 3 1/2 hours.  Why did I think this would be a snap?  Moving furniture, running buckets back and forth to the machine etc.

I was worn out.  Pie was not happy.  She does not like the noise or the furniture moving around.  Given she can’t really see, I understand.

Anyhew, Fireman suggested we go to a fish fry for dinner.  We tried a new place and loved it.  I had a margarita and ahhhhhhhhh it was so good.  When our funny waitress asked if I wanted another, Fireman said yes for me.  Then she brought a 3rd….because the bartender made a mistake.  I did not drink much of the 3rd.  I really don’t drink often.  I stay away from it because of my family history of alcoholism.  But wow, I felt TOTALLY 100% completely relaxed as Fireman drove us home.
It is a good thing alcohol is too many weight watcher points, and I’d probably pick a bakery cookie over anything else anyhow.

Happy Saturday!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Helena by Coco Knits Finish”

  1. Helena is beautiful and so are you! Carpet cleaning is SO much work. That was in my plans for this winter before the back debacle. I laughed at your WW points. My Hubby brought me the $5 meal deal from Dairy Queen last night. And I ate it. The first time in two months I didn’t track points. I KNOW it was bad. But it sure tasted good. I hadn’t had a hamburger in a long time. We also don’t drink for the same reason as you, plus, for years I was on a heart med. that I was not allowed to drink with. I don’t miss it. I would just as soon have ice tea or a diet Pepsi once in awhile. Have a great Saturday!


  2. Once again you look gorgeous Kathy in your new, beautiful Helena. You have been so fast knitting your two tops – well done! I don’t know about cleaning carpets as we have mostly wood floors, but I just finished scrubbing 2 bathroom floors on my hands and knees and i’m ready for a nap! Margaritas are wonderful!


  3. Poor Pie! The good side is that carpet cleaning shouldn’t have to be done too often. Hope she got a few cookies and treats.

    Your sweater is adorable. I would make a few of those for summery days too.


  4. I like the comfortable shape and can’t wait to see the magic of blocking. You are so cute. Oh boy I’d be exhausted to cleaning the carpets. In the city, we used to hire an organic carpet cleaner to clean the carpet when the girls were young and dang messy. Good for you on going out to eat and having them margaritas!


  5. What a fun knit-it looks great on you; I think it would look good either way forward!!!
    No fun on the rug cleaning but a good job when finished.
    I count calories so I get the WW points thing-very funny! (But it works, obviously, because you are so sliim!)


  6. Great quick knit! And it looks good on you!

    Your fish fry/margarita story is so funny, I bet the Fireman really enjoyed his evening as well. Mr. Ink is always very amused when I have one or two too many.


  7. Oh it turned out wonderful! Love it! It looks so good on you! I agree capet cleaning is to much work……and poor little Pie….my Little Louie hides from all forms of carpet cleaners. They scare the “you know what” out of him!


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