Finishing Helena

dscf0436I’m getting there with Helena.  I have one back shoulder to complete, then three needle bind offs.  Weave in ends.  Try it on.  Cross fingers.  

I like a finish without angst.  No, I love a finish without angst.  


I needed to laugh last night, so I watched an old podcast of the Fat Squirrel.  Amy Beth can always make me laugh…outloud.  She asks for a micro donation to her podcast.  I have no problem giving her a micro donation.
That said, I hope knit blogs never charge for their words.   

She talked about how garter stretches out of control.  Does it?  Garter and I don’t get along you know, so I would not know.  

I watched a darling movie called ARRANGED yesterday.  Al gave it to me.  It is the story of two teachers in this day and age whose families are arranging their marriages.   It is an easy movie to like.  Thank goodness I don’t have to arrange my childrens’ marriages.  Thank goodness my father could not arrange mine! 

Finally, the photo above is our sunset last night in Wisconsin.  Either the weather folk and the Chamber of commerce are in cahoots, ( is that a word?) or we will be getting 50s and 60s in the next few days .  I. Cant. wait.





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Finishing Helena”

  1. I don’t think garter stitch stretches out of control if you use the correct size needles with it. It needs to be knit in a nice tight gauge in my opinion. Here’s another handy little garter stitch trick. Use superwash merino or cotton when working on a garter project. Then, you can throw it in the dryer on a low setting and the garter tightens right up again nicely. That I’ve done with many a baby knit. Good luck with the finish of the top, it’s looking good! And quick knit too it seems.


  2. Garter does have more stretch, but like the commenter above… it all depends on tension. Skinny yarn on big needles will ALWAYS stretch. It also depends on fibre. Sheep’s wool has “memory” and will hold it’s shape better. Alpaca, Silk, Cotton, Linen, Bamboo… don’t, so they have more tendency to stretch out of shape.


  3. Oh your sweater is going to be wonderful! I can’t believe how FAST you have knit it. Gorgeous sunset picture – hoping you get the warm temps. It is chilly here today (but at least no snow like had originally been forecast…always something to be thankful for!).


  4. Beautiful sunset photo.

    I know, so far, that no blogs are pay only, but more and more of them do seem to be doing Patron accounts and doing special things for their Patron members.

    I’ve stopped watching some of my old favorites because they just seem like advertisements. 😦


  5. I detest fighting my way through ads on blogs that I quit reading some of my favorites. Surely ads do not make enough money to risk losing readers – just sayin.

    Garter stitch does tend to stretch, but that’s a good thing when you’re making items to fit multiple sizes. That’s why garter uses more yardage than any other stitch.

    Great job on Helena!


  6. Your Helena is looking beautiful. I’m looking forward to a picture of you wearing it! :-). I can’t believe all of the people that ask for money for their podcasts and blogs with ads. I avoid most of those but I do like Amy Beth. That’s a beautiful sunset. It’s been a bit warmer here too. 30’s and even a 40 or two. Hopefully more snow will melt soon. Have a lovely weekend.


  7. Your sunset photo is so beautiful and peaceful!!

    I have been accused of arranging daughter Bethany’s marriage. In an effort to get her away from the abusive engagement she was in I told her I really needed her help moving from Chicago to Texas. The plan was that she would come back to school in Naperville after we were settled. When we were finished unpacking I encouraged her to go out and have some fun with a girl friend she had met. Within two weeks of arriving in Texas she met her wonderful, handsome, loving husband and broke her engagement without ever going back to Illinois. God works in mysterious ways!!


  8. I’m impressed that you’re so close to finishing this new sweater so quickly! I find watching sappy movies on the Hallmark channel help me pass the time while crocheting. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  9. My Parents always used the word cahoots, and usually it meant I was doing something I should not be with my sister or my parents doctor who lives next door to me. Love the sunset.


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