Shawls and Simulations

dscf0414Yesterday at Needle’n Pins Wednesday Knit,  Doreen showed us her finished Multnomah Falls shawl.  Isn’t it pretty?  She knitted it with Gypsy Girl Creations Transitions 100% superwash . This is a Stonebarnfibers fingering yarn.  (and I think of Teresa with the name of the pattern of course) 

I just love how the colors melt into one another.  She said the pattern is easy.  I’ve seen it knit by others but not in this wonderful yarn.  

It is snowing lightly this morning, so according to the Farmers Almanac Spring is on its way. dscf0421

This guy was outside the knit shop.  

Fireman got an indoor golf simulation gift certificate for Christmas.  I think he’s going golfing today…maybe he’ll golf Pebble Beach……

If we could have a knit scene simulation where would you knit today?  I’d knit on a screened porch at a cabin in the northwoods with my family all around me.  How about you?






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23 thoughts on “Shawls and Simulations”

  1. I’d go to Sisters Oregon and sit so I could see the three Sisters mountains off in the distance OR I’d be at a town on the Oregon sea coast, staring out at the Pacific Ocean.
    It is a happy hat! Love the colors!


  2. Wow.. that shawl done in that yarn is simply divine! I want to do that shawl someday as I love how it turns out. I think if I got to be anywhere it would be in Hawaii in a house right on the beach watching the waves come in. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. The shawl is beautiful, and it doesn’t look super hard — but I could not knit it!
    I’d be knitting in Miami while my daughter studied … which I will be dong in just over a month!


  4. That is one gorgeous shawl. I have the pattern…I need to finish Oaklet first.

    Hmmm, I would love to be on a screened in porch in a camp/cabin on Lake Dunmore in VT (where we used to spend summers when I was growing up). A fireplace not too far away for the chilly mornings and evenings. And since my family (siblings – all boys) do not knit and neither do my “sisters” I would have to have my blogging knitting buddies with me. And, even though I love to cook, in this case there would be someone to prepare meals and fix drinks. Who wants to go???


  5. I would be in a nice warm house with a beach view with all of my family with me. Heaven. I’ve knit that shawl twice and it is a delight to knit. I’ve used both fingering and dk yarn for it and it turned out beautifully both times.


  6. I’m with you in that cabin but I would like a fire. I really missed the stove this winter. We still haven’t got it repaired.


  7. Kathy could you email me at needles54 At optonline dot net I have a photo I want to share with you Please, thanks Grace


  8. I’ve been knitting a simple pair of socks as part of my stroke rehab. They’re almost done and I’ve been looking for a simple shawl to knit next. This is it! Got some pretty yarn ordered and looking forward to the challenge. Thank you for posting this.


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