A Good Visit

unnamedSo here I was  in the  Oklahoma City yarn shop.  Gourmet Yarn is a big store.  I bought a pattern there.   I promised to just run in.  Suffice to say I didn’t see half the yarn in this place.   This is a big shoppe. ….  a big big shoppe.   

I purchased this pattern: Take Me to Spain, by Drops Design.  Its a asymmetric vest. Later, I read the pattern carefully and it said,  “there are 14 related videos to this pattern” What?  I don’t want a class, I want a pattern.  It’s going in that binder where I keep patterns that I may or may not ever knit.  


I had a wonderful chat with my Aunt yesterday.  She is like a sister to my mom.  It just lifted me up to talk to her.  She visits mom and she knows her so well.  Then Fireman and I went to visit Mom.  She was in a good good mood.  She laughed.  She cuddled her baby doll.  We talked about the baby.  (her doll)  

Maria Shriver wrote about her mom’s babydoll dementia days.  Some people don’t react or relate to the baby doll but some do. My mom loves babies and always has.  Nothing made her happier than having her own babies, fostering newborns, knowing someone was having  a baby.  So it makes sense that it  makes my mom happy to cuddle the baby doll. 

When I left mom last night, she was happy to be babysitting for me. She cradled the doll and we hushed quietly so that the baby would sleep while I was gone.  I assured her I left a bottle in the fridge if she needed it.  

For all of you who pray and wish and think of me and my mom during this time, THANK YOU.  I needed a good visit.


Author: compassionknit

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14 thoughts on “A Good Visit”

  1. If a doll makes your Mom happy, I think that’s a wonderful thing! Dementia has to be one of the hardest disease, but its nice to see there are moments of sweetness and happiness in it.


  2. Oh that yarn store looks like a slice of heaven – a HUGE slice. Your visit with your Mom sounds like it was a bit of heaven too. So glad you had a good visit Kathy.


  3. I’m sorry about the disappointing pattern. I’ve done that a few times too. But the last part of your post made me so happy. I’m glad you had a wonderful visit with your mom. It does make sense that she would be happy snuggling a baby.
    Blessings always,


  4. I’m glad you got a good visit in with your mom. My mom also adored babies.. she just doted on them. She was always giving us permanents so our hair would be curly like Shirley Temple.. I hope your mom is feeling well. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. My mom did not relate to the babies but many in her nursing home did. I think if it makes your mom happy and she feels she is caring for a beautiful baby than that is all that is important. I got your card and pattern today. You made my day, thank you so much my dear KAthy B.


  6. There are lots of “babies” being carried around also in Daddio’s nursing home. He has a big stuffed reindeer that one of the staff members gave him that he likes to hold onto. It was a part of their holiday display but he got attached to it. Sometimes the patients make me laugh when they go on and on as if they are in another life in another place. There is a dear little lady who has been waiting for the same bus to take her home for the past two years. I hope that bus comes for her one day soon.
    Thanks for the surprise I got in the mail yesterday. It made my day!


  7. I’m so happy you had a good visit with your Mom and doubly glad that something so simple as a baby doll brings her comfort and happiness. Hugs to you.

    Sounds like you need to make another trip back to Oklahoma to see the rest of that shop. Don’t give up on that pattern TOO quickly. Even the most difficult patterns are made one stitch at a time and you have great resources to get you through the confusing bits.

    We’re all here for you.


  8. I’m glad you have great support when visits with your mum are hard. Man, that yarn store has great space! And bummers on the pattern. I had bought a pattern once for my niece and it was 10 pages! In the frenzy of Christmas knitting, hell no. Never printed it.


  9. I’m glad you had the chance to talk to your aunt, and then also had a lovely visit with your mom. Yes, it would be nice if she did not have dementia, but I am glad that she has you to visit, and that there are things that make her happy. In the end, that’s what we all want, right?


  10. I pray every day 🙂 I love that you had a good visit with your mom and that she is happy and most importantly you WITNESSED her serenity. Deep down she loves everything you do.

    I love that store! I haven’t been to a big big yarn store in quite a while….I should get to one.


  11. I have a binder like that, too! lol
    I am glad you had a great visit with your Mom; my aunt carried several stuffed animals and talked like they were children she tended, too. It is such a monstrous disease….


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