More of Al’s current Knits

dscf0286-1More of Al’s knitting for your pleasure.  This is her Beatrice Cardigan.  (From patterns)  It looks too easy to be an Al sweater, but the interesting part is coming.  Obviously she’s using EXTRA yarn.  Next: dscf0330We had fun looking at her stash and patterns.  She actually has a very small stash.  She will make these mittens with the tanis fiber arts kit.  She says the inside will be the pop of light green.   But for now, she’s finishing her other complex cabled yellow cardigan.  

We had this glorious 70 degree day yesterday.  I know the weather is all over the place for us all right?  I have to say it was a tonic for me.  Just being on my porch with the cats again and driving with the windows down = piece of heaven.  Now back to real winter.  

One more thing for today: we had the windows open late and we heard the foxes yapping and calling.  This morning we saw the BIG male run right past our kitchen windows next to the house.  I am so hoping to see baby fox soon.  

How are you holding up now that it is nearly March?  Cabin fever?  Spring Fever?


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18 thoughts on “More of Al’s current Knits”

  1. It’s hard to not get spring fever when the days are so glorious. But, snow here tomorrow, same as you. Al’s mittens are amazing, great kit! I’d love to knit those someday.


  2. Steady snow falling this morning. Weather man said, “Significant snow” and I think that means a lot. Sigh! At least the warmer temps melted most of the ice off of my street.

    Al has some lovely knitting projects in the works and in her stash.


  3. Oh those mittens! Al is an amazing knitter for sure. I’ve been hearing foxes at night too. We usually see babies every Spring. I love to see them, but I worry about Tyg going out…he seems to hold his own though. And, our neighbor’s dog will chase the foxes if he is out (the dog is very protective of Tyg and Ike, the cat who lives with him). I do have a touch of Spring fever. It is supposed to hit 70 today and tomorrow. Fletch is grilling tonight – yay! But by Sunday it is forecast to be back in the lower 40’s. I am enjoying the breather from Winter, and it won’t be long now before Spring is here to stay!!


  4. Lovely knitting. That mitten kit will be gorgeous. I have cabin fever AND a huge hope for spring although it has snowed the last two days in a row. I have actually left the house two days in a row. Tuesday I went to the doctor and he order physical therapy which started yesterday for my back. I still can’t do much of anything. No lifting over 2 1/2 lbs. for another 6-8 weeks! This is getting very, very old. On top of the snow and ice. I’m so over winter this year. Meanwhile, I just talked to Mandy on FaceTime and she’s had her windows open all week, it’s 74 degrees and I could hear birds singing! Crazy weather.


    1. I need to say another little prayer for you Betsy! it must be getting really old . when our daily life is impacted with an injury we really realize how we take some things for granted which is just human nature. Glad you got out two days in a row!!!!


  5. Gorgeous sweater in progress. I look forward to seeing how her mittens look. I’m glad you had some warm days. We’ve had a few and now they say it might snow tonight.. sheesh. I’m ready for sun and spring. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. Al’s knitting is always so lovely! I love the colors of the mittens. I was looking at a pattern for mittens this morning and wondering why I’m thinking mittens now when the weather is so warm. I’m not sure Texas will have anymore winter. I am definitely thinking thoughts of spring and the garden. Fresh herbs–I can’t wait!!


  7. Love that mittens pattern! We had crazy weather here yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day when suddenly we had a hailstorm. No telling what to expect next as the temperatures are supposed to drop into the thirties tonight, and it’s pretty cloudy right now.


  8. I don’t mind rain if I don’t have to go on the freeway in it. Jellybean gets disgruntled b/c she can’t go flipping on the monkey bars. You always post about Al which I love; what about her guest posting now and then?


  9. Every time you write about Al and her knitting, it makes me wish I could sit down with the two of you and knit and gab an entire day away. You’ve brought good people into the world.


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