Oklahoma, OK?


Let’s start with Al .  We are just home from driving to see her in Oklahoma.  Is there anything better than being with your grown kids?   We got to two knit shops over the long weekend.  We celebrated Al’s birthday a week early, complete with buying her buttons and yarn.  dscf0325She chose Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play yarn for her intended shawl. I think the colorway is called Train Case?  It is nylon and viscose, 400 yards for 28 dollars.  The shop(SWAK)  said they can barely keep it stocked because it is so popular.  Al’s forcing herself to finish her gorgeous yellow sweater before she starts this baby.  I’m helping her by making her track her progress on the finish.  She reported, last night via text, “I made myself do 10 rows of the yellow sleeve”  


This is Michael an Oklahoma Bartender holding my knitting.  He was happy to oblige but it was clear he had never held yarn or needles before.  Poor guy, what one won’t do for a good tip nowadays.   Now Beer, he knew a lot about.  To summarize the food part, because I have to , I just do……here goes

*Best steak of my life, and I’m 56 now, at Cattleman’s .  Cattleman’s is an Oklahoma City Stockyards area diner.   I was always so proud of our fancy Chicago steaks….HA! Oklahoma has us beat hands and cowboys hats down!
This is a weird thought, but then if you read this blog for any time you know, I share a lot…

Could the steak be amazing because it is freshly processed?  I saw many little young mavericks winking their eyes at me from a  loaded truck passing me on the interstate…and I felt awful about it.   Not so awful that I didnt order a petite filet a day later.  and savor. every. bite.

*Amazing Pies.  I allowed myself one to two bites of a shared slice with Al, Nathan and Fireman.  Pie Junkie’s chocolate peanut butter was as close to perfection as dessert can be for me.

*Al’s pavlova .  She on the spur of the moment, decided to bake for us.  So so good. I’ll always think of her baking it whenever I have it again.

OH Sorry, this is not a food blog.  I have more Oklahoma to tell you about, later.

But one more quick thing.  I slipped getting out of the shower at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missouri.  I was not hurt, but shook up.  I was worried about my tailbone after last summer’s fracture.  I called the desk, told them and asked for a rubber mat.  They had none.  They were very nice and gave us free breakfast.  When I did the online survey the manager got back to me and insisted they refund my night’s stay.  I think fall risks are serious, and wrote in my review that I think they should make some changes. So, thank you my guardian angel,  for protecting my rear end!

dscf0367From the car, we were treated to this amazing sunset as we neared home last night.  I felt like it was God’s way of saying, “I’m here. Your kids may be miles away but you have the gift of their love each and every day. ”  For that I am so grateful, and fighting back tears again. 


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20 thoughts on “Oklahoma, OK?”

  1. Oh what a GORGEOUS sunset! It matches the yarn for Al’s upcoming shawl!! Sounds like an excellent/fun trip (minus the slip in the shower – SO glad you were not hurt). Cute/funny picture of the bartender with your knitting. I can almost taste your steak…I bet it was delicious. And, now I need to find my Pavlova recipe.


  2. Al is so pretty, just like her mom! I love the hat. What a nice trip, especially when it includes yarn shops. Maybe next time you can step across the border and come see us in Texas.


  3. As a Mom with no kids nearby, I actually cried as I read your last sentences. I’m SO glad you weren’t hurt badly in your fall. I started physical therapy just this morning and then was sent back home to my recliner. Falls are awful aren’t they? And I just turned 57 two weeks ago so we’re about the same age. On a happier subject, how fun to go visit Al. The yarn looks yummy, the bartender was a good sport and pavlova too? A great time! Now as for steaks. There is nothing like a good steak. People out here in Washington can’t understand how we miss Omaha and the wonderful beef we had there. Have a lovely day.


  4. That bartender looks so puzzled, I had to laugh!

    I’m glad you are OK, and made the hotel aware of the problem. I live in fear of falling in the shower, so I understand that even if you weren’t hurt, it’s worrisome.

    Al looks gorgeous in that photo!


  5. Your daughter is so beautiful, she could be a model! I thought it was so cool you dined at Cattleman’s Steakhouse..we went there too on our trip to Oklahoma summer before last. I had the filet mignon and it was out of this world! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. What a wonderful weekend! You can talk about food all you want as far as I am concerned. I love hearing about good things people get to eat since I rarely get out. There’s not much to choose from around here.


  7. Happy early Birthday, to Allison! She is wise to finish her sweater before starting the shawl. Anticipation is a good thing. The bartender’s expression is priceless. Don’t you wonder what he told his friends later? Truth be told, he probably snapped your photo when he was behind the bar and sent it to his friends.

    Gorgeous sunset and the perfect way to end your trip.


  8. That sunset photo is unbelievable. The riches of nature can provide so much consolation.
    You know, you see more of Ali than I do of Seth — and he’s going to school right here in Madison!
    I am so glad that your fall didn’t leave behind any damage (pun intended!). Falls are really, really scary. I don’t know why hotels don’t provide mats; it would be in their own best interest!


  9. Oh I love to read about someone enjoying their meal. I love a good steak so I’m there for you Kathy B. I’m glad you are unhurt and It is considerate that the manager followed up with you.

    The sunset is beautiful and so is your lovely daughter! xoxo


  10. Your daughter is lovely. Isn’t it just the best to see these kids? I love what you wrote about the sunset. I have been watching them all winter. And I am glad your guardian angel was looking out for your rear end. We need them both.


  11. Al looks amazing in that cowboy hat! Is there anything that girl cannot wear with panache????

    Glad you were not hurt in your slip. The first or second night here I slipped in the tub ……….you are so right. It is downright scary!!! (Really makes you realize that you just aren’t 21 anymore.)


  12. Great photo of your daughter! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. It was fun to see your sweater even though the guy looks like he’s never held a pair of needles before. Like the color, too. Such a pretty sunset although I’ve read that the beautiful colors are from pollution in the air. Hope that’s not true, but I do remember we had amazing sunsets a couple of summers ago when out state was plagued with wildfires and there was lots of smoke in the air.


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