unnamed-3Ohhhhh I found a felted bangle for sale.  I have to find the pattern for it now.  It was for sale and I wanted it for 5 bucks.  Now, I want to add it to my list of things to make.   I’m not usually an orange girl, but this thing just drew me to it like the uncanny warmth of the February sunshine lately. 

I am working away on my summer top.  I’m still really enjoying the ease of the ribbing and I’m picturing it ready to assemble soon. 

Have to tell you we watched FOR GRACE, the Movie.  It is a documentary that you  can get on Amazon for a few bucks.  The Director is a friend of Zach’s. ( Mark Helenowski grew up and took the same bus as Zach. )   It is a movie about a now famous chef who starts his own place in Chicago.   It is interesting and I’d recommend it.  While I am not one to pay huge prices when we eat out,  and am a bit put off by it, I still was drawn to the movie and I learned from it.

Have you seen any documentaries  recently that you would suggest I knit to? 🙂 thanks




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I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

11 thoughts on “Accessorize”

    1. I love “The Crown”! Haven’t started “Victoria” yet, but I have all the episodes saved up on my DVR. There is something about knitting and watching British shows, the two go hand in hand for me!


  1. You have to have cable to see the HBO documentaries on the internet induced Slenderman attack by two young girls on their friend -which is terrifying btw and the one on Warren Buffett that brought me to tears oddly enough. He really is a fascinating old guy.


  2. I love a good documentary. “Somm” is about a group of people studying to become Sommeliers, and I found it fascinating. “Blackfish” was excellent, about the killer whales at SeaWorld. Being a Pacific Northwest native, I was pretty offended/disgusted with how they acquired their original whales by stealing them from their pods in Puget Sound. And if you have any interest in Antarctica, Werner Herzog’s “Encounters at the End of the World” was wonderful. It’s about all the people that work in Antarctica, and what their jobs are. It was pretty great!


  3. I recently watched a documentary called The Drift on the local PBS. It’s about a 100 year, annual cattle drive in southwest Wyoming. It was amazing, and I hope the Drift will be able to continue indefinitely.


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