Al’s Agatha in ella Rae

dscf0295My girl can knit!  I love her yellow cardigan in progress.  This is Agatha by Andi Sutherland.  Al didn’t like the pattern because it is completely and thoroughly written out.  I think that sounds like what I need.  I am going to check out her other patterns on Ravelry.  

The tease of spring weather right now is sorely needed and so very welcome.  Winter is not done with us yet, but this break is a little slice of heaven.  No coats yesterday!  Blue skies.  All kinds of people out and about, eating outside, walking their dogs, and for some of us, knitting outside. 

I hope this Sunday, your Sunday, has some family time, some sunshine and some needle time.




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Al’s Agatha in ella Rae”

  1. Al is indeed a knitter! The cardigan is beautiful.

    Warmer temps here are melting snow, bringing clear skies, and revealing light jackets and sweaters. It is fleeting however, as today is cloudy and dreary. Forecast for snow by Friday.


  2. What a beautiful sweater and yarn. I love the cheerful color. I’m with you though. I do like my patterns with a bit more detail and I don’t like knitting with charts at all. It’s snowing here this morning. Again. But I have hope that spring will eventually come. Blessings, Betsy


  3. Gorgeous…and my fave color all around! Sunshine in these parts here, too and I’m on my way out the door…just as soon as my phone charges a bit more and then back to do —who knows what! Enjoy your hints of spring!


  4. Gorgeous swwater AL is knitting. I was thinking how many of us said a few weeks ago that we don’t wear yellow. But that is beautiful!
    Spring like here too. Played at archery today and got a bullseye! !


  5. Wow, Al is taking on some really complex patterns! Looks fabulous, too. It sounds like WI and IL are having a late “January thaw”? It’s gray and chilly here today, perfect for an afternoon of knitting.


  6. Agatha looks great in yellow! I considered doing my Agatha in a similar colour, but I really wanted to knit from the stash.

    And I agree with Al. I am not fond of the way Andi writes her patterns, but they are helpful for a newbie, or someone less familiar with sweater construction.


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