Another Option for a Summer Top


I’m digging this Berroco remix light.  Love that it is recycled fibers.  It is nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk and linen.  Have you used this or a similar remix?  I’m already planning a second summer sleeveless top and this may be a good option .  

I’m using the Queensland United for my current top designed by Doreen Marquart.  It is soft but there is some lambswool in with the cotton.  I think I’ll have to look over the Remix and pet it for a bit , maybe ask Doreen what she thinks of it for another summer top…..

Non wools can go wrong fast.  I learned that with CoSaBi, last year as it dragged itself down in its own weight and created a shapeless mess that never got worn.  

Bailey at the Shoppe suggested the Queensland United and I am very glad she did.  I’m almost finished with the back.  

IF you are not a Facebook reader, I want to tell you about my latest post.  My brother-in-law Dr. Jaime Modiano is featured in an interview this week.  In a breakthrough study, the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center developed a drug that is improving survival rates for dogs diagnosed with hemangiosarcomas .   Jaime says he has never been this excited in his life. The results represent the most significant advance in treating this canine cancer, in 30 years.   The hope and intent is to treat human cancers with this drug next.  I’m very proud of him!


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13 thoughts on “Another Option for a Summer Top”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that yarn. You’ll have to let us know what you think of it. That’s really neat about your brother-in-law. I can imagine the excitement in developing something that can help so many. Congratulations to him!


  2. Fabulous news on your brother-in-law’s research and discovery. Wonderful! Do let us know what you think of that remix yarn should you use it. I’m curious.


  3. Oh bless him! My beloved Henry died of hemangiosarcoma, and it was just awful knowing that we had virtually no options. My husband was deployed at the time, and the whole ordeal was just extreme torture.


  4. i love the idea of recycled yarn. i have some recycled silk. It think it’s great!

    LOVE the news about your BIL. Hemangiosarcoma was what Tux died from – it would be great if they found better ways to treat it!


  5. I am overjoyed to learn that canine drugs may be able to help human cancer patients!!! We have reached the point of being willing to try anything with dear Dotti.

    I love the look of the Remix and I think I would like to try it. Maybe on a small project first.


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