We need our Passions

dscf0226Last night the handler for the norwegain elkhound was my hero.  This woman may or may not be the oldest handler in the Westminster show, but she was out there with her little back bent over, and she was hobbling at a clip to show her dog.  Age was obvious, but so was her concentration.  And let’s face it, she wasn’t showing a toy papillion, she was showing a big, strong, willful dog.  Way to go lady handler! 

dscf0222This was our magnificent sunset last night.  This is probably very funny to those of you who live in the South.  Trust me no one is pulling up a lounge chair and watching the sunset with a drink while the temps hover in the 30s and 40s.  At a glance, however, from the comfort of my knit spot while still using an electric throw, it was very beautiful.  

I need to get more of the color I’m using for the summer top today.  Hoping there is some of the same dye lot available.  I really like this project.  Here are some of the reasons of why:

*it promises me summer will come

*I only need one set of needles to knit this top

*I am enjoying the little pattern and the fact of its sameness for a full 22 inches on the back.  No counting rows.  Just happy knitting. 

Have you noticed why you like certain types of patterns ? 

My little knit passion may not be as impressive as a senior dog handler at Westminster or a sunset in the sky, but its making me happy today.



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “We need our Passions”

  1. A successful project needs to be enjoyable. If a pattern is complicated but enjoyable, I will endure; if complicated and frustrating, I frog and move on.

    I hope you find yarn with the proper dyelot for your summer top.


  2. I am NOT looking forward to summer this year. The winter has been so mild that we are going to be overrun with bugs for sure. I bet we will break heat records once again. It looks like the groundhog was not right this year. Darn him. On the bright side I guess I’ll be inside in the AC all summer so maybe I’ll get some of these projects finished.


  3. The sunset is lovely in an end of wintery kind of way. We are prepping for another wet storm to come in tonight. I wore tights and a dress today just to relish this last bit of dry. Honestly I like the rain …as long as it isn’t sideways rain, yuck.

    My knitting habits and the why have changed quite a bit lately. I’m just happy to knit, my friend 🙂


  4. Way to go for that lady handler. She was probably hobbling faster than I am these days! Ha ha! I’m glad you’re finding such joy in your knitting. That’s what’s keeping me going too. I love my knitting. That pattern with relatively mindless knitting sounds perfect to me right now.


  5. Well, I started writing a comment and it disappeared. You may get two. I was saying that nothing is better than enjoying your knitting and the world around you. The sunset is phenomenal! I would love to watch Westminster but Macy and Max don’t like other dogs on their TV.


  6. Glad you’re enjoying this project! What a pretty sunset; believe it or not we’ve had a couple of very pretty days here, too, but it’s back to rain today.


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