Happy Valentines Day


Happy Sweet Valentines Day!  I love blogging and I love your comments, lurks and love.  We had our valentine dinner out last night.  We were in Chicago area seeing friends for dinner so that’ll do.   No crowds.

One rather gross happening. I was having a few sips of my diet Coke, when I found something in the glass.  It was just a piece of plastic, the kind the mints at the hostess station are packed in, but YUCK.  ew ew and more ew.  The waitress apologized and brought me new…that kind of does it for me as far as going back.  I demand spotless when we are paying for dinner out.

Fireman told me he misses getting me chocolates.  I’ve been on Weight watchers for 2 years this weekend.  I told him I’d rather go for a manicure with no points and no guilt.  The way the price of chocolates goes these days, I think the manicure is also cheaper!


One of my favorite things about Valentines Day is that Westminster Dog show corresponds with it yearly.  My sister sent me this cupcake photo.  Her Gordon setter club had their annual dinner last week and aren’t these cupcakes awesome?

You know I love dogs but we don’t have any currently.  Four cats, one being Fezzik the almost dog, makes up for that.  The only time I wish for a dog is when I’m out for a walk.  And I do wish then.  Someday I think It will happen again for us.  Until then I watch the dog show and think about those amazing creatures.  I know its a fix.  They are already predicting Rudy the German Shepard will win.

Little Valentine Love Beatles is so hard to photograph. And I know its fuzzy but I think he deserves a blog spot on heart day.  He let my great niece lug him around without a peep.  It made her crazy happy.  unnamed-2

So I had a knitting revelation last night in the car.  See my uneven garter panels that I was knitting  last week ?  Awful stitch uniformity in garter.  I was on the purl side of the back of my new knit up (first photo) and I thought, well that looks like garter.  And that looks much better than my garter.  Alright ladies, thinking caps on: Could I knit the panels again, doing stockinette on the front, and purl on the back and use the backside as my fronts? or is that not really garter?  Does that make any sense?



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19 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day”

  1. Super ugh on the plastic in your glass. It’s getting where I would just rather eat at home these days. As far as the knitting goes, I think it’s your garment. If you think it looks like garter on the back and you’d prefer to knit in stockinette, then I say, go for it! Nothing is ever permanent in knitting anyway until you cut the yarn. Even then if you don’t like it you can rip it out. 🙂


  2. Oh yuck to junk in your glass. I’d probably never go back there either.

    I don’t know enough about knitting to help with your question, but it is your sweater, so if it works for you, go with it!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Fireman. And Tyg sends kitty Valentines greetings to the felines at your home (and he wants to brag about the giant – really BIG – mouse he caught outside the other night).


  3. Sorry can’t help with your knitting idea but whatever you choose to do, I’ll cheer you on: Go Kathy Go! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I think a manicure beats chocolate every day of the week.


  4. It’s actually reverse garter, and you could totally do it if you wanted to. Your tension will be different, so you have to keep an eye on your measurement, but it’s totally doable.

    We don’t do busy restaurants either. (Dave’s anxiety really flares and its just not enjoyable.) So it’s a nice dinner at home today, and we’ll head out in a day or two when the crowds (and prices!) subside.


  5. I think you can knit that sweater any way that works for you!
    I’d be unhappy about finding a UFO in my glass at a restaurant, too.
    Good for you and no candy. I told Keith not to get me any, but I bought some for my students. I bought some gummy hearts, which I usually do not like, but these are delicious!! So much for my diet today.


  6. Sorry, I have no clue about the knitting question but I guess if you don’t mind the purled backs being slightly different than garter stitch, it could work. Gross about finding that plastic. Did she take that off your bill? What a sweet thought your Fireman had about missing buying you chocolates.


  7. We have dinner reservations at our favorite steak restaurant.. in 3 hours, actually. We also got a heart of chocolates to share.

    ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤


  8. Those cupcakes are cute. They gave us frosted sugar cookies at the competition that had the ISI logo on them. It was adorable but too delicious for me to photograph before I ate it.


  9. I’ve knitted several sweaters in stockinette that were supposed to be garter stitch. Sometimes I look at a sweater and see a different vision than the designer. I agree with Caffeine Girl that it’s your sweater and should look and knit the way you want it to!


  10. Happy Valentine’s Day! I have not uncrinkled my nose and face since reading about the plastic. I’m sorry for your yuck.

    ” Fezzik the almost dog” that is awesome. You should make that a poster.

    We aren’t big on the Valentine’s Day. Anthony bought me tulips which makes me happy. We don’t get cut flowers very often so it’s a bright spot in my kitchen 🙂


  11. The lovely thing about knitting your own things is you can do whatever you want! The gauge might be off a tad if you do it in reverse stockinette rather than garter, as I think garter will “shrink up” a tad bit more than stockinette, so that would be something to keep an eye on. but otherwise…yes, if you like the looks of it and your stitches are more even with the reverse stockinette vs. the garter, then I would just go with the reverse stockinette.


  12. I hate the dissenting voice but you can’t replace your front panels reversed stockinette without some drawbacks-the panels will curl, stockinette doesn’t structure of garter to hold its shape and lastly, the stockinette will curl for your front band and the stockinette side will show. Now if you still want to try your idea, go for it but understand the designer has chosen garter for front bands because it holds its shape, has structure to support the fronts and is reversible.
    Your garter bands will look much more even after you block them and sew them into a sweater! Hold the course!


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