Wrapping up this Week

dscf0125I had to insist on each and every cat we have ever adopted.  3 of 4 insisted on napping with him one day this week.  Who is the crazy cat lady?

Fezzik turned 2 this week.

I learned about so many crazy sandwiches from y’all, this week.

I need to clarify something about Doreen’s awesome Patterns.  I changed the original post but I want to mention it here too: her published book patterns are not available on Ravelry for copyright reasons.   There are patterns Doreen has written for sale on Ravelry but they are not the patterns that her wonderful publisher now has the rights to  –

I feel like I’m making slow slow progress on my sweater, but I have to remind myself: it is a sweater!  I’d love to finish the garter panels this weekend. Good thing it stinks outside!   Perfect knitting inside weather.

I finished the book Sweater Quest because I cheated and read the ending.  It was interesting enough.  Reading the ending helped me decide to return it to the library.

Finally, I listened to a podcast last night about a couple who grew up in the burbs and decided to become farmers.  They lived in a tent on their LAND for a year.  They highly recommend doing that.  If I grow my own flowers this summer, I’ll be more than happy with that!  And I wont be sleeping in a tent for a year.  Podcasts, they are fascinating sometimes. Sometimes they are so boring I think”I should watch this when I cant fall asleep.”  Which is practically never.  I am blessed with great sleep.   Podcasts,   You can find them on just about any topic.  Have you listened to any good ones lately?


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Wrapping up this Week”

  1. Apparently the cats know a gentle man when the see one.

    I love podcasts —- I’ll start listing what I listen to when I post an item on my blog. What podcast were you listening to about farming?


  2. I thought Fezzik was older and I didn’t remember you had other cats in the house. The podcasts I listen to I usually stop when they talk about purchases. I don’t need to want. It’s bad enough on IG but I’ve gotten over it mostly and know yarn will always be around.


  3. That is too funny! Same with Pup. The Mister did not want to me to get another dog when Dear Old Doggie went over the bridge but who now is crazy about her? He is. She won’t leave his side which leaves me dogless all over again.
    I’ve been only listening to political podcasts lately. I can’t get my head around the silly ones when there is so much to worry about.


  4. I enjoyed this (as well as all your posts) …laughed out loud. Does a “neighborhood” cat count? One has adopted N and has recently taken to occupying the chairs on the deck while waiting for her meal…also on the deck.
    Nope, with you: ain’t sleepin’ in any tents. The one podcast I most listen too is Gretchen Rubin’s Happier…weekly on Wednesdays.
    Have a great week and yes: reading the ending of a book definitely counts … in fact, you don’t have to read it at all…


  5. I love a podcast called “Criminal.” It’s very well done, and while the name might make you think it’s going to be hard to listen to, most of the time it ends up being a heartwarming story. It kind of upends how we look at things in black and white. I really love it!

    Looks like a nice relaxing time in your house!


  6. Serial is a great podcast, but I haven’t heard if another series will be produced this year. I’ve listened to the last two seasons. A criminal case is followed and investigated: it’s interesting.


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