You Just Never Know….

dscf0169dscf0171I have to show you Doreen, the Needles’n Pins Shoppe owner’s book that I bought. She has several books, but I bought this one first. I need to clarify to you all that Doreen’s great patterns in the BOOKS are, of course, not available on Ravelry.  She has patterns on Ravelry that do not appear in her books for publication/copyright reasons.  So you can buy her awesome books and support the publisher, and Doreen herself.  I plan to buy lots

There are summery cotton tops that I will be knitting and this cabled Biggy knit that I’d love to make and wear.  Something about knowing the designer and knowing her patterns are perfect is exciting. 

Okay, so a mom story.  I’ve been a bit of a mess since last visit.  Fireman and I went to see her last night.  Complete change.  Mom was smiling, silly and ate her entire dinner for me.  Yup, all of her Chicken a la king, a peach part, a few mini cookies and even drank her milk.  Now I Fed her of course, but she actually tried to hold the cup of milk with me as I helped her drink it.  At one point, she looked at me, smiled and whispered, “I’m pregnant!” 

If she thinks she is and she’s happy, that’s all that matters!  I congratulated her. And I slept like a rock last night. Surprise. 


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12 thoughts on “You Just Never Know….”

  1. So happy you had a good visit with Mom yesterday. So funny that she said she is pregnant. A friend of mine drives “special needs” people in a van to workshops, etc. The other week one of them (a guy in his 30’s) started groaning and saying he was in labor and was going to have a baby.

    Fun to know a designer (and you can always get help from her!!). The sweaters you pictured are both very pretty.


  2. My favorite is the second sweater the big one with the cables. I would love to knit that for myself. I’m so glad you had a good visit with your mom.

    I worked in a nursing facility all through high school and absolutely loved it. All of the people became my surrogate grandparents. The majority of them suffered from some degree of Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. The stories I could tell you! One time there was a group of four of the ladies who were convinced they were cheerleaders for the local high school and they got frustrated with me because I wouldn’t let them leave for the game. Ha! I know you cherish every single moment of every good visit. And I know your mom knows, somewhere inside of her, that you were there. I admire you for being such a good daughter to her. You would be surprised how many people have no one come visit them at all. That always made me so sad. I would still go on my days off to fix some of the ladies hair and be there with them. It was an honor and a privilege.
    Blessings my sweet friend,


  3. I like the cabled biggy knit! I might like to knit that one. I’m tied up with baby blankets, booties and sweaters right now, with two new grands coming in April.The blanket I’m working on now is soft pink with hot pink and neon purple tufts all over. The Diva’s little sister is going to start out dressed as boldly as big sister. Harlowe is strictly high fashion!

    I loved hearing about your visit with your mom!! I know it made you so happy. And I know it must make you feel good to know that being pregnant (with you) was a happy time in her life.


  4. It is fun to knit something when you know the designer. I really like the first one you show.
    It’s so nice to see your Mom happy, isn’t it? My dad is almost never happy. The world is so frustrating for him. It’s a terrible thing to see.


  5. Aww I’m so glad you had a good visit with Mom and you were together during a happy time. 🙂 I’m really glad you slept well. That is it’s own happiness and magic.


  6. I had the same thought as Katherine – your mom was very happy when she was pregnant with you – cherish that moment.

    Love the coat with cables. I’m thinking it’s knit top down.


  7. It is a roller coaster isn’t it? I saw Daddio yesterday and he was much better too. He was talking again. Not making a lot of sense but he was talking. He does have pneumonia with a terrible cough but it seems under control with the antibiotics.


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