Inspired at Needles’ n Pins

unnamed-1How about this woman’s Butterfly/Papillon Shawl?  Pattern on Ravelry by Marin Melchiors.  10 page pattern.  I think this woman said she used Lang for the color skein.  She said you need a skein that has long color repeats for this effect.  She choose to do the Solid outlines in black.  This is her second shawl.  She finished the first in 9 days.  To which someone in the knit group said “You don’t sleep do you?” Wow.  I think I’ve managed to entice friend Karen to knit one.  

Another passerby stopped in to show us her Azel.  She knit in Bulky as the pattern called for.  She is sending it to her friend in Alaska.  Easy peasy pattern.  She nailed it.  

The really good news for me is that Doreen, shop owner and knitter and pattern publisher magnificent, looked at my sweater starts and said I’m good.  If I want perfection in garter then I can knit on a machine.  This is a new group for me so I didnt’ share that my tension is a wonk from day to day with news of my mom etc. 

I had another wonderful afternoon knitting with these ladies and met some  new ones too.  I had less stressful a drive on the roads this time around.  It is really good for me to go there. 

A funny topic that came up was the bizarre sandwiches we used to eat: 

Bread, butter and lettuce

Graham crackers and frosting

Something called schmaltz: goose fat on bread

and something one eats when their stomach is upset: soda crackers soaked in milk

Happy to share some OTHERS knits with you.  OH and Teresa, they were working on a crocheted jacket.  I’ll get images for you next time.  


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

18 thoughts on “Inspired at Needles’ n Pins”

  1. It sounds like you had a fun time with your new found knitting group, I’d love to find a local group to join. The butterfly shawl is beautiful but it looks like a lot of work. When I was a child we used to have something called dripping with bread which was beef fat that had dripped off the meat as it roasted, it was a treat. We have chip butties here, also known as chip sandwiches, not very good for you but oh so nice 😀X


  2. Oh my! That shawl is beautiful. The Azel jacket is very similar to the one Mandy made for Piper with the buttons on the side. I’m so glad you’ve found this group to knit with. It is so much fun to meet with other that share your hobby. I still like to eat graham crackers and frosting. My parents told me that they used to eat onion and mustard sandwiches in the depression because that’s all they had. My Mom said they also fried saltines in lard for dinner in particularly hard times. Yuck!


  3. I’m thrilled to hear that you found a good knitting group. This group is going to be a good outlet for you.

    I remember taking graham crackers and frosting in my lunch to Vacation Bible School as a dessert. Yummy


  4. Your knitting groups sounds wonderful and so much fun! I love crackers in milk for an upset tummy, and I have eaten bread, butter and lettuce. My mom’s favorite was bread with a slice of salted tomato. I always put pepper on mine too. No mayo or spread of any kind–she said it ruined the flavor.

    That shawl is so gorgeous. I wouldn’t know how to even begin that!!


  5. Gorgeous, amazing shawl. Sounds like a fun group you have found. My Grandma used to eat saltines soaked in milk for an upset tummy. I used to eat mustard sandwiches – just bread and mustard!


  6. I’ve been tempted by that butterfly shawl myself but came to my senses. It is beautiful. It would have taken me years.
    I used to like mayo sandwiches. Now I eat coleslaw sandwiches and I also confess I like to put plain old spaghetti between two slices of nice Italian bread too. Sandwiches are my favorite food group.


  7. That butterfly shawl is simply amazing and should be submitted to the state fair for a sure win of a blue ribbon! I also like that sweater that buttons down the sides… clever and easy looking. I like sandwiches made with honey mixed with chunky peanut butter. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  8. Oooh, tomato with Miracle Whip (a Midwestern “mayo”) sandwiches for the win! And my mother used to use up leftover frosting from her weekend cakes by making the graham cracker sandwich “cookies” for a treat for us.

    My husband loves peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches. I never stop being amazed by this.


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