Garter , Grays and Shelter Ways

dscf0149I’m sorry to do this to you.  Or, because I know there is a small but sincere faction out there that adores this kind of weather: here you go!  Kelly Rippa calls this Harry Potter weather.  I call it, better focus inward, Kathy B.  dscf0152Okay I found this forlorn sock in a bag the other day.  This is proof that :
a) I do not always finish a project even though in my knit brain I claim I am monogamous.     Okay, 99.9 % of the time I stick with one project until it is done. 

b) I am capable of knitting many many many many stitches in stockinette in the round in pretty good form AND, and here’s the key, I can pick up a dropped stitch independently and most importantly without tears.  Wow, how’s that for a run on sentence? 

This brings me to my current concern.  The sweater I am knitting, (and I really am knitting a sweater, ) involves several to many garter panels with icord edges.  It asks for provisional cast ons.  The only thing that gives me pain, is garter.  

I am very critical of my garter.  My stitches are not as even in garter.  I simply cannot pick up a dropped garter without a small panic attack.  

So what’s my deal, friends?  I am going to my new knit group this afternoon. I am afraid I’ll blush when I bring out my first 2 panels because they are not perfect.  

I am truly truly hoping I will be encouraged to carry on.  Because, my bloggy knit pal therapy support group friends, I ain’t starting over .  I love the yarn, I love the pattern so far and I have two large stockinette sections ahead of me.  

I knit up a small section of garter in biggy yarn in hopes the leader will show me a better way to pick up a dropped garter stitch.  

unnamed-1Finally, on a sweet  note, we visited the animal shelter in our new area.  It is brand new after a major capital campaign.  The cat rooms are cage free.  They are spotless.  I would have loved to take a black kitty home, but 4s my limit.  I was just there to take a look see.  I may end up there after my term is over at my old shelter in Illinois soon.  

This shelter has a resale shop that is 5 minutes from my home.  I have no retail experience besides being a Mcdonald’s worker in the 70s but they seem open to my inquiries.  So that’s another option.  

Anyhow I was impressed with this beautiful facility.   It made a gray day, very bright for me. 

Does garter give you the willies?????


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

25 thoughts on “Garter , Grays and Shelter Ways”

  1. If you don’t like the way your garter stitch looks, it may be too loose. Garter is much more stretchy than stockinette, you may need to go down a needle size to make you happier. As far as picking up dropped stitches, I think it just takes practice (a lot of practice, which means that we all think we’re bad at that part…)


  2. I am currently knitting a garter stitch vest. Gauge is always my nemesis and measuring it in garter stitch is trying. How much do I stretch it? I never know.
    I do have a teeny tiny tip for picking up a dropped stitch in garter stitch: flip your work back and forth using 2 crochet hooks to loop the stitches back up. It just feels less daunting to me. Your mileage may vary:)


  3. The shawl that I’m currently working and has large garter sections. I would much rather picked up a dropped stitch in stockinette, but I finally figured out how to do it with garter that’s not too bad, and it’s very similar to what Nothingbutknit2 said above. I use two crochet hooks on either side of the work and just flip it back-and-forth. The new animal shelter looks like a very good possibility for you. Our local shelter has big cat rooms too with no cages. I like to go visit the animals sometimes. The problem is I always want to take them home and I can’t do that. Ha ha! Have a lovely day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  4. Other than what Sue said… if that fails… don’t worry. Part of the beauty of handmade is that it doesn’t look perfect. If I want perfect, i’ll get it at a store.
    And I’ll let you in on a little secret… my garter is FAR from perfect too. Just enjoy the process!


  5. I think that picture is beautiful! Very mysterious looking. We had heavy fog around here this a.m. Now it feels like Spring (supposed to hit 65 in Philadelphia!) and the forecast is for 8-10″ of snow tomorrow. Go figure!

    Can’t help you with dropped stitches – I’m lousy at that bit of business.

    That shelter looks and sounds very, very nice. Glad you found one locally that you may be able to get involved with somehow.


  6. Garter stitch doesn’t bother me, but picking up stitches in garter is really, really hard. I have a weird way to do it, in which I just keep turning the knitting around so that I’m always picking up knitwise. That probably makes no sense and I’m sure there are better ways.

    I love the idea of a no-cage shelter! How much nicer for the poor kids.


  7. I like knitting garter with metal needles. I had used my Addi Turbo when I knitted my Wool & Company scarf, the color-tipped Purl Soho pattern. What a cute kitty. My little one is dying for one but she’s allergic.


  8. I vastly prefer garter stitch to anything. It looks so chunky and cozy, especially if you use a larger-than-called-for needle. It is, to me, the friendliest looking stitch.

    But then, I am a newer knitter, and it’s also such an easy stitch to knit. I don’t have to think much about it.


  9. The trick to repairing a dropped garter stitch is to look at the stitches next to it. If the stitches parallel have a bump/ridge stitch, then the yarn goes in the front of the dropped stitch and pulled through that way. If the bump is in the back, then it’s fixed as a stockinette stitch through the back. It’s also possible to fix them all as stockinette by turning the work from back to front from one stitch to the next. “Read” the knitting and fixing the stitches is easier.


  10. My garter stitch looks terrible also but I’ve learned that it ages well. It looks better after a few washes that tighten up the tension. I do the same thing as Caffeine Girl. I just always work with the knit side when I have to fix things. My brain can’t fix purls.


  11. I hope you get that sock done.. I think you’ve done a good job on it. Your foggy photo is very evocative. That’s nice that you might volunteer at the new shelter….. you’re such a good girl! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  12. I find garter stitch soothing, especially when knitted back and forth. If it isn’t too loose, maybe a good soak and blocking will even it out a bit? I am just speculating. I also agree with a comment above, nothing handmade is perfectly uniform.


  13. Garter is OK here unless I drop a stitch or make a mistake, then I’m with you. It’s hard to fix. You’d have been impressed at our snow here earlier this week. Luckily we were gone till yesterday. It rained today and now is almost gone which is good because we have choir tonight. Hugs from the PNW.


  14. I’ve been knitting forever and I flip the work back and forth to repair the dropped stitch-it’s the only way to see that you’ve done it correctly! Pretty sock you resurrected! I love orange!
    the knit group will encourage you!


  15. I do the flip method myself, but still find it so puzzling. I love garter, going down a needle size was a good suggestion, I think garter wears well, better than stockinette. Love the kitty place, I bet you will be there volunteering in no time at all.


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