Happy Monday Q and A

dscf0126The U.S. Snowsculpting Competition was held in Lake Geneva this weekend.  I think this won  first place.  I Love the photo bomb of this persons garter hat –
#1 Can you identify the pattern? 

(I think I’ve seen it somewhere recently, perhaps the Fat Squirrel Amy Beth knit one….But I cannot identify it for sure.  )

dscf0131I loved the owl and hawk on this sculpture.  #2 Have you ever held an owl or hawk?

(I have not.  Allison did last weekend at a Harry Potter event.  I cant’ seem to get her photo to download.  She looked equal parts thrilled and hesitant in the photo) 


I have to include Zach here.  He loves tortoises and sea turtles.  #3 Have you ever seen a sea turtle in the ocean?  

(Once on our honeymoon.  It was so so beautiful.  We were diving in the Virgin Islands. It was down in the reef.  Fireman also saw one when scuba diving in the Keys) 


Where the Wild Things Are…..this may have been my favorite sculpture.  #4 Name a favorite Childrens’ Book. 

(I have so so many.  A few are: Blueberrys for Sal, The House that Jack Built, Bread and Jam for Francis, all the Jane Brett books, and The Five Chinese Brothers) 

dscf0148This was a very productive Knit weekend.  I am almost finished with the first of 5 panels for my sweater.  I’m loving the cotton/lambswool blend.  #5 What is your favorite blend of yarn? 

(I already told you!  Cotton/lambswool right now!)

#6 When does Spring start for you? 

(not soon enough.  We are a good and I mean good 6 to 8 weeks from buds and shoots, So I’ll say April if we are lucky ) 

#7 Name something you wear that someone else knitted or crocheted for you:

(My locker partner Ann crocheted the softest acrylic shawl for me upon my retirement. I wear it like a hug around me when I’m chilly) 

#8 Do you prefer to drive at night or in the day? 

(I like night driving.  I know most people do not.  I love it in summer especially) 

#9 Do you prefer curtains or blinds?

(I’m blinds all the way now.  Not one curtain in the new house) 

#10 Name a favorite salad dressing please!

(I love the Knorr mixes.  Their herb and garlic is great.  I actually love all their mixes.  They make just enough for a salad and they taste so fresh) 

Join in if you want!  Thanks for stopping by.


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Happy Monday Q and A”

  1. #1 Can you identify the pattern?
    Perhaps chunkeanie
    or Northend
    #2 Have you ever held an owl or hawk?
    Not held – but I have pet both. When I was a journalist, I covered a lot of community events, and the local Raptor group was usually present. They always made for a good picture.
    #3 Have you ever seen a sea turtle in the ocean?
    No – and sadly, I’ve never seen the Ocean
    #4 Name a favorite Childrens’ Book.
    The Paperbag Princess!
    #5 What is your favorite blend of yarn?
    Merino/Silk, hands down! Drape and bounce, softeness and shine. Who could ask for more?
    #6 When does Spring start for you?
    When my garden starts to grow. Generally beginning of April.
    #7 Name something you wear that someone else knitted or crocheted for you
    I have lots of socks Mom’s made for me.
    #8 Do you prefer to drive at night or in the day?
    It depends. Day is usually better, because there’s so much more to see. But on a warm moonlit night, it was always nice to take Stella out for a top-down spin.
    #9 Do you prefer curtains or blinds?
    Curtains. I love the house nice and bright and blinds just get in the way… plus they collect dust.
    #10 Name a favorite salad dressing please!
    I’m pretty basic.. I love a nice orange, sharp French dressing.


  2. That snow sculpture event looks absolutely wonderful. I would love to see something like that in person.
    1. I have no idea the pattern for that hat. It looks like a fun slouchy hat to make though.
    2. I have never held an owl. I’m in the process of re-watching all the Harry Potter movies though, and I always think Hedwig is just a beautiful owl. They scare me a bit though. I don’t know why.
    3. I have never seen a sea turtle in the ocean. I have seen them swimming in large tanks at the zoo and in aquariums though.
    4. My favorite children’s book or books is the Little House on the Prairie series. I still enjoy rereading those once in a while.
    6. Spring can’t come soon enough this year. Maybe April? Since we got over 16 inches of snow over the weekend I know it’s not going to be in the near future! Ha ha!
    7. I don’t think I have anything hand knit or crochet that I wear clothing wise that was a gift. I do have a couple of handmade pins that friends have made that I wear on my coat.
    8. I would prefer to drive during the day. My eyes just don’t see is well at night anymore.
    9. I have both curtains and blinds. I do like them both.
    10. I love the restaurant style ranch house dressing’s. I’ve never found anything I can buy or make for home that tastes the same. Do you have any ideas?
    I seem to have skipped a number five and I have no way of going back to see what it was. Oh well, have a lovely day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  3. I’ve answered over on my blog as usual.

    Good questions this week.

    Karen (Pumpkin Sunrise) went to an ice sculpture display this weekend. I guess it was the weekend for chilly adventures.


  4. 1- I have no idea. I am terrible at identifying patterns, stitches, etc.
    2- I have never held an owl or hawk but I would love to!
    3- we go to Maui most years and I am fortunate enough to swim with the sea turtles almost every day we are there. They are one of my most favorite things in the world,
    4- Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor…not a traditional children’s book but a must read.
    5- I love a good alpaca blend although I don’t often knit anything that calls for it.
    6- spring …well, we got 6″ of snow last night (a rarity here in the PNW). It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between winter and spring here since it just rains, rains, rains. The rhodies start blooming in April/May so I’ll go with that.
    7- my best friend crocheted me a beautiful shawl/scarf that has been in regular use since Christmas.
    8- I don’t mind driving any time of the day. Although, since we moved to our current house, driving at night makes me a little nervous. We have a lot of elk and deer on the roads and I’m afraid I’m going to hit one some night.
    9- I prefer curtains simply because I don’t care for the “lines” in my view out the window. However, my husband loves blinds so that’s what we have.
    10- a good blue cheese dressing is always appreciated. At home I always make an Italian or Greek vinaigrette since the husband won’t eat any creamy dressing but when we are out? Give me the blue cheese!


  5. #1 Can you identify the pattern? NO, SORRY!
    #2 Have you ever held an owl or hawk? NO, WOULD LIKE TO.
    #3 Have you ever seen a sea turtle in the ocean? NO, WOULD LOVE TO.
    #5 What is your favorite blend of yarn? 50% SILK AND 50% ALPACA
    #6 When does Spring start for you? WHEN THE DAFFODILS BLOOM.
    #7 Name something you wear that someone else knitted or crocheted for you: I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO’S KNITTED FOR ME.
    #8 Do you prefer to drive at night or in the day? DAY
    #9 Do you prefer curtains or blinds? ACTUALLY, I LIKE UNCOVERED WINDOWS BEST.
    #10 Name a favorite salad dressing please! UNCLE DANS RANCH DRESSING.


  6. Those snow sculptures are amazing! Beautiful. And another fun set of questions. Here you go:
    1. Can’t identify the hat pattern.
    2. Have never held an owl or hawk, but I think it would be neat (though I might be a little bit freaked out)
    3. Have not seen a sea turtle in the ocean, but years ago when I was around 12 we saw one on the beach in South Carolina at dusk. She had come up to lay her eggs. Beautiful and massive!!
    4. I loved all the animal stories by Thornton Burgess. Also, of course, Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little.
    5. I love a wool/nylon (75/25) for socks. My sister in law gave me some alpaca yarn and that is gorgeous to knit.
    6. When we first see the crocus come up…will be a little while yet I’m afraid.
    7. I have an Icelandic sweater that my Mom knit for me. I don’t wear it often because it makes me so HOT. But it is gorgeous.
    8. Daytime. My eyes are bad enough that I do not like driving at night. I can, but I don’t like it.
    9. I do prefer nothing on my windows, but I don’t like people looking in either. We have curtains and blinds/shades. The shades come down at night and the curtains are kind of see-through.
    10. Usually I just use olive oil and a balsamic or champagne vinegar. For bottled dressing, I like Ken’s peppercorn ranch.


  7. Those sculptures are amazing! They wouldn’t last long here today It was 60.
    1. Dunno. I am not good with hat patterns. I haven’t made very many.
    2. No but I see hawks up close pretty often in the yard. They scare me.
    3. No but we’ve got lots in the yard.
    4. The Little House Books. I still read them from time to time.
    5. Hmmm….I know what I don’t like. Bamboo.
    6. Maybe right now. It’s so warm everything is starting to sprout.
    7. I’ve been gifted a shawl and some mitts this year and I wear them all the time and love them. I also got some Phentex slippers years ago that I still wear. They last forever.
    8. No no no night for me! I can’t see a thing anymore.
    9. Curtains. I like to just shove’em closed when it get dark. I also like the color they bring to a room. Mine are all from Ikea.
    10. I still love that stuff in the packs. The Italian stuff you mix yourself. Good Seasons?


  8. I can’t answer a lot of the question his week, so I’ll just say that the snow sculptures are fabulous! It would be fun to watch the artist’s work on them.


  9. That snow sculpting competition is amazing!
    1. I thought it was a Tin Can Knits one but their hat isn’t garter all the around.
    2. No; I’m jealous your daughter got to. I always ooohhhh inside when I see Hedwig.
    3. Not in the ocean but at the aquarium in Oahu waaay back; you’d look over their pool and they’d rise up to check you out.
    4. This old one of fairy tales. I don’t remember the name; I’ll look in the office later.
    5. Wool + Cashmere
    6. An infinity scarf one of my little sisters had made me one year that I recently and accidentally felted but I can still wear it looped twice.
    7. Daytime
    8. “Thousand Island” = ketchup + mayonnaise or ceasar


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