Saturday Sunshine

unnamed-4Let me start by thanking all of  your for the hugs for me and mom.  Each comment was so loving.   Thank you thank you thank  you thank you!!!  

Here in freezing town, the U.S Snowsculpting Competition is underway. More photos soon.  We are bundling up in handknits, winter boots, and jackets today to appreciate the arts….of snow…


*I’ve finally decided on my Theme or Word for 2017.  Yes I know we are in February. Last year it was BOUNDARIES.  This year it is a variation of non-committal… word is Spontaneous.  After years of making plans and committing to meetings for the Shelter, this year will be less structured.  With just two months to serve I will be exploring other ways to contribute in my new location.  I don’t want to commit until I’m sure.

*I’m at that stage where I cannot wait to get to my knitting each day.  Wait, I’m always that way.  I’m getting great comfort from the Lambswool/cotton yarn and I’m enjoying the sweater pattern so far.

*Do you ever go to Yarn Along’s page and see what folks are up to?  People join her and link their blog page .  I can spend a good hour  a week just browsing through what folks are knitting and reading.

*This craft of knitting and crochet, brings me daily joy and  needed comfort right now. That is so difficult to explain to non knitters.  It is wonderful to know that you all get it.

Have a wonderful weekend.




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “Saturday Sunshine”

  1. Spontaneous is a great word. When I retired, it was difficult to let go of structure, so I created it for myself. The further I venture into retirement I dread structure and love days when I can stay home and do whatever I want. Happy Spontaneity!


  2. That’s a great word! We’re having more snow. About 14 inches since yesterday and it’s supposed to come down for several more DAYS! My needles, hooks and yarn are keeping me sane on these winter days when I’m stuck inside. Have a lovely weekend.


  3. That is a good word for the year. We are cozy by the fire today but must head out to the Post Office to send a birthday card to my daughter that I waited to long to send! Eek! And Valentines to my 2 granddaughters in Ohio and 2 grandsons in SoCal. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. You’ve picked a really positive word. I know what you mean about wanting to get to your knitting each day. I have to pick up my needles first thing each day and do a couple of rows while I have my first coffee of the day. And it does indeed give comfort, I took it up again after many years empty of knitting, in 2015, following the loss of my mother and then my father shortly after, it kept my mind and hands busy during a difficult time. Sending you warm wishes and prayers x


  5. I love your word. My days are so filled up with have to’s that I have to fight for time for myself. I would never have guessed that after retiring I would be so busy doing stuff for other people.


  6. I think “community of like minded souls” is why we blog (or podcast) . . . non-knitters just can’t understand why we would knit 3/4 of a sock and then rip it back because there is a small flaw that we just can’t live with (and they can’t even SEE). LOL

    I’m so glad to have found my “tribe” with all ya’ll.



  7. My 2017 word is “try”; it’s similar, I think to your word “spontaneous”. And I feel just like the other Retired Teacher, Nancy, above. What lovely company to be in!

    I’m looking for another knitting project to get busy on, so thanks for the Yarn Along hint. Stay warm! (And you keep all that sn*w over there, won’t you?)


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