When Days are mixed with Joys and sorrows…

dscf0106These are my colors for my sweater.  The majority of the sweater is in the greens. I’m going to add a bit of purple for pop, but just a bit. 

dscf0103Proof I made a gauge swatch and made gauge, although I’m pushing back little worries anyhow about that…

This is also proof I need a manicure.  All that painting in January did its thing. 

So I’ve managed the provisional cast on and I’m liking the knit portion.  Very much. 

dscf0097This is EON paint color on the walls in the library/cubby interesting room.  Thought you deserved a photo after all my goings on about the painting. 

A beauty of a fox ran through the property yesterday mid day.  He went to the shrubbery at the edge of the woods and looked back at us for a short bit. I was not quick enough to get a photo.  

I love keeping this blog upbeat and fun. But,  The reality of yesterday was difficult when we visited my dear mom.  I brought her McDonald’s(her favorite thing) , and she was completely uninterested in eating.  I smile and smile at her loving face while the tears just won’t stop coming.  This illness that has robbed her mind is a tough one.  You all know that.  Please, if you are a praying person, say one for this sweet wonderful woman.  I cried the whole ride home and then some.  Thank Goodness for Fireman who drives so I can lose it on the way back.   

Mom said hi to Fireman straight away.  She asked me who I was.  I tell her I’m Kath, your favorite.  Then she searches my face….I pray that there are angels all around her.  I pray she just sleeps as much as she can.  She is simply bones.  Truly this woman was the kindest, most giving mother one could ask for.  She would do anything for me and she did.  

Once when I was in a depression, she called me and said she was going to Target.  She wanted me to come along to get out of the house.  I was nearly 50 and there she was mothering me.  Praying for me.  Hugging me.  Walking me around Target…just because.  Okay now I’m crying again.  ….

Sorry!!!  It is ok.  I can smile too. I am incredibly lucky to have had her show me such love my whole life.  So send her a good thought, or prayer or wish on a star or whatever you do when someone like me asks….ok?



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21 thoughts on “When Days are mixed with Joys and sorrows…”

  1. I completely understand Kathy, this horrible illness robbed me of my Mom too. She got bigger, not smaller as they fed her so much and she just ate like she had no memory of what a full stomach was. She could not even move by herself at all not even to shift her weight in her wheelchair. It was heartbreaking. I am sending you a hug.


  2. Oh Kathy, this is so hard. My Mom was essentially bed ridden and had dementia prior to her passing. It is so difficult to watch. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your mom.

    Your sweater will be lovely – the colors you picked out are just so pretty.

    And, I LOVE the color of your walls in the “interesting room” (great name for it). Looks wonderful.


  3. I’m not a praying person but I am sending waves of love and good thoughts and hugs to you and your sweet Mom–I feel like I know her a little bit from your blog. I know the angels surround her with love and light as well.


  4. Alzheimers is such a horrible illness. Just know, your Mom is still in there. She can still see your smile. Somewhere inside her, she know you brought her McDs, and she loves you for it. Keep doing all those little things so she knows she’s loved.


  5. Oh Kathy, I will say as many prayers as I can for your mother, and also for you. You are blessed to have such wonderful love for her and so many happy memories of how much she loved you. My mother did not have Alzheimers, but I understand how gutting it is to watch a parent decline and not be able to do anything but just accept it. Take care of yourself.

    And enjoy what looks to be a really pretty-color sweater.


  6. You and your mother are in my thoughts, Kathy.
    My father’s dementia has changed him from the nicest man on the planet to an angry, paranoid man who yells constantly. I just hope my body goes before my mind. Dementia is such a tragedy.
    On a happier note, your sweater is off to a great start. And good for you for swatching. I’m sure it will pay off in the long run!


  7. I am sorry your mother is on the dementia journey. It is so, so hard to stand by and know there isn’t really anything we can do. My mother-in-law passed away this past September from it and it was brutal. I’m sending prayers for you both.


  8. Oh, man. We are on the same page today. I was with Daddio yesterday and he didn’t know me either. I brought him some M&Ms and I couldn’t get him to understand how to eat one. He just stared at the door and kept saying 3 3 3 3 ….awful. The therapist was very concerned as it was a pretty quick decline. He has a terrible cough as well. Leaving him so confused, sick and alone broke my heart. Damn….now I’m crying again. I HATE this.


  9. Kathy, you are loved more than you know. I pray daily for the dear mother who loves you so much. I say loves because the love is still there inside of her. I choose to believe about people with this horrible disorder that they have all of who they are, locked inside the body shell. Just keep telling her that you know she is in there and you hear her!! I’m praying for your too dear friend!


  10. Kathy, my heart goes out to you. I will most definitely be in prayer for you and your mom. I lost my mom when I was only 29 years old and my Dad shortly after. I thought that it was the most awful thing in the world. I missed her so. But after hearing so many of my friends who are going through what you are with their parents, I really don’t know which would be worse. As I said, my heart does go out to you and I will be praying. I’m a true believer that we each have angels around us guarding and protecting us. As a sidenote I think your paint turned out just beautiful. I love the color.
    Blessings always my friend,


  11. I will keep her in my thoughts; sorry it’s been rough for you when visiting your mum. Hugs. I like the colors you’ve chosen for your sweater. I think I’ve worked with Queensland once, one of their wools; it was great yarn. I seriously need to swatch more. Most of the projects I’ve been working on could have used that.


  12. The yarn you picked out is wonderful.. very earthy and organic. Your wall paint is very soothing, too! I’m so sorry about your mom. All I can say is please remember how lucky you are that most of your life she was good to you. I cannot say the same and many people can’t. But I also had to watch as my own mother forgot who I was and then the decline.. so cruel. Hang in there.. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


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