The Knit Magic Happened

Yesterday the magic happened.  I got up my nerve and went to Needles’ N Pins Yarn Shoppe in Delevan for their open Knit afternoon.  I needed my phone to direct me there and I have to say that I was passed by many a driver on the open roads.  Little Honda Rhonda and I just dont go above the speed limit.

I’m pretty sure that’s why I was suspect and a state trooper followed me for awhile. Then the Trooper decided I was too slow and passed me.   Suffice to say, I’m still learning the lay of the land up here in Dairyland.

Even though it is very cold and wintery,  the farms and fields, the horses and the cows and oh yes the sheep are just enchanting to me.

Back to the point.  As soon as I sat at the table and introduced myself I was welcomed. There was a table full of knitters.  There was excitement over what they were knitting. There was that kind of electric knitting air that gets under my skin and makes me so happy to be a knitter.

I brought my little second sock to work on.  Others were working on sweaters and cowls and socks on two circs, and baby blankets.  Because It isn’t a knit In if someone isn’t knitting for a baby right?

Kathy, above put on her finished EVERY WHICH WAY Adult Cardigan.   Then she said the words that are music to my ears, “I cant wear wool, so It is knit in cotton”.  I hope I didnt’ shriek, but I may have: “I cant’ wear wool either!!!!”

And yet there she was, wearing an amazing sweater…..and the seed was planted.  Another woman there was knitting this same sweater at the other end of the table.  (she also raises Finches) The things you learn….

I met Pat who was knitting a wooly top down raglan for her husband. I told her it looked so warm.  She said, it has to be.  Her husband does woodworking and he needs to stay warm with his hobby.  She said the sweater will be covered in wood shavings in no time, but that’s okay with her.

Our “fearless leader” as she was re-introduced to me, Brandy (?)  was knitting a lace cowl in United Queensland lambswool/cotton. (blue lace on the right in the images)   Im horrible with names.  I’m proud I remembered a few names yesterday.  Brandy works at the shoppe.  She’s described as AMAZING and capable of knitting anything.

Here’s what I liked about her.  I let the radical thought of knitting a sweater myself ,in cotton , swim around in my delighted mind for about half an hour.  Then I asked her to talk to me about the pattern and what yarn I could use.

Here’s where some yarn shoppes go wrong.  Yet she went so right.  There was no discussion of how tricky it might be, there was no peering over glasses at me to size up my skill levels, there was only quiet confidence.

I was told that many many knitters at their Shoppe have knit this sweater. It was designed by the Shoppe Owner Doreen.  I knew I’d have plenty of help if I needed it.

So I dove in.  I measured my bust and we made the yarn calculations.  For under 70 dollars I can make this awesome cardigan. (in United Queensland)    And I’m sky high about it.

Doreen Marquart has patterns on Ravelry that are her own design.   Go check her patterns out if you want.  She’s written a few pattern books too.

There was good conversation.  Most of the knitters telling me when they moved to the area, most of them saying you must have a hobby you love to get through the winter here.  (and that is why we knit!)  Most of them saying their husbands need a hobby just as much.

There was a polite mention that this group does not talk politics or religion.

I asked how they notify if there is no Wednesday group knit.  I was told there IS ALWAYS a Wednesday knit group.

It feels great to have joined in.  It feels great to be around knitters again.  Last night I actually knit a gauge swatch.  Can you tell how happy I am to have a sweater project? Or maybe it is just that I feel I’ve come home again, and I can be among fun knitters every week if I choose.






Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

17 thoughts on “The Knit Magic Happened”

  1. I love, love, love this post. I used to be a part of a daytime knitting group in our LYS too. The shop sold because the owner had to move south to take care of her Mom. The new owner made it clear that knitting groups were NOT welcome there. She was very unfriendly and needless to say, the shop closed permanently within a year. Our other LYS is Paradise Fibers but have no knitting groups that I’ve been able to discover. You sound like you found a gem. I would love to sit and knit with you and your new friends. They sound like a great bunch. Please let us know how things are when you go back.


  2. You sound so happy and I’m so happy for you!! I didn’t realize you have never knit a sweater–my favorite thing to knit! AND I knit a lot of my sweaters in cotton or, gasp, acrylic. They wash and wear better even though there is nothing as wonderful as a Malabrigo sweater!

    I really had a good laugh over your description of no peering over the glasses or sizing up skill level. That is precisely the reason I don’t go to yarn shops or knit groups. I have run into that so many times so I just don’t go to yarn shops anymore. It sounds like you found a good one with good people, and that makes me happy too!!


  3. I’m so glad you took the leap and went. We knitters NEED our circle of friends that understand when the knitting isn’t going right AND when it is — and how to support us!

    I found a great knit group here …’s small, but wow! What an amazing group of women …..and we DO talk politics and religion and a whole lot of other stuff too.


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