Half a Sock Pair

dscf0098dscf0100This is sock number one of a pair of Dee’s Take Five pattern socks.  Dee, it is genius.  I can knit and talk, and knit and watch TV and still keep the easy pattern going.

This is Wandering Wool in Azalea.  The color in the photos just isn’t true. It is much more pink than orange.   You know I keep the stitch marker in so I can line up the second sock and start the toe decreases at the same spot easily. 

This yarn is yummy.  It is a good knit for sure. 

Deep Breath…I’m going to drive myself to an open Knit at Needles n Pins which is half an hour away.  They do an afternoon sit and knit on Wednesdays.  I need to go out.  It is very tempting to simply sit in, but something is telling me to go.  Get out. See what others are knitting.  POSSIBLY enhance the stash which is down to 5 skeins.   I like the shop.  I have nothing to lose.  

Don’t laugh, but I can be shy.  Okay, laugh.  

Any hew, keep your knit needles crossed that its a nice little trip.  I’ll give you the report tomorrow. 

Are you stepping out of your comfort zone today?  



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

17 thoughts on “Half a Sock Pair”

  1. Nice job – the sock is beautiful. I use stitch markers at the toe, too, but I put it in the center – never thought to put it on the edge. You’re in a roll and will easily knit a pair a month this year.

    Snowing again! I am growing very weary of snow and cold. Have a safe trip to the knit shop. I can’t believe you are down to only five skeins of stash! I’d be panicking.


  2. You definitely need to increase your stash!! What fun. Have a safe trip and can’t wait to hear about it. Your first of Dee’s socks looks wonderful. It’s such a great pattern.


  3. Good for you! I stepped out of my comfort zone rut when I went alone to the art class! It is a wonderful highlight to my month now but it sure was scary at first! I hope it will be a lovely group of people for you to share knitting with!


  4. Well . . . I went to a new dr. That is WAY out of my comfort zone. New diabetes regime…..crossing my fingers that this one is the “magic trick”. 🙂

    I have to say ……………I don’t think ANYONE has ever said I’m a genius! LOL I’ll TAKE IT!

    Have fun @ knit group.


  5. Your Take Five sock is lovely!

    You can do this trip! My very first knitting group had a lovely member who was extremely shy. On her first few visits, she would only sit next to the entrance and knit while the other ladies sat knitting at the table about 8ft away. She eventually felt comfortable to sit at the table and we were so happy for her.


  6. Not today. I do miss knitting with a group. I try to visit my SF group but it’s a distance. The closest LYS is in the south bay, 14 miles or about a half an hour from here. I like a sock pattern you can memorize the stitch pattern. It was that way with Vanilla Latte or Simple Skyp Socks for me.


  7. I was about to say, “what a beautiful orange!” Pink will be pretty too. I hope you enjoy your sit and knit trip this afternoon. I understand how you feel about being shy. I am usually outgoing but I tend to hang back a little with new situations and people. I had to laugh about your question “Are you stepping out of your comfort zone today.” Lately I have been clinging to my comfort zone by my fingernails, but yesterday and today I think I am feeling more settled and more me.


  8. Pink or orange, that’s a brilliant color for socks. I haven’t knit a pair in aaaages – I think I’ll check out that pattern since it comes Highly Recommended. You can do it! The actual going is the hardest part. I did try to call a Senator this morning (I like to write, I’m weirdly phobic about talking on the phone) but I have the wrong number and I haven’t talked myself into finding the right one juuuuuust yet…


  9. Like Katherine I am clinging to my comfort zone by my fingernails. I hope your outing is enjoyable. The sock looks pretty. I picked up a pair of socks to work on – comfort knitting for me. I use those stitch markers A LOT. I often mark the beginning of a round, the beginning of the heel and toe.


  10. Gorgeous sock! I’m excited to hear how the knit group went. I should join something like that but with my swimming 3 times a week and my other volunteer groups I’m pretty maxed out. Hope it was fun. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


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