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dscf0013Fezzik thinks the fun room is wonderful.  This is the last room we have to paint.  A considerable part of January has involved painting the house interior.  I’m very happy with the colors we choose.   This is a big change for me.  Normally we paint, and I look at the color for a bit convincing myself it was the right choice!  Because it just isnt quite right….  This time We both love the colors.  IT has only taken 33 years for us to master this.   IF we finish today, I’ll feel great about it.  BUT

Almost no knitting got done on my Dee’s Take Five sock because of the painting yesterday.  But there will be pictures soon. It is a great pattern!!

So I’ve told you before how hard it is to catch little Blind Pie when she knows you want to catch her.  In the entire month of Painting, there have been no kitty mishaps.  Cats are smart. They stay away from paint, don’t like the smell, don’t wag their tails joyfully and slap paint everywhere.

Still, there will be mishaps!  Fezzik must sit with us in each room we are working in.  Usually he sits right on the tarp next to the paint.  Oh, and he’s exhausted after watching us.  We are exhausted too!

Yesterday Pie was quietly joining us in the room we were painting.  Something happened, not sure what.  It involved an unexpected noise….I’m not sure if it was the ladder being folded up, or a screwdriver falling off a table or some other innocent noise,

but Pie got spooked and ran through the room.  She’s like a tornado when she’s spooked.  She managed, yes ,to dip just one paw in the rolling pan and go streaking to safety in the kitchen.  I ‘m chasing her with a damp rag and wiping up one delicate but very visible latex paint kitty paw print all over the hallway and kitchen.

She’s a weird little one.  She has cataracts, she reacts to immunizations and she has the oddest nails I’ve ever seen grow on a cat.  They are like hooves.  So I was hellbent on getting that paw cleaned up before she licked the paint off it and got sick.

No Luck.  She can outrun, out swerve and outnerve me every time.  She must have a sixth sense.  I’m telling you , you cannot catch her.   So, we had to let her be.  I easily cleaned up the paint paw prints.  Later, her buddy Fireman, was able to pick her up as if nothing ever happened and get the dried paint off her paw.

Don’t get me wrong.  She’s the first to snuggle up to me on HER terms on the warm electric blanket while I’m knitting.  But if you want to catch her and she’s worked up… just have to let her be.

Here’s hoping for no paint stories tomorrow.  Do you have any ?


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22 thoughts on “More Paint Less Yarn”

  1. The only paint story I have involves my cousin. At the time, a listless and unfocused teen who needed to find a way to decide to buckle down and go to college. He was hired by our family for the summer to scrape and paint one of the rental properties on our family farm. The property was rented to family members who had, really, no money and were living almost rent free. So, not much attention was paid to the house itself, they were just kind of allowed to live there. We KNEW there was a problem with bats in the attic, but no one ever went up there, and so it was left alone. Well, my cousin got very tired of scraping paint, as one would, and decided to caulk all the holes in the house one day. He paid special attention to this task, because it wasn’t scraping paint. This was absolutely no problem until about dusk, when I see my great aunt run out of the house hollering and run over the lawn to our house, quite terrified. The bats, upon waking up and finding they had no way to get out, made their way into the interior of the home. Not one or two, but tons and tons of bats. My cousin and my great uncle had quite a time of it clearing the home of bats that night. My cousin did decide to buckle down and go to college after that summer.


  2. The last time we had a “painting party,” Bill, the sons and sons-in-law all took on the job–from moving furniture, to painting, to replacing each item to its’ rightful place. The ladies went to the mall, had lunch and went to a movie. It wasn’t bad! We came home to a group of paint spattered men watching football. The job was done and done well. All we had to do was clean up a bunch of beer cans/bottles. I would do it again. I can’t speak for them especially since the Cowboys lost. (Why do they always believe the Cowboys will win?)


  3. Oh I love the look of your new home. Can’t wait to see the painted result. Last time Fletch painted he waited until I was out of town for a few days…smart man. Poor Pie – probably was so frightened. Glad Fireman could get the dried paint off the paw.


  4. What a neat wall with the cut outs! I’m looking forward to seeing a tour of the entire place sometime. Poor Pie! I don’t really have any painting stories, except to say that interior of our house needs painted after 10 years of living here. That was on my plans to do this winter before my fall. Now it looks like it’ll be waiting till next year.


  5. The walls I see are white.. I hope you’re adding color to your world! My paint story is we had a very small fire in our kitchen when hubby put a paper bag of groceries on the stove and accidentally turned on a burner.. and the insurance company repainted the ENTIRE house interior and we got to pick out all the colors.. and now we have butter yellow and lime green walls. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I’ve got an open wall like that but none of my kitties ever get up there. Daughter’s cat, when they lived with us for a while sat up there all day making me very nervous.
    I am a mess when it comes to painting. I get it everywhere. I am always the one stepping in the paint pan or dropping the bucket. I used to love to paint but not anymore. It’s a lot of hard work.


    1. it IS a lot of hard work. Fireman is very careful. He teaches me all the CORRECT ways of painting . IT is worth the trouble in the end. I think we painted it really well. We tape, we cut in, we roll. I m in charge of all the outlet cover removal and replacing. Im glad it is done. I wanted to do the whole house and its January….so a perfect time.


  7. That area of your house is so interesting to the eye. Funny feline. Sorry, no paint story but the professional painter who painted our living room and dining area walls had a giggle at our DIY, newbie painting.


  8. Giroux is the same way. He can be wily and quick when he doesn’t want to be caught. I guess the trick is to NOT let them know you want to pick them up. LOL Of course, I have no idea how you do that.

    In all my years I have only painted baseboards. I HATE painting. Steve once painted our very tiny bathroom what we thought was a lovely, soft yellow. In reality, it was more like a school bus. From then on, we hired the job out.


  9. we painted the entire main floor of our house during spring break in one week and it was insanely crazy! We lived here for 10 years never agreeing on colors so we didn’t paint. Once I knew that family would be visiting from out of town in great numbers, I wanted the house to look good. I was amazed at how quickly we picked colors that years before seemed impossible 🙂


  10. I am impressed with your painting fortitude! We are the house of painting procrastinators – as in it is still going on. Perhaps because of paint color choices – thinking this is good, but really not liking it when it is done. We have a few more years to go, it seems. before we achieve your paint perfection!


  11. Bill and I have painted well together for 40 years! lol I usually have 99% of the voting power for the room color; most of the time he is doubtful until we are done and then he loves it-he’s learned to trust my judgement. I do the cutting and he does the rolling and especially he shines as the ceiling painter-I just can’t do that over my head stuff!
    Cats have made foot print runs like Pie through the years-I run with a wet paper towel chasing and wiping foot prints all the way! All part of the fun! I love the multi-dimensional wall the cats are sure you have just for them!


  12. Cats make every job a challenge. Marlowe, our long-haired grey tortie Cat, is also the watchful cat who bosses every job like your Fezzik. And like your Pie, our big orange marmalade cat Piper has the odd hoof-like growths on his feet.

    And painting…ugh. That’s all I will say about that home improvement chore.


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