Monday Questions!

dscf0080We took a walk around the a small part of the lake yesterday.  One mansion on the lake is known for peace, prayer and calm.  Here is part of the railing on the path.  You can ring their bell and ask for a miracle.  It is not their doorbell!  It is a bell on a tree.  So I rang it for mom.  

*Who would your ring the bell for?

*Do  you have a quote that soothes you? (Be Still and Know that I AM)

*People like to play on the lake.  It is fun to see new things.  Have you seen ice boats like this?   (Just yesterday .  These are big toys.  It looked like lots of work to get it out of the trailer and put it together in the cold.  Once ready, though, they flew around the lake.  I could not believe how fast they go! )dscf0055*I’ve been knitting Dee’s Take Five sock pattern all weekend.  I could not believe that Dee’s pattern has been chosen by THOUSANDS to knit per the Ravelry site counter. I’m so proud of her.  Who else among you has a Ravelry pattern?

dscf0069* Here I am with my Trap scarf.  This is the only one I kept for myself. Oh I love this scarf.  I made it from Misti Aplaca cotton/silk.  I’m going to have to get more of this yarn and Trap again.    It is actually wrong side out !  It is one of my all time favorite patterns. So,   What is one of your all time favorite patterns!?

dscf0066*Have you tweaked a recipe and had it turn out well?

(Yes.  Yesterday I made Fireman pineapple/cranberry bread.  There was a Betty Crocker recipe for Pineapple and cherry bread on line.  I had no cherries and fireman loves cranberries.  It came out amazingly like pineapple upside down cake. )

* Have you seen a drone yet in your area ?

(Again, people here play on the lake. We saw our first drone about a week ago. Someone was working it on the beach.  I think one could be useful for looking at your roof and gutters without a ladder, but I dont know If I’d ever buy one

*Have you entered a contest lately?

(yes.  I am an unapologetic Dr. Pol fan.  I entered their fan contest in hopes of going to their 100th show )

*Can you share a meatless dinner idea?

(we had roasted vegetables and crisp bread last night.  I cut up broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, shallots, red peppers and garlic.  I drizzle it with Italian Salad dressing and bake it at 350 for 40 minutes.  That’s dinner. )

*What is the last movie you watched?  Do you watch more in summer or winter?

(We watched Florence Jenkins on Saturday.  It was quite good.  I always watch movies in Winter.  Im too busy outside in summer to watch a movie!)

Thanks.  Have a great Monday.  Knit, crochet, quilt, paint, do something that makes you peaceful and happy!



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Monday Questions!”

  1. Great post, thank you. just found your blog and it looks great, I’ll be reading it most of the day. Funny I have lots of family in Lake Geneva and was married in the area 38 years ago. Love that lake and area, Wisconsin is such a beautiful state.


  2. Oh my gosh …….I got the shivers just LOOKING at those photos!!! You look great in your Trap scarf. It really makes your blue eyes BLUE!!!!

    As usual … answers are over on my blog. Hope to *see* you there.


  3. Hi Kathy B!! What chilly pictures. But you look Fabulous in your Trap scarf and furry hood. Love that picture of you. And, as Dee said, it really makes the blue of your eyes even bluer.

    1. I would ring the bell for Bob, my girlfriend’s husband who is facing very serious surgery next week.
    2. A favorite quote – I really like yours and Dee’s.
    3. I have seen those ice boats (not in real life – on TV). They go amazingly fast. Folks must be FREEZING on them with the speed they reach.
    4. I do not have a pattern on Ravelry.
    5. A favorite pattern would be Dee’s Take Five.
    6. I always tweak recipes and make them my own.
    7. I have not seen a drone.
    8. Meatless dinner: we love Portabella mushrooms stuffed with spinach, shallots, garlic, black beans, etc. Yummy.
    9. I can’t even remember the last movie I watched. It has been a long, long time!!


  4. 1. I would ring the bell for those who struggle with depression and loneliness.
    2. A favorite quote – “To learn you must want to be taught.”
    3. No ice boats in this area – the ice is just not smooth enough.
    4. I do not have a pattern on Ravelry.
    5. A favorite knitting pattern – Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman
    6. I change recipes to fit the ingredients I have on hand..
    7. My neighbors had one of the first drones. I kept my drapes drawn for several weeks after I saw the drone cruising the neighborhood.
    8. Meatless dinner: bean soup is always tasty as are grilled cheese sandwiches.
    9. I haven’t seen a movie in an actual theater for years. The movie was American Sniper.


  5. 1. For Daddio. I am sick with worry about what’s going to become of him once he is out of mone- in about two months.
    2. Keep calm and carry on. Carrying on is key. You gotta fake it til you make it.
    3. Nope. No ice like that here. I did see a crazy kayaker out on the bay in the snow today.
    4. Not me. I admire those that can design. I can’t.
    5. Hmmm…. I rarely make anything more than once but I did make two Pimpliesse scarves. They look great in handspun.
    6. I always tweak my fruitcake recipe and every year it gets better.
    7. They use them at the Dragon Boat races and they scare me to death. I hate them.
    8. I buy cubed tofu, roast it in teriyaki sauce and toss it in a bag of Dole Asian Sesame chopped salad.
    9. The Nice Guys on HBO. I am also hooked on The Young Pope also on HBO. It’s creepy and weird but Jude Law is amazing.


  6. I’ll only answer a few today. The miracle I would ask for is complete healing from lymphoma for Dotti. The blue eyes over the Trap scarf are so beautiful!!! The quote that has meant a lot to me lately is “When I am afraid I put my trust in You.” Psalm 56:3 NIV.


  7. This too will pass

    Never seen an ice boat! Well, I have in your photo!!

    I have several patterns in my ravelry shop, they haven’t sold thousands though! Or even a hundred. One day….

    The thing I am currently working on, whatever that is.

    All the time! Can’t think of an example right now though.



    I am by chance sharing on later today on my blog. A baked risotto.

    A silly romcom with Cameron Diaz that we watched at the weekend, no idea what it was called, but it was amusing for a couple of hours. Less in summer.

    Lovely as always to read your answers!


  8. 1. Who would your ring the bell for?
    For every one suffering from the hatred in the world right now.
    2. Do you have a quote that soothes you?
    If plan A doesn’t work.. don’t worry, the alphabet has 25 more letters…
    3. People like to play on the lake. It is fun to see new things. Have you seen ice boats like this?
    I have, but not in person. Lake Ontario does freeze, near the shore, but not completely. People mostly stay off the ice here.
    4. So, What is one of your all time favorite patterns!?
    Hmmmm. Probably my little Loch Ness Monster patterin by Hansi Singh. They are so much fun to make.
    5. Have you tweaked a recipe and had it turn out well?
    Not recently. I’ve been playing it safe.
    6. Have you seen a drone yet in your area ?
    Nope. I think people are too leary of them around here.
    7. Have you entered a contest lately?
    Does playing the lottery count?
    8. Can you share a meatless dinner idea?
    I like a nice bowl of baked beans with fresh bread and butter.
    9. What is the last movie you watched? Do you watch more in summer or winter?
    I just watched Deadpool again. I watch a lot all year round, but it’s probably more in the winter.


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