Saturday Shares


I went through many photos on my computer yesterday and deleted and deleted and deleted.  I didn’t delete this cozy photo of Mr. Fezzik and his tail.

I realized I probably showed you many more knitting projects when I was going to my LYS weekly and writing their blog.  I so hope Im not boring you!!!!

Do you read Mason Dixon Knitting and subscribe to their weekly emails?  The are highlighting Ann Budd’s socks on size 8s.  They are more of a slipper than a sock. If you are newer to sock knitting this could be fun for you.  No tiny needle work. pretty much put perfectly into words how I’m feeling about the weather.  It is really cold, and really gray.  We haven’t seen the sun in days. I was getting a little…..worried shall we say?  So anyhow Attic 24 is feeling precisely as I am.  So she made me feel so normal.  That is another reason I blog.  We share so much with each other.

I think we are all a bit on edge yet, as a country.  It seeps into our thoughts and our worries.  Doesn’t it?

We are a little community of clicking needles, caring hands and really big hearts.

So it is going to be an ordinary day here.  I’m going to relish it.  I’ve cast on Take Five, which is dear Dee’s awesome sock pattern free on Ravelry. (below)

How will you relish this ordinary day?





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

19 thoughts on “Saturday Shares”

  1. Ah, Mr. Fezzik. Always glorious.

    Ann Shayne and I went to the same elementary/middle/high school. Her brother and I graduated together, and he remains a friend of mine. When I first heard of Mason-Dixon, it was a bit jarring to see “little” Ann all grown up and knitting!


  2. I am so honored that you are knitting my sock pattern. I love the color you have chosen.

    I have never in my life been so disturbed by what is going on in our country as I am now. It is disheartening and to tell the truth, a bit stressful. I would love to know if the people who voted for Trump are STILL happy with their choice.

    Mr. Fezzik is a handsome, HANDSOME boy! I’m so glad you share him with us.


  3. Not many days are ordinary anymore, they are filled with one disaster after another that is solidified with a stroke of a pen from DT. I am having a very hard time with it all, it is so depressing. It is cold here, 50 today but really, really windy. I withstood 30 minutes of soccer with LB, he wasn’t even interested in the ball, just the equipment cart so I called it quits. I did too many cold and windy days with my older two, Too many really hot and humid ones also. I am staying in the rest of the day with a cup of tea.


  4. Fezzik curled up next to you must be calming. I could use a Fezzik in my life right now. Sigh!

    I’ve knit several pair of socks with worseted weight and size 8 needles – great boot or house socks.


  5. I would love to hug Fezzie. As you know, I am worried about our country. I know some aren’t pleased with me posting my concerns on my blog.. but I will not stand idly by while our country is slashed and burned to ashes. Already the world is looking on in horror. It’s a shameful time. People compare what is happening here to what happened in the 1930s. We cannot remain quiet while it happens. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I have having a nice, restful day after mad cleaning our house for the past six days for Chinese New Year. Yesterday I felt so exhausted my vision was tired. I subscribed to Mason Dixon Knitting via Bloglovin’ to see what they’re about.


  7. Fezzik is so gorgeous and fluffy! A nice calming sight. Things seem to be going from crazy to worse…very, very disturbing. Madness for sure.

    I do enjoy Mason Dixon knitting. Those two are very funny.


  8. I am also discomboomerated (?) by the news. These are troubling times. I am so worried about Daddio and having him being denied Medicaid money when he officially goes broke in two months. I have no idea how I am going to take care of him here in his condition. I can’t lift him anymore and he can’t follow directions to help. It keeps me up at nights. I am scared.


  9. Your blog is a bright spot in my day – never boring. And yes, we are a knitting community with a big heart. The news is terribly distressing and everyone is on edge. I knit and drink tea. Smile at strangers. Choose peace and don’t forget to pass the chocolate.


  10. Mr. Mysterious and his lavish tail is a great picture. I think I will steal that one and keep it for those times when I need a dose of feel good. I’ve spent my ordinary day hunting down baby patterns for myself and for Dotti during her time of quarantine. Spring will bring two new grandbabies (great-grandbabies to us) and we need to knit like the wind.


  11. Love that sweet picture of Fezzik. I so want another cat but Hubby doesn’t agree. I think I’m going to have to sign up for Mason Dixon, I would like to make some nice slipper socks.


  12. It is hard when we dont agree on pets. I have brought most of our cats home amid protest, and it is very uncomfortable. In the end Fireman loves them all, but still says our group of 4 is too large. They all seem happy to me!


  13. Your new sock looks warm and cheery and beautiful! …I have been enjoying finishing my latest preemie blanket today, and I got together with some dear folk as we shared our wonderings about God and our relationship to Him, and yet worshiped Him. Our weather was gray, but I was excited to see Mt. Hood in her glorious snowy white! xx


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