Finish Friday


HI Allison!!!!  This is Al’s Cruces cowl finish.  The pattern is on Ravelry by Hilary Smith Callis.  Al liked the colorwork and was bored with the straight stockinette portions.  In hindsight, she said she wished she had done a provisional cast on as was suggested.   Nonetheless, what a pretty cowl!  


Yesterday on the way to Phantom and back I finished my second pair of socks for 2017.  Phantom was a first class production and very good.  We had an understudy for the lead Girl and her voice was so good, I cant’ imagine why she’s the understudy.  ( all of you who say you don’t like crowds, I totally get it. I had to psych myself up for that part.  I got lucky, it was nearly sold out but no one sat next to me on one side and that made it so much better you know?)

This Pair is from Dale yarn, colorway 603. My first encounter with this yarn. While it has some poly in it, it lacked bounce.   This is a 6ply.  Can someone tell me how they ply makes the yarn behave? I dont’ get it.

I knit them (48 stitches on needle size 1) .  Let me tell you they could stand up and walk by themselves.  Which means I could have gone up a needle size, but I like a firm sock these days.  They need to be blocked.

I loved all the bright color changes.  They are a happy pair.  It was super easy to make them match and to make my sizing match based on the colors. ( Oh the toes started at the 4th aqua mark, etc etc.)

Officially, I have decided to knit 17 pairs of socks in 2017.  I will I will!!!

I’m taking Nancy’s awesome notebook suggestion and keeping a sock notebook.

Happy Friday!!






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17 thoughts on “Finish Friday”

  1. Yay for Allison’s big finish. It looks great on her.
    Even though I ply singles to make yarn all the time I have no idea about the science behind it. I l do know that more plys makes rounder yarn but that’s about it.
    I had a bad experience with Dale yarn once. The only socks I ever made that stretched out and were unusable were with Dale yarn. It wasn’t their sock yarn so it was probably all my fault. Your perfect stripes are very happy. I do love a good stripe on a sock!


  2. I just love Al’s cowl. She does beautiful work. Your socks turned out very nice too. I can’t believe how few stitches and the small needles you use. I use a size 1 1/2 or two needle and 64 stitches for my socks. I’m glad you had a good time at Phantom. And very happy you weren’t feeling crowded. Have a lovely day.
    Blessings, Betsy


  3. Yikes, there’s no way I could put a 48st sock on my foot. The beauty of hand-knit socks is that we can use any stitch count and needle size we want for custom made socks.

    Your socks are wonderful. I love lots of colors and varying stripe width when knitting with self-striping yarn.

    Al’s cowl is beautiful. I learned the hard way that a provisional cast on is the only way to go for some knits.


  4. Incredible cowl! Quite the undertaking! The socks are very fun colors and will wear well!
    (The more plies, the better the yarn will hold up and not pill because very little of each ply is exposed. ) Whatever the science, they look great!


  5. Al is beautiful and so is her cowl! Such an awesome photo of both beauties! 2 pairs of socks already? I have some serious sock envy but they are great and I love the idea of the notebook too. That Nancy is a smart cookie!


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