3 Important Words

dscf0015We have a little fresh snow in the landscape.  That’s all I got for a photo today.  I love how the only disruption of the snow is critter prints.  Fireman said he saw at least 4 different kinds of prints in the snow on his way to the mailbox.  This has been the foggiest cloudiest January I can recall.  So, I turn to my knitting for color and to my friends for a good chat. 

I really read your suggestions and I managed to keep pretty quiet at the meeting last night.  It was nice to hear others speak up.  People are so passionate about animal shelters and care.  It is a very emotional place.  I think being on the Board requires some level of removing some of the emotion from the table and looking at the direction of the shelter from a more objective place.   It has been quite a year on this Board.  I have a new appreciation for volunteer boards , that’s for sure. 

We got home late after the meeting, visiting mom and early dinner with friends.  Snow was falling and I was glad Fireman was driving.   Mom is weak and I appreciate your prayers and good wishes.   I didn’t shed as many tears this week as last.  She is so cute.  When she did open her eyes for a bit she waved at Fireman.  

On a lighter note, I have to tell you about the barrel races.  I loved watching them.  I’ll never be a cowgirl, but my friend is thinking of getting a horse, so I can get close.  Anyhow, shortly after we arrived at this venue of 60 horse and rider teams, a young girl and her horse were up.  They ran the barrels with some wildness on the horses part, but she tried to keep control.  At the end of the run, the horse threw her.  There was a gasp in the little crowd.  This brave young girl, got up and the first thing she said, was “MOM I”M GOOD” .   We all laughed and I said to fireman, “are there 3 more important words?” 

Sock knitting continues here at the new house.   




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “3 Important Words”

  1. Mom I’m Good! I love that. Yes, it’s something every mom needs to hear. Glad the meeting went well and also glad the sock knitting continues. I spend lots of time knitting these cold winter days.


  2. Fresh snow is always so pretty. Do you know what tracks were around? Glad your meeting went well. Are you going to stay on the Board now that you have moved? The barrel racing looks fun, but I think I would’ve freaked out with someone being thrown. Yikes!!


    1. I have been going back and forth from Wisconsin to Illinois for the Board meetings and our Gala meetings and events. My term ends in April/May and I’ve told the Board and Ex Director that I will not run again. My heart will stay with them but I will find a way to serve closer to my new home. The weather last night was dicey getting home and that adds to the equation. So no i wont be staying on the Board. I think that living so far from the shelter makes me inherently less involved and a Board member needs to be present often, I think. I was present twice a week before I moved. I am so blessed that our home sold so quickly. We hadn’t put it on the market when I was asked to run for and serve on the board last March/April. I give it my all , but I wont continue after I’ve served myyear.


      1. Makes sense to me! I bet they will be sorry to see you go, but I also bet they will completely understand. I’m sure you will find something to get involved with more locally.


  3. Fresh snow here, too. I saw most bird and cat tracks on the driveway this morning.

    Board meetings can be dramatic and tense: I’m glad your meeting went well.


  4. I’d love a little snow – even a nice ice storm. We’ve had nothing but grey and rain and mud for weeks now. It’s starting to feel like Canada (at least my part) travelled south for the winter, but not far enough south!


  5. We are still getting snow at 8 pm and my back is killing me. It always snows when Keith goes skiing.
    People are emotional about animals. When I was a reporter, I hated it when there were animal issues on the city council agenda — I knew the meeting would go late!
    I’m not really an animal person — don’t know how I ended up with a son in vet school! The cats do appreciate me when Keith is gone!


  6. You can have the snow. I’m mad at winter. Both of my huge and beautiful Koi fish froze to death and one of my 3 chickens died during the last freezing, iced in snow-mageddon.. 😦
    ((hugs)), Teresa


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