Pair Number Two, Sock Number One and Shutting UP

dscf0014It may seem like I’m knitting every waking moment, but I’m not.  Honestly.  Even if I was, this blog community would say bravo!  I do have another sock off the needles.  This is the Dale yarn color 603.  48 stitches cast on size 1 needles.  Top down.  The colors are very fun to watch emerge.  I’m onto the second sock.  The yarn is not particularly soft.  I get the feeling these socks would stand up on their own.  

I have a goal today.  To keep my mouth shut and be a listener.  We have a Board meeting tonight and the topic is something I have no real knowledge about.  So?  You’d think I’d be able to sit quietly and just listen, but it is not my nature.  Today, I vow to be a fantastic listener.   Hold me accountable.   I plan to be engaged as a listener.  I want to hear the opinions and try not to judge them right away.   It is not that I don’t think my opinions are valuable or I want to be meek, (that’s not even possible if you know me) it is more about growing as a listener because the topics are not something I can speak to.  I want to give the floor to others to speak passionately and honor them by listening.

Being a Board Member has been a huge learning experience for me.  It is my way of being involved in this world in a small way.  Of giving back during my retirement.   

What’s your best advice for me ladies?  




Author: compassionknit

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18 thoughts on “Pair Number Two, Sock Number One and Shutting UP”

  1. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been trying to talk less and listen more. It isn’t easy, is it? I was at a meeting last night, and the college students talked and talked and talked. I’m sure I was just as bad! Knitting helps me listen instead of talk.


  2. Pro Tip: write down what the person is saying, at least in point form. You don’t have to write everything down word for word, just key points. Note taking helps you listen better by keeping your mind from wandering; commit the information to memory better; and because your mind is engaged with your notes, it will help keep you from bursting out with your own input right away.
    It also gives you a record you can refer to later when making or explaining decisions, but that’s just an added perk.
    I’m a former journalist and I can tell you – note taking sharpened my mind and made me a MUCH better listener.


  3. Yup – taking notes would be my suggestion as well. It will keep you focused (and should prevent any sudden outbursts – lol). I do love those socks! The turquoise pop of color is great!


  4. Well.. you should have asked our opinion on the matter and we could help you! LOL! I’ve served on boards for 35 years and have LOTS of experience. I think it’s important to speak your mind during decisions – so many board members never have an opinion so it’s hard to make a decision. You’ll do fine! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. I am a terrible listener and getting worse. My mind just wanders off. Knitting patterns, soap techniques, daydreams etc. My world is so interesting I don’t have room for anything more. Good luck!


  6. You have already given yourself the best and really the only advice you need. Listen and listen hard! Then speak. Don’t hold back. Just because you are not the expert does not mean that you will not form an opinion or have a view and you will have a different view from the outside that may well be very valuable. So listen and then speak. I was told you have two ears and one mouth, use them in proportion, so don’t forget to speak after listening. You are wise, you already know this stuff, you just need reminding sometimes as we all do! Hope the meeting goes/went really well!


  7. Oh Lordy …. I cannot be giving advice on this topic. My mouth sets in gear immediately …..sometimes, much to my regret. Good luck at the meeting. I know you’ll do just fine.


  8. Great socks! Love them. I always make my socks on a size 2 needle with 64 stitches cast on. I think I’m a very tight knitter. I was also always told, “you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason”. I’ve tried to remember that but not always successfully. 🙂


  9. More good knitting, Kathy, and I will be interested to hear how you listened…and hopefully put in your two cents worth 🙂 xx


  10. I think you are on the right track: listening is always a strategic and correct choice, so have at it! As grayseasaylor said: I’m interested in how it worked for ya! Sock looks great; knit on!


  11. I think the fact you are acknowledging it’s hard to listen sometimes and not interject is a big deal. I think part of that is how you normally make yourself an active listener, you ask questions are respond in order to stay invested and engaged. Though this is good as it shows your genuine interest, I think the note taking is a great method, it also allows you the ability to have a specific follow-up or answer your own question when looking back. I am like you and have to make an effort to listen listen. I also have been working on not, “thinking outloud”.


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