First Sock Finish of 2017

dscf9968dscf9969Brought to you by Al who gave me the yarn in September.  

Here’s the info. wrap up:

Lost City Knits Pathways yarn in Summer Sunset.  Merino and nylon.

Pattern: Pin Stripes, free Ravelry (thanks Dee)

Worked on zero double points, top down and kitchenered toes. (Thanks Deb)

For those of you who wanted the knitted kitchener instructions that Deb shared and works so well for me: go to  TECHKNITTING:an easier way.

They fit like a glove.  I did not carry the pinstripes down the foot portion on the bottom.  I didn’t want to feel the slip stitches.  I’m not even sure the original pattern called for it.

Happy Saturday.  I am still overjoyed that I don’t work weekends anymore.  I’m very glad I did the awful weekend program night shifts at the end of my career.  It really makes me very appreciative of being retired.  I’m still learning how weekends work after 2 years.   Fireman and I are off to see a Barrel  Racing competition about an hour away.  Tomorrow the Packers need to win.  Those sound like weekend things don’t they? What would your weekend be incomplete without?


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

18 thoughts on “First Sock Finish of 2017”

    1. Grace, I dont know how to link here yet. It is an easy pattern. You can do it without a pattern. cast on 64, Rib a cuff as you wish. Pattern is Slip 1 Knit 7 (round 1) around and Knit all stitches round two. That’s it. 2 rows repeat. Does that help?


  1. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a sock where they carried the pattern onto the bottom of the foot. That would be pretty uncomfortable for most patterns.

    I’ve stopped doing the pattern on the instep too. I figure that part is in my shoe, so it’s really not worth the effort unless I want a really special sock.

    On some socks I’m only doing pattern on the front —– using a ribbed pattern on the back of the leg makes is easier to adjust for size.

    Your sock looks GREAT! That pattern worked well for that yarn.

    WE are going to a little cafe “over the ditch ” (i.e. beachside — you have to cross the intercoastal waterway— the ditch— to get there).


  2. I really like that pattern. You did a wonderful job with it. I never do the pattern on the bottom of the sock either because I don’t think it would be very comfortable to walk on. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us.

    Weekend things? Well, in the summer it’s camping and always church on Sunday no matter what the season is. And it also means hubby is home with me and that’s the best part of all.
    Blessings, Betsy


  3. Nice finish! No pattern of the bottom of my socks either, and like Dee, I don’t knit them on the foot of the sock either. Blisters form too easily and I do t want anything in my show that causes friction.


  4. I admire your socks, and would not want to have the ridges on the bottom of them either. We sometimes watch football on the weekends too, and usually make it to church…sometimes online rather than in person. Hope you enjoyed the barrel races. What are they like?


  5. Techknitter is my hero. She lives in Madison, you know – I’m always hoping that someday I’ll get to meet her. I use her Kitchener technique too. 🙂

    Beautiful socks! The slip stitches really make the yarn sing.


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