In Love with Vesper Yarn and Life

dscf9890This is my new yarn score.  Vesper , in I (insert heart symbol) Green .  So : I heart Green.  It was 28.00 for 400 yards.   It may be up next in sockland.

This is what I heart right now:

*I finally figured out how to make choosing paint colors for the house a no brainer.  This is probably old hat to all of you, but I’m late to the paint party.  Stick with those little paint squares in the same row and you will not be sorry. Pick one color for one room and another in that row for the hallway and they will like each other.   And don’t get me started on that Paint machine in the store.  I could watch the colors come out of it into the can all day.  It is mesmerizing.   Or It could just be winter in Wisconsin and I’m a bit starved for color.

*I heart the person who created the laser light my cats chase.  Brilliant.

*I heart Meredith’s post today. You have to go see it.

*I heart my friend Anne, who took my PINK hat for THE MARCH yesterday when we met.  I heart that she is marching in Chicago’s March on Saturday.  I heart that I could contribute.

*I heart The Weight Watcher 50th anniversary Cookbook: Chicken with Lemon caper sauce recipe.

*I heart my 18 year old Honda Civic that is still going strong.   Even up the big hill to our new house.  She rocks.

*I heart that Wisconsin weather people tell you the surface temp of the roads.

*I heart when I get a text with no name, and I figure out who it is without embarrassing myself and asking, WHO IS THIS?

*I heart that the CiRCUS is stopping.  I heart the animal crackers by nabisco with the animals on the cover though, so I hope that doesn’t stop.  It is not that I heart wild beautiful animals in cages, but it is a childhood memory thing.

*I heart when I see the fox run through the yard.  (Yesterday!  Gorgeous)

What do you love today?




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

13 thoughts on “In Love with Vesper Yarn and Life”

  1. As much as I dislike cold temperatures, snow heaped in the yard, and ice-packed streets, I love hibernating, warm and cozy inside, and knitting and sewing to my heart’s content.


  2. I echo Nancy’s exact words today. It’s so cold, snow and icy outside today that I’m loving my cozy home and my crafty distractions.


  3. Today I am loving my job (I know…crazy…but thank goodness I do – lol). I am also loving the package of yarn goodness I received from Wandering Cat in yesterday’s mail…so beautiful and soft…I will try to post a picture soon. Finally I am loving the goodness and kindness of friends.


  4. It can be overwhelming to see all of those paint samples. I looked for hours online. The girls’ rooms were easy as I let them choose what they wanted. The dining area was challenging as it flows into the living room and the foyer. I ended up with two shades of grey – dark to accent our old brick fireplace (something I had read online) & a medium grey for parallel walls. The walls that surround our kitchen on the outside I chose cayenne pepper, something based off the Hawaiian prints which were the inspiration for these areas. The foyer I will paint once the grace period of Chinese New Year has passed. I will go with a light grey and may do some striping.


  5. I ♥ having a husband that totally gets my frustration with realtors and buyers and lets me rant and rave knowing that when I’m done ………..we’ll move forward. LOL

    That Vesper yarn is very pretty!


  6. I love the sunshine and fresh air I felt today. As much as I love winter, being cooped up in the house from Sunday to Tuesday by an ice storm made me thankful to be able to walk outdoors today. Oh, and I love hot ginger tea on winter evenings.


  7. I loved hearing President Obama encouraging a peaceful transition and the need for all Americans to work for the good of all, his admission and admonition to Donald Trump that a president is dependent on teams of workers, and his assurance that we are going to be all right.


  8. I ♥ that my hibiscus bloomed
    I ♥ that Rupert comes and sits beside me on his own, almost every day
    I ♥ that I finished the second sleeve of my sweater
    I ♥ that every day gets a little longer
    I ♥ that I have so many wonderful blog friends to read about.


  9. I love that my parents are just down the road and I see them every day.
    I love that my Mom taught me to love knitting and crochet and we do it together.
    I love that my daughter-in-law came for a visit with the boys.
    I love my little Lena kitty.
    I love to be able to have a close friend that’s close and blog friends that feel close!


  10. I love that I am home and have no plans for the weekend
    I love this post
    I love knitting and reading and sometimes at the same time
    I love books
    I love thinking about eating healthy and sometimes doing it.


  11. Great post, Kathy! I love that yarn of yours; looks like you found a nice shop. It was a great day for a March, and my daughter was there along with other friends of hers and mine. We, however, were at a long ago scheduled choir workshop that lasted all day long. I love the music we are working on though (Mozart’s Requiem). And I love that my hyacinth is going to bloom one of these days.


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