More Monday Questions and Answers

dscf9902Here we go. I’m up for another Monday Q and A, but I seriously don’t think I can do another whole year of coming up with interesting questions!  Would you email me one interesting question, and I’ll make a list of YOUR questions next week on Monday?  

#1. Do you use a mannequin, prop or person for modeling your knits?

dscf9906#2. Do you know anyone who has gone through the ice?

#3. Do you wear reading glasses, bifocals, contacts?

dscf9944#4 Have you tried a new skill yet in 2017?

#5. Name a favorite President of the USA.

#6. When was the last time you were lost? (parking lots count)

#7. What yarn type is most prevalent in your stash?

#8. Since we are in an ice storm, name something you like over ice.

#9. What time did you fall asleep last night?

#10. Share a winter memory of your MOther….


My Answers:

  1. I use people props.  Al knit that hat. It’s gorgeous.  She wore it to Chicago and promptly told me its now mine.  It doesn’t fit her head.  Fits mine!
  2. I wear bifocals, with a line. thank you very much.  I’m proud of my line.  I know exactly where to look because of that wonderful line.
  3. That’s me on the ice yesterday on lake Geneva.  Personally, I know of one person’s dog that went through the ice, and survived.  Connie let her dog out and he ran onto the pond  ice in her townhouse subdivision.  She was so traumatized she had to call in sick that night.  We were just glad SHE didnt have a heart attack and the dog was pulled out by rescuers.
  4. I have tried a new skill!  That’s my toe up on the second try.  I’m hoping to master the heel today, because I’m stuck inside with the ice storm.  The heel part looks much more difficult and full of math, than the toe was.  Wish me luck.
  5. A favorite President: well Lincoln.  Such a leader.  Such a human being of dignity.  Such a difficult life his wife lead.  I also love the Carters even though Jimmy was not a very successful President.  He has lived an admirable life as a citizen extraordinaire, I think.
  6. Last time I was lost: ha! Last week.  .  I got lost going to the new vet just down the road a piece.  How I missed the building I don’t know. I was all turned around.  and Siri wasn’t helping fast enough.  I was directing Fireman who was driving and I directed us right past it without even knowing it.
  7. Easy one: SOCK YARN
  8. I love Diet Coke over ice. I also like Skim milk over ice.  (Dont judge!!! hahah)
  9. I dont’know the exact time, but after the Packers won their game and we watched the weather about a hundred times, we went to bed. I fell asleep quickly. My guess: 10:45
  10. A winter memory of my mom: My mom would put on her WHITE and I mean White winter down coat, and go out to the porch to have a cigarette a few times a day in the winter.  My mom kept that coat white for years.  She was so good at keeping things lovely.  My father refused to let her smoke in the house after his bypass surgery.  So my mom would bundle up and have her cigarette. (4 times a day, just a few puffs)   Her little moment of calm.  She tried so hard to quit smoking.  It drove her nuts that she couldn’t stop.  She didnt want people to know she smoked.  She was ashamed. I told her to go ahead and have the darn cigarette.  It was a JOY in her life. If she met someone at a party who needed to go out and have a cigarette, she was right there with them , instantly bonded.    She has since forgotten that she smoked.

Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

25 thoughts on “More Monday Questions and Answers”

  1. 1. Nope. No models of any type unless it’s my Hubby being silly. 🙂
    2. No
    3. Reading glasses. I had lasik surgery about 15 years ago. Before that I had worn glasses since I was in 3nd grade.
    4. I tried two at a time socks on magic loop and failed. I may try again though. I always go back to dpn’s.
    5. A more “recent” would be Ronald Reagan. Before that would probably be Lincoln.
    6. I don’t remember. Probably in D.C. Although I wasn’t the one driving so it technically wasn’t me lost!
    7. Baby yarn by far for all my charity knitting.
    8. Diet Coke/Pepsi or chai tea latte.
    9. A little after midnight.
    10. My Mom had a really fuzzy robe she would wear in the mornings. I loved to snuggle with her when she had that on. It was so soft and warm.

    Thanks for the questions!


  2. 1. Yes I use a mannequin and her name is Dolly. Dolly is a family member now and wears a lot of hats and coats when family is around. She is always dressed appropriately.
    2. Thankfully I have never known anyone who fell through the ice.
    3. Even though my cataract surgery was a success I still use reading glasses. My Optometrist of 25 years says it’s because we are “older”.
    4. No new knitting skills but I’m trying a lot of new things to reduce stress!
    5. My favorite President is Ronald Reagan. Each year I order a Reagan calendar so I have his words of wisdom everyday. This year the calendar is about his love affair with Nancy and his statements are all about love.
    6. We got lost last week looking for a doctor’s office. Their instructions were not very good.
    7. I am the Malabrigo queen!! I have a lot of sock yarn but worsted weight Malabrigo is my thing.
    8. Over ice–Absolut with a twist of lime.
    9. I’ve spent several nights without any sleep in the last couple weeks, but last night I was out by 10:30 and slept until 9:00 this morning.
    10. When we lived in Virginia, where I was born, I was in kindergarten. One day I missed the bus and decided to walk home even though it was snowing hard. I knew a short cut that my mom had walked with me. When I didn’t get off the bus at home, my mom start walking/running toward the school (no second cars in those days) and met me about half-way home. She had on her slippers, an apron over her dress and only a sweater, no coat. Bless her, she was frozen and too scared to be angry at me. I never did anything like that again because I never wanted to make her that unhappy.


  3. * I try to find interesting places to photograph items, but rarely snap photos of them being worn. Recently, I’ve been taking more close up photos.
    * I wear trifocals, with a line. I don’t care if the lines bother other people because they work for me. I’ve heard some of my friends say that progressive lens make them dizzy. I’ve never been dizzy with the lines – just sayin’
    * No, but ice bothers me, and I avoid walking on large bodies of water covered with ice.
    * No new skills tried or achieved yet in 2017.
    * It’s difficult to pick a favorite President, but after watching documentaries that were mostly impartial, I’d pick FDR even though he served before I was born. Looking at his struggles and the positive impact he made on history and our country, I think he truly had the welfare of the citizens and the country as his first priority.
    * I can’t remember being lost in the last year, so I’d have to say when I was in Denver, trying to find a doctor’s office.
    * Definitely sock yarn.
    * I don’t usually use ice unless I’m purchasing a fountain drink.
    * Hmm, a bit after midnight.
    * One vivid winter memory of my Mom is when she would hang laundry on the clothesline irregardless of the weather. Several hours later, she would gather the frozen clothes and finish drying them in front of the stove in the corner of the living room.


  4. #1. Do you use a mannequin, prop or person for modeling your knits? All the above. 🙂

    #2. Do you know anyone who has gone through the ice? Yes, our feral cat did recently in our pond.

    #3. Do you wear reading glasses, bifocals, contacts? Bifocals.

    #4 Have you tried a new skill yet in 2017? Learning to play the ukulele.

    #5. Name a favorite President of the USA. Barack Obama, hand’s down.

    #6. When was the last time you were lost? (parking lots count) I’m not easily lost.

    #7. What yarn type is most prevalent in your stash? Acrylic worsted and Alpaca for special things.

    #8. Since we are in an ice storm, name something you like over ice. Chocolate Milk.

    #9. What time did you fall asleep last night? 12:30 am.

    #10. Share a winter memory of your Mother. She got snowed in at our house and she made our whole Christmas dinner in our wood cookstove in the garage, turkey, dressing, the works.. AND an apple pie.


  5. Great memory of your mum; you have such a good memory.
    1. I dislike it when ppl use mannequin props or a baby doll to model their knits; it’s so creepy. Real live human beings are a must for me unless the FO is for a stuffie.
    2. Since the Bay Area doesn’t get snow, no one falls through ice.
    3. I got coke bottle glasses and contacts, one being so high it’s deemed medically necessary.
    4. Yep, afterthought heel the right way.
    5. *draws a blank* (・・。)ゞ
    6. There is this one, nearby outdoor mall in the next town over. I always get confused on where to find where I need to go. I swear my GPS doesn’t work there.
    7. Sock yarn, hee hee.
    8. Past nine thirty.
    9. After my younger brother and I were old enough to know and understand, Santa/my mum would just put our Santa gifts right by our beds. We always laughed about it.


  6. Just sending you a hug. I feel as though you might need one today.

    A question for your list of questions, hmmm. What fear have you conquered. What is your earliest memory from childhood. Real or faux flowers in your home and why. What is your favourite spicy food. Just some suggestions! I will try and do better at answering them this year.

    Here are mine for this time!

    1. I mostly hang them from some tiny hooks stuck to the wall.

    2. Thankfully no.

    3. Well, until today just long distance glasses, from when I get my new glasses varifocals. Not looking forward to them!

    4. Not yet, but there is lots of time!

    5. I don’t have one, because I don’t know enough about them!

    6. Two weeks ago, in a car park!

    7. Stylecraft special dk – left from blankets!

    8. Baileys – a drink

    9. Probably about midnight. In bed listening – but not watching – to a podcast.

    10. Coming to collect me from work and driving us home very slowly! We got there safely though and I got home from work safely so that was good!


    1. Great questions I will include next week. You guys are great, I have a few for next week already. How did you know I needed a hug today? Thanks. I got it. My sister told me my mom has stopped eating. I’ll keep you all posted if she is truly declining. Please keep her in your prayers no matter. I will see her wednesday.
      Your mom collecting you from work and driving you home safely is a dear and lovely memory!


  7. 1. I usually lay them down outside somewhere where the light is good.
    2. Not outside but we did have an old man go thru the ice at the rink, hit the concrete underneath and his head. He died. Poor old soul. 😦
    3. I wear two pairs of glasses at once. One on top of the other if I am watching tv and knitting. For real. I look ridiculous but it works for me.
    4. I’m getting ready to learn overshot weaving on the loom as soon as I finish warping.
    5. I remember crying at JFK’s inauguration because I was sad Eisenhower was leaving office. I was a weird kid.
    6. Hmmm….I never really go anywhere anymore. That’s worrisome.
    7. Sock and lace.
    8. Orange juice-strange, I know but I like it really cold.
    9. After 1.Then I get up at 4 to let the darn cat out every night and then the dog at 6. It doesn’t pay to go to sleep around here.
    10. Sleigh riding on the road in front of our house with the other neighbors at night. Parents knew how to have fun in those days. They weren’t working themselves to death to pay for stuff they really didn’t need. Pay $200 a month for cable HD TV? They wouldn’t have done it.


  8. your mom sounds like a wonderful lady. I get lost all the time. So when I am in a new place I always stay to the right or memorize where I park. If I don’t do either then it’s because my husband is with me.


  9. I enjoyed reading your responses and the story of your mom touched my heart and my memory. I’m afraid my mother would’ve had to give up her smoking – which she eventually did – no way would she have gone outside to smoke in frigid weather. She abhorred being cold!
    PS. I drink a lot of H2O over ice…


  10. Love your Mom story Kathy. Another fun group of questions (I’ll try to think of one for you). A day late, but here are my answers:
    #1. Do you use a mannequin, prop or person for modeling your knits?
    Nope. I’d love a mannequin, but I honestly don’t have the space for one.
    #2. Do you know anyone who has gone through the ice?
    Nope (thank goodness!!)
    #3. Do you wear reading glasses, bifocals, contacts?
    Bifocals (transitional). Tried contacts, but they didn’t work for me.
    #4 Have you tried a new skill yet in 2017?
    Not yet, but the year is young!
    #5. Name a favorite President of the USA.
    This is tough. In my lifetime, probably Jimmy Carter. As someone else said, he wasn’t a “Great” President, but I so admire him as a private citizen.
    #6. When was the last time you were lost? (parking lots count)
    Haven’t been recently.
    #7. What yarn type is most prevalent in your stash?
    #8. Since we are in an ice storm, name something you like over ice.
    I don’t really like ice. I’m a weird one who prefers water at room temperature…sodas (which I drink maybe 2-3 times a year) too. Even alcoholic drinks I prefer without ice.
    #9. What time did you fall asleep last night?
    About 10 p.m.
    #10. Share a winter memory of your Mother….
    My Mom always baked bread – often several times a week. I remember being out all morning sledding with friends and coming home to fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and home-made soup for lunch. Yummy!!


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