Socks and Sock Yarns : Opinions


I feel like I hit the Motherlode of sock yarns yesterday.  Under the guise of going to see LALA Land in Kenosha, (delightful movie)  I wondered aloud, if we had time to stop at Fiddlehead Yarns in Kenosha.

Their sock yarns are diverse and many of them are new to me.  So enjoy the eye candy.  I won’t show the one skein (yes One, wasn’t I Good?) I did purchase.  I Now have 7 sock yarns in my stash.  That’s right.  

I went to my old blog and my Ravelry project page, which is not nearly a complete list of my knits, and compiled a partial list of sock yarns that I have worked.  

Mountain Colors Sock yarns have colorways that just seduce me.  I do recall however, that the Sock yarn I bought years ago at the Village KnitWit in Glenview (now closed) had no nylon in it.  It was a bit hard to work it.   If there is one thing I know, I must have some nylon in my socks.  Im at the point where anything I may have in stash that has no nylon is not really sock yarn to me.  It will be a ribbed hat or a shawl but not socks.  So I don’t count them as sock stash. 

  • unnamed-3I have heard Irish Girlie Knits sock yarns are harbored in many a stash.  Someday I’ll purchase IGK and I now know where to find it locally.   Since Al gave me a beautiful skein of Wandering Wool’s Ausable Sock (merino-cashmere-nylon) in Azalea I passed on the IGK pinks.  (for now) unnamed-4
  • I fell for some Vesper with Nylon yarn.  I did not choose either of the above skeins.  It does feel a bit stiff, but a store clerk said it softens with washing……
  • unnamed-2I’m pretty sure this is Hedgehog fibers sock yarn.  Isn’t that purple glorious? I will be trying that too on a future shopping date. . 

Here is my not quite up to date, list of sock yarns I’ve worked with over the years.

Mainly I need a yarn to have some nylon and I need it not to be splitty.  I won’t tolerate knots either.  I have had issues with washable yarn felting over the years. Knitpicks to be exact.  I machine wash socks routinely and lay them out to dry.  I hesitate to buy their sock yarns again.

I currently have a dozen pairs of socks that I wear all winter long. Some of them are over 5 years old.   Several of the pairs are knitted in Lorna’s Laces. (shepard sport)  LL washes well and their colorways are lovely (even with pooling).  I wish I had knit them on smaller needles however.

Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet.  Loved it.  Needed 2 skeins for a pair.  Played yarn chicken and lost. Had to do shortie socks (anklets) and use a different toe yarn.  None the less I’d buy it again.  It is a lesser expensive sock yarn. (10 dollars per skein)

Regia: since 1949.  They know a thing or two about wear and tear.  Regia yarns wash and wear very well.  I don’t think they are the softest yarns out there, but they are hard wearing as the label says. It is also a lesser expensive sock yarn.

Socks that Rock.  I was part of the rage.  Their names and colorways in the early years just blew me away. However, ,they were bulky and I like my socks about 6-8 st /inch.

So they came up with Dream in Color Smooshy.  I used GO GO Grassy to knit up a great pair of socks last year.  Good spring to the yarn and more my gauge.

Rowan 4ply Soft knitted into a gorgeous pair of give away sock exchange socks back in 2005.  I used green, purple and blue and striped them myself.  They were exquisite. I haven’t done that again, because I’m now a sock knitting snob.  I like my socks to be one continuous strand of yarn.  I admire all of your heels and cuffs in complimentary colors but I’m afraid my joins will unjoin with wear.

Schoppel Woolle Ambiente.  Another thicker gauge yarn. I made baby socks with them.  Won’t repeat.

Frolicking Feet knitted into a gorgeous sunflower colored pair of socks.  They wear well, the gauge was good.  What’s not to like?

Cherry Tree Hill was not a yarn available to me, so I found some from a web sale. All that was available at the time was their Broad Band colorways.  The yarn was nice, the blocks of color way too weird.  I ended up with two socks that looked completely complimentary but in big goofy blocks of colors.  As in, a pair of socks containing 4 colors in 4 separate blocks.  This yarn might make a great shawl with the long long repeats of color.  Can’t fault them, it is called Broad Band for a reason.

Mirasol’s Peruvian Shade 700 were knitted into socks for Fireman. They promptly felted and are now mine.  Enough said.  I won’t buy that brand again.

Koigu: yes it can be used for socks and it washes very well.  Pricey.

Berroco Sox still come in great self-patterning colorways.  Berroco knows what they are doing.  I have a skein in my stash awaiting the knit up.  I have knitted with them before.

Ty-Dy Socks. I currently have two different colorways in my statsh.   Dee mentioned she had some odd pooling with hers recently.  Now, I’m a bit nervous.  I have two skeins in my stash of 7.  Remember I only  have 7 in my stash.

Rowan fine art is also in my stash.  It is merino, mohair, poly and silk.  It feels divine. I scored a thirty dollar skein for 30% off during a sale.  Although it feels divine, I’m going to rib the entire sock I make with it, as it feels like it won’t want to stand up.

Finally I have a skein of Cascade Heritage Paints, merino and nylon.  The colorway is very dark.   I will definitely have to jazz it up with a pattern.

Uncle Bill’s socks were Online Supersock with Aloe Vera and I loved the colorway. He did too.    I’d purchase that again.  The aloe vera was not really detectable to my hands, but I recall the yarn feeling pleasant.

That’s a partial summary.

I have changed my sock life to include double points in 0, 1, 2’s .  I love the way the yarns knit up on 0’s.  It can be tough to find the needles in 8 inch. But I did yesterday!  I found Knitters Pride in Karbonz in 8 inch.  Wahoo.

Normally I knit on wooden double points.  I can knit socks on circs, but I find the adjusting fiddly.  I like to knit side by side socks on double points for perfection in matching.

I still fight with Kitchener.  I sometimes turn the sock inside out and do a three needle bind off. Sometimes I do a round toe and I pull the final stitches through like a hat top.

I am also going to TRY a toe up sock this weekend.  Wish me luck.

Any thoughts on your sock yarns?  What have you loved?  Any yarns that haven’t met your standards?  I’d love to know!

Sock yarns…. They make me so happy.




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28 thoughts on “Socks and Sock Yarns : Opinions”

  1. Wow, you might just be the sockiest person I know! So much info! I’m knitting my pink “p” word hat and knitting is so hard for me! My left ring finger knuckle aches terribly when I am purling, I have a huge knot on that one.. I accidentally knitted when I was supposed to be purling and had to take out like 8 rows and try to put it back on the needle and when I started purling that row each loop had been put on the needle backwards.. oy vey. So I admire knitters. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  2. I will have to remember to come back to this post before I buy more sock yarn. Since I have only completed 3 pair I do not have much experience. I think my favorite pair was made out of Regia. My dear friend Clare in CA coached me through that pair, and I really do want to knit so many more pair that I can wear on a daily basis, but I am easily sidetracked I guess. It would be great to knit with you, Kathy b, but I am glad that since that is unlikely we can still share knitting via our computers!
    Good for you going snowshoeing! That has got to be fabulous exercise. When I went out to tromp in the snow I wore my walking shoes that have a good tread and I felt really stable in them…especially using the walking stick my sisters gave me. I wonder if you will get more snow with the latest storm crossing the country…it looked like it might be tracking south of you.
    Happy knitting, [and snowshoeing when you get to go] ! 🤗☃️


  3. I love all the yarn but am no longer a sock knitter. I am in flip flops as I write this. Have you tried the Zunderball? I think that is how you spell it. Love your passion my friend.


  4. So many sock yarns and so little time. I am with you, nylon is a must. I can attest to Opal sock yarn and Sweet Georgia Tough Love yarn for great wear. I knit a pair in Lorna’s Laces and another in Irish Girlie Knits and so far so good. I also like the new Madelinetosh Twist sock yarn. I bought one skein of Hedgehog Fibers this past year. The yarn was embroidery floss thin and split like crazy, however that is just one skein. It might just have been a bad skein.
    anywho – back to knitting.


  5. That’s a great list and you are spot on with your critiques. I also am a big fan of Regia and had the same issue with Knit Picks. I never put any socks in the machine anymore even if they say you can. I also found Socks that Rock bulky. I did love my Miss Babs that I got this year but some of my favorite socks were made with Valerie’s Wandering Cat yarn. I don’t know where her base comes from but it’s just about perfect for me.


  6. My all-time favorite sock yarns are: Regia, Zauberball, Patons Kroy, Opal, Trekking, Heart & Sole by Red Heart. Some least favorites are: Lorna’s Laces (it pills and blooms like crazy), Poste (tends to felt), Online (too many knots in the skeins I’ve knit).


  7. That’s quite an education for us non-sock knitters…and the yarns are lovely. Looks like you are set for a while. Enjoy! Look forward to seeing the new socks.


  8. I just did the same thing with my “sock” stash. Some of the yarns are just too soft to make good, hard wearing socks that stay UP!

    The only yarn I really hated because it bled like crazy was a Regia World Ball. Both the red/white/green and the red/white/blue had problems with the red bleeding. I am guessing that is why the yarn is discontinued. However, those socks did WEAR well. Sure……………..the ugly ones will NEVER die.


  9. WOW! So much information and I thank you for it. Seriously I do. Since I love to knit socks I was looking for a good “go to” yarn. I thought I had found it in Knit Picks…but have only been using it about 6-8 months so I don’t know how hard wearing it is. All of the kids have them now and Dennis has several pair. So far, so good. We all machine wash them and, *gasp* I’ve even thrown them in the dryer a few times by accident. So far so good. Did it have 20% nylon when you used it like it does now? I was going to order more next week but maybe I’ll question the kids somemore about how their socks are holding up.
    I also want to try Regia sock yarn but need to investigate where I buy it yet. I know I’ll be coming back to this post often for reference. Thanks again.


  10. You have some great yarns and will then have some great socks! I look forward to reading more about your sock knitting as the year goes on because I am just starting sock knitting too! A great round up of yarns, as a beginner, I am glad to hear that Regia is good yarn, what do you think of Opal? Happy knitting!


  11. I once bought a sock yarn at a very large fiber festival. It was a beautiful yellow color. I knit socks from it, wore them once, and they developed a hole. It was in the foot area. So, I ripped back that sock, and reknit the foot. I wore them the second time, and a hole developed in the heel. I decided to cut my losses in frustration and throw them out. I don’t remember the vendor name, certainly not one you hear of often, but there was something about a cat in the name. I’ve been avoiding any yarn with a cat themed name ever since!

    I am a HUGE fan of the workhorse sock yarns. Opal, Regia, Trekking, cascade’s sock yarn offerings. I just feel like they knit up quickly and wear so long. Plus, many of them have large yardage put ups, which means I can actually get a pair out of one skein for larger feet men in my life.

    And if I am going for high end, large put up workhorse sock yarn, I go for wollmeise. It wears like steel in such beautifully saturated colors.


    1. I feel like Trekking had such amazing colorways. I think I should give it another try. I recall trying it and it was a problem but I dont recall the exact issue. Maybe I should try it again. I was disappointed as others trekking socks were awesome. It was years ago, so I will trust you and try again!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Oh such gorgeous yarns you have shown! I’ve used a lot of KnitPicks with no problems. Wash them in the machine and Colin has even thrown his in the dryer! The only one I didn’t like was the recent brown. I’ve also knit some with Regia and liked that a lot. I have a whole lot from independent spinners and dyers…bought on vacation or at festivals. And, waiting for my yarn from Wandering Cat!!


  13. Love reading about your sock yarn adventures. I insist on some nylon content. Without it, the heels just dissolve!

    My favorite sock yarn in XXL Trekking. Unbelievably durable. But I’ve knit with many different brands. Opal is another one that scores high on durability and I love the self-patterns.

    Let me solve your Kitchner struggles:
    Makes Kitchner a breeze!


    1. IT WORKED IT WORKED YOU ARE THE BEST . My TOE Worries are over!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooo much. Once I understood I’d be knitting and purling I relaxed and it took time but I did it. THANK YOU!!!


  14. Only 7? LOL I’m sure with you on the nylon. My fingering yarn that doesn’t have it is destined for the shawl pile. Have you tried the STR light? I love the STR colors; Lorna’s colors, too. I will have to try that new kitchener! Then there’s Judy’s (for sure not me)magic cast on. Toe up socks and I do not get along, but good luck!


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