For the Birds and Socks

dscf9881We all have our favorites, and Fireman loves the goldfinches.   They require a special seed around here if you want to attract them to your yard.  This is their winter color hue.  They actually become bright yellow/gold in summer and the change is noticeable. 

dscf9876Some of you love the cardinals.  I’ve said it before, (oops trying not to bore you!) but they are a really brilliant red up here in Wisconsin.   Maybe it is just that the landscape is so much less crowded and dense.  The woods make a great backdrop for these splashes of color in the form of birds.   

Can I just tell you how hard it is to get their photos?  They move so fast.  They sit still for very short periods of time.  If it weren’t for my zoom lens, (ah,  Fuji finepix S refurbished I love thee) I wouldn’t get these close ups. 

dscf9889Finally this Friday the 13th, I give you my only sock book.   I think I have only worked ONE of the patterns in this book .   There are no charts.  

I think I bought this when sock knitting was very new to me.  I am going to try a different toe shaping technique on my current pair in progress.  She offers 5 toe shapings: a round toe, a French toe, a Pointed toe, a Star of four points toe, a flat toe and a wide toe.  

The wide toe instructions say to end with a three needle bind off.   The flat toe is the only one that mentions the dreaded Kitchener stitch.  So Here’s to a new toe.  Time for an old sock knitter to learn a new trick. 

Happy Friday the 13th !  May you encounter the best of luck and have a great day.  We are off to see Lala Land and ahem, stop at a knit store in the area of the theatre.  I need to feel some Spun Right Round sock yarn , some Vesper and some Kismet before I indulge in a January pick me up purchase.  



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “For the Birds and Socks”

  1. A January pick-me-up purchase sounds perfect!! Let us know how you like Lala land…and which toe you learn to do.

    We seem to have the same bir4ds here in Eastern PA that you have out there in WI. The cardinals are gorgeous against snow. We put out thistle seed for all the finches, but they all (gold, purple) will eat anything and everything! I love the chickadees and the juncos.


    1. So that’s where our state bird went, your new yard! Would you believe we’ve never seen one in our yard? No cardinals in this part of the world sadly. I love them, too. Hope you find some fun new yarn. I’ve sworn to shop the stash this year; so far, so good.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your Cardinal with me. It’s one of my tragedies of life that there are no Cardinals in Oregon. It’s just not fair. I love them so. I want to see LaLa Land too.. can’t wait to see what yarn you find. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. I love the cardinals too – but I agree – they are very skittish! i love that the female cardinals are almost a gold colour too.
    I don’t get gold finches, but occasionally I get a little red-headed finch or two.
    Mostly we get blue jays, cardinals, juncos and sparrows. I’ve had the odd woodpecker, and the chickadees have started showing up this week.


  4. Ooh, do be verbal about how it was trying out a new toe. I used to only knit the wedge toe and now I love the rounded toe for my chicken feet. I used to be iffy about Kitchener but now I’m totally fine w/it. I found this video tutorial where you skip the set up and just start the Kitchener process and when you get down to the last two stitches, slip them off and DPN’s, tug the yarn snug, and weave it on the inside. Having “donkey ears” was what made me iffy about that technique. Now my toes are good-lookin’.


  5. Beautiful bird pictures. All the birds around us in the wintertime are kind of a dingy brown or black so yours are absolutely gorgeous to me. I’m curious to see what your new toes look… like he sure and let us know how the process goes. I don’t mind the Kitchener now that I figured it out. Have fun with the January pick me up purchase.


  6. My husband and is family are obsessed with hummingbirds, so we have feeders for them. Now I want a goldfinch feeder, too.
    I’ve checked that book out from the library, but haven’t ever knit from it. As I remember, the patterns were more complicated than I wanted.


  7. I love the Cardinals and Goldfinches but my favorites are the Chickadees. I’ve always wanted to try different sock toes but I end up sticking to my old tapered toe. It is easy and it fits.


  8. Occasionally, a cardinal sits still long enough to take a quick pic. I also like thosse goldfinches…we have a couple feral cats in the neighbrhood…afraid a bird feeder wouldn’t last long…


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