Allison’s Islas Cruces Cowl



Allison has been knitting the Islas Cruces Cowl in Malabrigo Rios.  I love her crosses.  They really pop against the white Yarn.  I’ll have to remind her to use a color catcher when she washes it.  Verdict: She is quite bored with it and ready to be done.   

Santa brought her the Purl Soho Embroidery starter kit and she is motivated to learn.  Oklahoma is expecting an ice storm this weekend and she can stay in and play with strings in a new way.  

We had an ice storm yesterday so we had to cut our visit to our old neighborhood short yesterday.  This meant missing a visit with Mom.  Mom would be the FIRST to say to get out of that weather and get home.  She was the quintessential worrier.  The ultimate mom.   

This is the time of year I catch up on Movies and some books.  We watched Sully the other day.  What a great movie.  Not for the flying faint of heart.  I nearly needed a xanax just watching it.  What a great person they depict in Sully.  A humble hero.  

I also read and skimmed through COCKTAIL HOUR UNDER THE TREE OF FORGETFULNESS, by Alexandra Fuller.   It is a family story that is written with wit.  I do not know Africa well or Scotland, so I think that those who do would enjoy the book more than I.  

Have you seen a good movie?  Read a good book?  Blog pals are full of good recommendations, I think.  Share the love!


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15 thoughts on “Allison’s Islas Cruces Cowl”

  1. Neither in this case. Although I did purchase two new books on Vera’s recommendation — In the Footsteps of Sheep and The Year of Living Danishly.

    I’m currently reading My Southern Journey by Rick Bragg. It’s good, but not great.

    Alison’s scarf is gorgeous. I love the shading on the dark color. You are right. It really POPS against the cream.


  2. Love the cowl, but I can see why Al might be bored with it by now.

    It is 60 here today!! Folks running around in tee shirts and no jackets. And I received an e-mail from our (work) travel agent warning of a “weather advisory” for the mid-Atlantic from Friday thru Sunday. This up and down weather is making me CRAZY!!

    I recently finished “A Gentleman in Moscow” and liked it a lot. There were parts that dragged for me, but I enjoyed it. Am waiting for a bunch to come my way on my Kindle from the library, so for now am sticking with the Danish book and looking (skimming) the Sheep book that Dee mentioned. It is beautiful!!


  3. Al’s cowl is lovely, and I understand how the endless stockinette gets boring.

    I recently read The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower. Amusing in spots and heart-breaking in others.


  4. The cowl is lovely, looks like a lot of work though, am not surprised Al has had enough of it. Have just read Summer’s Child by Dianne Chamberlain which I enjoyed and Stilltsville by Susanna Daniel which I couldn’t forget once I’d finished. I’m currently trying to get into The Light Between Oceans but am struggling a bit with it. Two quirky films we have recently watched are ‘The young and prodigious T.S. Spivet’ which was poignant and sweet and well worth a watch and ‘Safety not guaranteed’ which was quite good. Fiona x


  5. Al’s cowl is beautiful and looks like it will be finished very soon. Can’t wait to see the photos of the finished product. Bill and I recently watched Sully for the first time. We both loved the film but a few things in it made the pilot in Bill groan and mumble. When I would ask why he was mumbling he would say, “It’s nothing.” He didn’t want to ruin a minute of it for me. Still, he thought it was well done.
    I am currently reading I Tried Until I Almost Died by Sandra McCollom. For some strange reason I have been having anxiety attacks for the last few weeks. The book is a Christian approach to panic and anxiety and very well written–and helpful!! My doctor said, “Mm-hm, I’ve always told you that you have OCD and the two often go together.” Very funny! That’s what I get for going to the same doctor for 30 years.


  6. That is a great scarf! The crosses just pop against the white. Mandy bought Dennis the Sully movie for his birthday on Monday but since he had to leave on a business trip we haven’t watched it yet. A friend of ours went to flight school with Sully and said he was a great guy even back then. Say safe.


  7. Allison’s cowl is lovely. I am reading The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster by Scot Wilbanks on my kindle. It is turning out to be a fun and interesting read.


  8. Love that cowl! Hope she finishes it in time to use it to keep warm. I just finished The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett, great story with lots of twists and turns.


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