My First Hat Finish of 2017

dscf9872My first hat is finished for 2017.  It will be a part of the Womens’ March on The National Mall of 1/21.  It will be donated and given to warm a marcher and  to show solidarity for womens’rights.  I know some of you expressed that you don’t like the name of the pattern.  I appreciate your honesty .   I do.  I wanted to be a small part of the March.  My friend Anne is going and she will choose/find a recipient for my knit hat. 

I used leftover Zara for the ribbing.  I found some Shi Bui sockyarn  in nearly the same color for the stockinette portion.  So I doubled the yarn and the gauge matched up to the zara weight. (almost. ) It was really really close.  Hey, it worked.  By the way, the red is really more fuschia in real life.  I dont’ know why reds misbehave so in photos.  Way to go Kathy b, using up leftover stash! 

I had a surprise when I awoke this morning.  I had a silicone ear plug stuck to my hair.  My first try at earplugs: epic fail.  Im trying to grow out my hair, not chop it into pieces.  I don’t really  NEED the earplugs.  I’ve just been awakened this week by the neighbor’s dog Harley misbehaving.   It is just such perfect sleep in weather….cold, windy, snowy, slush…January! Harley’s waking me up. 

Harley does not usually cause a ruckus.  I think he’s just stir crazy.  He’s wearing the cone  of shame to, I notice with binoculars….I’m one of those country neighbors!

Thank you Fireman for carefully combing the silicone out of my hair while you had your coffee this morning.   We didnt’ have to cut it!  If we did I’ may have had to keep that new hat….and I would much rather it be donated to a Marcher!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “My First Hat Finish of 2017”

  1. Wow! You are just finishing up projects and using up stash like crazy!! Way to go. Your hat does look great (even though I am one of those who do not like the name, etc.). What’s next???


  2. Oh it looks lovely! Someone will appreciate your efforts big-time. 🙂

    The earplug story is funny – especially since it had a happy ending …


  3. Love that hat, and your contribution to such an important event!! I’m not crazy about the name of the hat either, but I’m not offended by it. Maybe we need to start calling it the pussycat hat.


  4. Bravo on your quick finish! Now.. it was “him” who brought that name for a woman’s genitalia out into the mainstream when we all heard him say “if you’re famous you can grab women by the “pussy” and they let you do it.” So, the importance of so many women wearing this hat is reference to what he said. Most women ARE offended by this name used for what he intended.. I think that’s why they are calling it that. Kind of like a way to rebuke the use of that name. At least that’s how I take it. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  5. Adorable. I’d love that hat pattern even if it weren’t a snarky nod to the orange one that may not be named. Both of our new neighbors at the top of the hill put up giant fences and let loose big noisy dogs that bark all day. Worse still one of them spent my beautiful snow day running a snow blower full tilt. I swept off our long driveway long before he was done his postage stamp sized one. What good is snow if you can’t hear it falling? Jeesh, I was ticked off.


  6. I would say I hate the name, but that is the point. When it was used so cavalierly by our president elect it took on a new form, a new meaning. And frankly a hat called the pink hat, or cat hat would not have the same effect. It is a name to draw attention to women and how they have and will be treated. I love your hat Kathy B and I thank you for standing beside me and making it.

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  7. I like the hat finish. No comment on the politics
    I wear the .small soft earbuds all night every night-it stops all kinds of noise from interfering with my sleep!
    Sorry you had a bad adventure but didn’t have to cut the hair!
    (I am growing out mine-well, I’m trying but it is a misery when you hit this in between stage!
    I might not make it!)


  8. Your hat finish is very nice and I’m sorry about the earplug incident. I’ve only worn your plugs once and they were the Styrofoam kind so I never had to deal with that issue. How nice of firemen to help you out. :-). I’ve been debating cutting my hair but so many people are growing theirs out, I’m afraid I’ll cut it and regret it.
    Blessings, Betsy


  9. The trick to earplugs is to lightly dampen your ear canal with a little bit of water. It lets the earplug settle into place a little bit better and less likely to slip back out.

    Barking dogs drive me CRAZY!!! That is part of the reason that we were so interested in selling our house. The neighbor had two pit bull mixes that barked incessantly.


  10. I made that style hat for Ellie last Christmas (or maybe two Christmasses ago – it still fits). The ears tickle me. And good job, friend Anne! I’ll be thinking about you, too.


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