A Case of the Pinks

unnamed.jpgThis isn’t even all my pinks.  I have another from Al.   Clearly I need COLOR right now.  I am a few nights away from finishing my shawlette.  So, my thoughts are turned to what next???

This is not the Hygge way.  I am supposed to be content in the now.  But it is zero degrees out. I don’t want to step out the door and I probably won’t.  Is  hibernation part of Hygge?  For those of you unfamiliar: Hygge is the new trend in an old Danish way.  It is all about simplicity and appreciation of right now.  It is about hunkering down in the dark of winter with a warm cup of something and enjoying the people and pets around you.   I do the hunker part fine, it is the Being present part that is so tough for me.  It is a good problem to have. .

Yesterday I organized my double points.  I have 20 sets of double points.  Most of them are wooden.  Some were tossed.  If they were incomplete sets or the points were splitting or snaggy, out they went.  So I have 20 sets After the culling.  Of those 20 sets I probably use 5 sets most.  The zeros, ones, twos and threes get used most often for socks of course.  The 7s and 9s get used for hat decreases when you switch to double points for the small part on the top of the hat.  

Do you you know you hybernate? Do you Hygge? Do you know your needle count?   What’s your collection like? 






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23 thoughts on “A Case of the Pinks”

  1. I’ve been reading about Hygge (or HOO-gah as I say out loud to myself to stop calling it HIG-ee) but it doesn’t account for snow/ice storms or the effort it takes to get just the yarn you want for just the project you want. Indeed, knowing what you want to be able to do and having the ability to do it seems sort of Hygge-ish to me. You can’t live in the moment if you are worried you don’t have enough pink yarn.

    I am guessing, though, I’d fail my Hygge qualification exam.


  2. I have that book to read (Year of Living Danishly) but haven’t started it yet. My Grandfather was from Denmark. We did have a tiny amount (2-3″) of snow last night. It was beautiful driving into work today and I was happy to be on the road just to see the scenery (even if a snow day would have been awesome!!). So, I guess that is a kind of Hygge. Maybe I’ll look at my needles this weekend…I should weed some out. I have old ones from my mom and my aunt that I have held on to for sentimental reasons…but if I don’t use them, they need to go!!


  3. You’ll have to let me know how you make out with that pink one at the bottom (The Ty-Dy). I had a hard time finding a good pattern for that one. I think it will end up being a Swirl Baby Hat.

    I DO know how many needles I have. My needle collection (comparatively) is pretty small. Mostly I have 2.5 double points. I use those the most. I have a set of 1s and 2s and some of the larger ones for hats. I have them all organized by size in a small box. I don’t hibernate, unless it gets below 70. LOL


  4. I love the pinks! I tend to get fixated on a color for awhile, and my knitting and spinning will reflect that, as will my clothing choices and yarn/fiber purchases. I am currently stuck on orange, but I am hoping it’s a quick phase.

    I don’t know how many needles I have. I bought so many when I started knitting seriously 10 or so years ago. But, what I do know is that they are all failing around the same time. Meaning, right now it’s common for me to be knitting along and have my needles break in some fashion. I really just think it’s because 10 years of hard use is a lot to ask for any tool really. I am trying not to purchase more unless I TRULY have none of a certain size or type left.


  5. Oh, I hibernate better than anyone I know. In fact, the thought just came to me that gray days energize me much, much more than sunny ones ever do. Part is my being an introvert, part is being a depressive, part is being plain old odd!

    I don’t know how many needles I have. Like you, though, the DPNs were culled through a while back. Since I never use them, I only kept ones that were my mother’s or my grandmother’s, or ones that were pretty. The rest were donated.


  6. As it turns out, I just counted my needles because I gave my duplicates to our Dotti. She is going into the hospital on the 27th for a bone marrow transplant to hopefully put her lymphoma into lasting remission. (Prayers requested!) She will be quarantined for weeks and wants to knit for our new g-grandbaby. The duplicate split left me with 18 sets of mostly wood double points and 23 circular needles of varying lengths and sizes. I’ve decided I need to knit even more than I do in order to use all of those needles. That’s my excuse for increased knitting time and I’m sticking to it!!


    1. Prayers for Dotti of course!!!! Remind me around the 27th for extra prayers dear Katherine. Smart to want to knit while quaranteened! Thank goodness for the email and facebook so she can stay connected!


  7. I love winter and feeling guilt free when I just want to hang out at home all day. My idea of a good day is one where I don’t have to get in a car.
    I love your pinks. I’m still waiting for winter here so I am not color deprived yet. I need some white. I’ll even take the gray.


  8. Baby, it’s COLD outside (only -5F now, probably today’s high: last night is was -45F windchill) and YES, I am hibernating and knitting. Limiting my time outside as much as I can. I’ve been cleaning and cooking: making freezer meals, the irony of that does not escape me.


  9. Wow! Love your pinks. I don’t know exactly my needle count, but I use my #2 dpn’s most often for socks. I have interchangeable Hiya Hiya’s and Knit Picks, so I can usually make about anything I need from those. I have the Knit-Picks harmony dpn set and really like them. I do use 7’s and 8 dpn’s a lot for hat decrease etc. I think I have been experiencing Hygge without even knowing it!


  10. Oh boy, I want to hibernate; it’s damn cold in the morning. I do have my needles accounted for on Ravelry. I will be giving my bamboo circulars away since I have my new interchangeables set.


  11. Love those pinks, Kathy. The bottom one is a great candidate for Jaywalker, I think. I’ve been hibernating thanks to a cold, courtesy of the GK. Don’t know how many needles are lurking in this house, but it’s quite a few of all sizes and types. Some day I might get organized?


  12. I think it’s neat that you get the pink your mind wants you to have. Follow your muse! I only have one set of dpns.. they are special though. They are hand-made bronze in size #1 and there are 5 of them. And I have yet to knit a pair of socks on them. I bought the yarn and have it in a bag with the needles.. but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. And I only got that far because of you. And Lucy. And Betsy. And Kris. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  13. I have no idea how many needles I have – quite a few. Most are in a basket but a few old metal – colored ones from my Gram are in a pitcher near my desk. Since retiring, I am thrilled that I can make a choice to go out on a bitterly cold day or stay in with projects/cooking/housework/books . . . knitting and tea. When the temperature is below 10 degrees or the sidewalks too icy, I give up my outdoor walk and roll out the yoga mat instead. Stay warm with all those pinks.


  14. So glad you are in the pink, Kathy b. I like the concept of Hygge, and aim for simplicity and appreciating the moment, but I never call it Hygge because I keep forgetting how to properly pronounce it…sigh As for my needle count, I have 8 or 9 Knit Pick wooden interchangable circulars, 2 circular steel sets that I need to give to someone who will appreciate their slipperiness, and I have 4 sets of bamboo DPN sizes 21/2 and 3 for the 3pairs of socks I completed thus far. I have seven sets of bamboo or wooden needles sizes 81/2 and 10 and I have one very special faux turtleshell needle and am still looking for its mate…can’t bear to part with the one because the set was a special gift. I am rather hoping to hibernate this weekend while we get a little more snow and ice 🤗 Happy knitting!


  15. Hi ! Not Hygge-ing yet but I think I have a couple new books coming from Amazon in the next couple days…they are just being published…since I so seldom knit, haven’t any idea of my needle inventory…one day. Loved your pink selection.


  16. I love to clean out in January! I am pretty organized already but there is always room for a go-through so you at least remember what you have with fresh ideas! I like the range of pinks you have here!


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