Shawlette Progress

unnamedI cannot even tell you how gray it is outside, oh and foggy, oh and damp.  So I just might have some extra coffee today.   Phooey on all those studies, because one day coffee is the key to whole body health and the next day it is toxic.   I’ll choose my studies carefully so they match my whims.  

I know I told you I’m knitting a shawl.   When Santa brought the Knit Picks Chroma in these joyful colors, I had to cast on.  This is 28’s Big Sister 77 – shawlette.  So nice of Lynne Ashton to publish her free pattern in 2010 on Ravelry.  Thanks Lynne.  

I usually cave mid-shawl.  This time, I’m chugging along happily as we approach row 48.  We went from a baby count of cast on 130, to the current line up of 514 stitches.  I can’t wait for my 4 pm needle time.  

I remind myself today, that some of my most productive knitting gets done in Januarys .   Are you more productive with your crafts in certain months?   Go ahead gray gloomy days, I’ve got my Gorgeous colorful yarn and a good pattern to boot, just try and bring me down.  My bloggy pals have taught me to embrace your kind and they are a wise and wonderful lot.  

(Kim at is having a great easy contest yarny giveaway.  Head over and leave a comment.  If you win you’ll thank me! )


Author: compassionknit

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16 thoughts on “Shawlette Progress”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…I am definitely going to cast this one on and I know just what yarn I want to use for it. This is an awesome pattern.

    I think I stitch about the same amount no matter what month it is. I’m ALWAYS knitting and stitching!


  2. Sounds like the perfect day to sit and knit. I love the yarn you are using, just my colours, can’t wait to see it finished. Fiona x


  3. Gray days are ideal for knitting. I find I have great enthusiasm for crafting in the few weeks following Christmas. I have no idea why.

    Thanks for the contest plug!


  4. It is really wet and gloomy here too. I’ve been taking advantage of the down time with lots of projects. So much, in fact, my hands are hurting today.
    The shawl is lovely. Perfect for these short days.


  5. Gorgeous colors!! Your shawl is going to be so beautiful! I’m working with more sedate colors–not like me at all. I hope I don’t get bored with the royal blue and baby blue before I finish the garter stitch vest. I love the vest but I wish I had made it in brighter colors.


  6. Shawlette is looking great. It’s grey and foggy and rainy here too. I was really disappointed because I was up early enough to see the sunrise… but no such luck. The world just became a lighter shade of grey.


  7. That is so pretty. The colors and the pattern look like they’re perfect for each other. I knit/crochet about the same amount no matter the month or season. It keeps me sane. So cold, cold, cold here. Below zero cold.


  8. Love the colors of this shawl: whoever gifted you the yarn selected a good one!

    It’s bitter cold and dreary here today – predicted high is 8F. I can’t complain because that’s a heat wave compare to the last week of subzero temps.

    Yes, I do tend to knit more in January and February because I like to hibernate a bit. I don’t like getting out in the cold. I knit year round, but those two months are my most productive.


  9. Yes, it was a gray day here! And now it’s getting cold. Perfect day for knitting with such beautiful colors! I knit a shawl from that family in worsted weight — great pattern!
    I knit more when I’m not working! Travel is often a good knitting time for me.


  10. Great colors, and a fun pattern, but 514 stitches is a LOT! For once we have blue skies, but then we pay big time. It’s COLD! The poor rhodies have curled up their leaves, and there will be lots of pruning here come spring. Yeah, I know, it’s only in the twenties, but that’s unusual, the first time for so long since 2008. Happy Knitting, Kathy.


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