Monday Memory

Happy New Year Bloggy friends.  I’m so glad you visit.  Here’s to some laughs as we go along together for yet another year.  

We visited the Lake at noon yesterday to watch the local polar plunge.   This is an unsponsored, just for fun, and only for the crazy to participate, event in Williams Bay.  Some came in their superhero suits to participate.  One man clearly took his wife’s floral robe to keep him warm until the plunge.  One woman came in a fur to watch.  

Of course, I had to ask one person, ‘Why?
This dude totally, like, totally said, 

THIS IS LIFE!  This is what its all about!”  How refreshing actually.  He answered the meaning of life question….

Rest assured dear reader, it was cold despite the fact that there was no ice on the Lake.  The wind was blowing in these brave ones faces and the water was cold.  Very cold.  The event lasted all of a minute and a half.  This surprised me for some reason.  Well, of course, Kathy, no one was staying out there! 


#2  Here’s to Mary turning 90 last week.  Thanks for all your suggestions.  I got her some soap that I love.  One of those fancy face cream soaps.  As long as I can keep knitting and have my family by my side, I’d like to see 90!  I am so inspired by John Glenn going into space at 75.  Jimmy And Rosalyn Carter doing amazing work in their post career lives.   unnamed-3

fullsizerender__4__small_best_fit #3 Meredith tempted me with these Ying Yang Kitty Socks that she found on Ravelry.   I just may have to in 2017.  

#4 I’ve run out of question lists.  I’m going to change it up here on Monday’s but I’m not sure exactly how yet.  I’ve been thinking and thinking.  I May declare a Monday MOMENT, in which I pick a moment from the week before to mention. Will it involve the craft by which we honor our time and our hearts?  I hope so. It may be a Meatless Monday Recipe.  Just not sure yet.  But for today:

This moment is brought to you by Fireman.  On any given day Fireman will bring up a memory from his Fireman career life.  Yesterday, something triggered, pun intended, him telling me a story of a man who shot his finger off.  

Said man, was half laughing as the fireman/medics arrived.  “My  wife is going to kill me,” he said.  We just had a baby and she told me to get that gun out of the house.   I sold it.  Someone’s coming to pick it up this morning.  While I was cleaning it ….it went off.  ” and off went  his finger.  Fireman looked at it and said, ‘Yep, that’s not coming back”  He was more upset that his wife was right and he’d never live this down, than he was upset about his finger. 

This brought up another finger story in Fireman’s career.  The local historic Farm in town, had two large draft horses.  A woman was visiting with her grands and was not watching herself, when a draft horse bit her finger off.  The fireman immediately renamed him Chompy. 

Which brought us to a few firemen we know who have also lost a finger to a lawn mower blade and the like. 

As I said, earlier I’d like to enjoy knitting on this Earth for a long time to come.  We seriously addicted knitters, would not think of cleaning  a gun or lawn mower or offer our precious hand to a horse.  If I go without knitting for more than a day, I twitch.   I’ve had the horror of having to rest my arms/hands and it wasn’t good for me or for my family!  I. Must. Knit.  

So for this Monday, I’ll be very thankful my fingers, my tools, are all ready to work on my shawl later today.  How’s that for a memory? Got one to share? 



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27 thoughts on “Monday Memory”

  1. Oh how awful to lose a finger. On the other hand I think I could knit ok with a finger missing. But when I was having carpal tunnel I couldn’t knit at all. Thank goodness the surgery worked.

    Thanks for being here and I know you’ll think of something good for Mondays. I will miss the questions though. Maybe you could do questions once a month??


  2. My father lost half of an index finger to a fan blade in his car. He was having car trouble on the way back home from a horse show, and thought he’d see if he could fix it himself. He always kidded around with Briton and Hannah about only being able to count to 9 and 1/2.


  3. I also twitch if i miss a day of playing with fiber. It’s what helps in keeping me, me. lol. Even if I lost a finger, I would figure a way to knit/crochet. Lovely photo of a lovely 90 year old Mary.


  4. My uncle lost half a finger in a windmill on the farm when he was young, he actually had fun with his “stub” his whole life. He’d ask a child to count his fingers and he’d flip them up one by one until they got to the stub and they’d usually freak out. I know I did. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. I ran a sewing machine needle through my left index finger–I mean all the way through the nail, the bottom of the finger and back up. I screamed and cried and was just generally a big baby about it. I never sit down to sew that I don’t think about that. It reminds me to keep my fingers well away from the needle. Monday memories, I love it!!


  6. Oh my! That looks COLD! And the story of the gun, my thought is that he was very lucky it was just his finger he shot! I twitch is I can’t play with yarn too so I understand completely how you feel.


  7. Like Katherine, I’ve sewn through a finger and learned a lesson. My brother-in-law cut his index finger down to the first knuckle with a table saw, poor guy was alone so drive himself to urgent care. My nephew’s wife was kicked by a draft horse, and thirty years later, the mark is still visible on her thigh.


  8. My dad when he was 5 years old so 1936 was grocery shopping with his mother, at the end of the checkout line they had the grinder to make the coffee beans into grounds, he put is right index finger in ti see what it was all about and flipped the switch. My grandmother fainted when he pulled it out and said to her look===when she fainted then he began to cry!


  9. Very funny that man was more worried about what his wife was going to say, he should be worried! That water looks cold! Iremember when I attended Western Michigan University, yes they lost their bowl game today, we tried to get in Lake Michigan on Memorial Day, it was chilly then so I can’t imagine the water now. Love those socks.


  10. My son would polar bear club but it doesn’t register in my brain.
    Bill worked with a man named knuckles who had lost all the fingers on one hand-guy humor is a strange thing! lol
    Knitting is a great calming and creatively energizing activity for me. I hope to do it up until I step into Heaven!


  11. Full disclosure: I skipped the story. I am the most squeamish person I know. I have actually fainted — twice — at movie theaters. That taught Keith to stop dragging me to violent movies!
    I avoid anything that might involve blood. I don’t know how I got through childbirth. Obviously I’m in awe of nurses like you! Students love watching me turn green when they show me a cut. I haven’t fainted in a school since I was in 7th-grade. I’d like to keep it that way.
    I would love to do the polar plunge — especially just for fun! What a great way to embrace winter.


  12. Christmas 1988 . . . the Christmas I almost lost a finger in a weight bench accident. Thankfully, some very creative doctors were able to reattach the severed part and except for a tiny indentation and scar you would never suspect a thing! LOL


  13. Oh gosh I feel a bit light headed after all these stories. Yuck! Thankfully no severed memories here. Not sure if I begin twitching if I don’t knit in a day, but I sure as heck get nasty!! Lol


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