Boots and Windfalls


We’ll get to knitting in a minute, but I have to say I love my new boots.  They are Colombia, as you can see and they are quilted all the way to the toe.  They have passed the not one blister test, the snow shoeing test, and the walking to the mailbox text.

Are they as cute as some others I tried on?  Not even close.  There are some adorable faux fur lined boots that were , lets say three times the price.  If there is one thing I’m too frugal about it is shoes and boots.  I think this comes from growing up in a big big household where you had one pair and wore them out.  dscf9684-1Now to the important part Knitting.  Fezzik did the photo shoot in November and his check arrived mid December.  He got paid 300 dollars for the shoot.  We thanked him and then decided to split the windfall 4 ways between the family.  Fireman and Zach were hinting hard at a ping pong table.  They got one and played their hearts out over the visit. ( I movied  them in slow motion on zachs phone playing and it is rather hysterical to watch.  )

Al and I wanted yarn!  Al wanted something with cashmere in it.  I chose this gorgeous blend for her at Needles N Pins my new yarn shop. She got two skeins of it.  When it marinates for long enough, she’ll let us know and show us her knit.  She’s thinking gorgeous shawl.

I chose some sock yarn that I used up already for Uncle Billy.  By the way I haven’t heard from him yet.  Geez those socks had better not gotten lost in the mail! The socks were Online .

That’s all from Compassionknit here today.  I’m shawl knitting with my new Christmas yarn from Fireman.  Only had to restart once.  My momma heart is feeling better today.  I think what threw me so hard was they were BOTH home together and both left. This made the mother heart hole twice as big.  But, you all have been so sweet about it.

Ive got to get some healthy food in this house  today.  Then I’m sitting and I’m knitting.  Because it helps my momma heart to knit!



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Boots and Windfalls”

  1. I found that it hurts like this every time they leave because you get used to them not being there and SLAM , you are reminded all over again and have to level out. Great yarn and a cool paycheck! Go, Fezzik!


  2. I hope you can show us his photo when it comes out! Great boots; Columbia is a solid company. I’m sorry it was hard to see your kids go. I’m not there yet but I understand the missing them part; when my two spend a few nights with their Bella and Big Pop, I do miss them.


  3. Yay for the good boots, fun$$$ spending, and feeling better today! You inspire me to crochet more today on my shawl…the one I hoped to finish before winter started…sigh 🙂 xx


  4. The key to boots, other than comfort, is keeping your feet warm and toasty on even the coldest day. This pair looks like they meet and exceed both categories.

    Such fun to have a windfall check this time of year. I hope Fezzik got a new toy or a treat, too.


  5. I like your boots. The older I get, the more I realize comfort and practicality are the most important. And I know about the not having many shoes as a kid. We got one pair of dress shoes at Easter and 1 pair of tennis shoes when school started. That was it. Period. There was no money for more.

    Fezzik is a star! I think you all made good choices with the windfall.

    On my blog today I shared we were transferring family videos over Christmas. I couldn’t even watch them, because it hurts too much right now. See, I just made myself cry again. I cried at the Post Office this morning when the guy there asked if our kids were home for Christmas. Geez! I’m pitiful.



  6. I went to the store for healthy food today and came back with three gallons of ice cream. THREE. What was I thinking?
    Nothing compares to a good pair of boots in the snow. I have some old ones that were made in Canada and nothing beats them. Nothing.


  7. Those boots look very snuggly!!! I say to heck with fashion on yay to comfort and warmth!!!

    Congratulations to cover-boy Fezzik! He certainly deserves to be a model. He is GORGEOUS!!!


  8. Yes, it is hard to see those kids leave. I find it helps me to make sure I know when the next visit will be – something to look forward to and then like you, knit like the wind. Hot tea and brownie doesn’t hurt either!


  9. Good job on the boots. I have none. But we don’t get enough snow for me to worry about it. Good job Fezzie! And gorgeous yarn! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*


  10. Oh, yes, with boots it’s all about comfort! I’m glad you found the right pair for your new country digs! I expect you’ll spend a lot of time in them.
    I knew your mama heart would heal.If they weren’t so wonderful, it wouldn’t be so hard to say good-bye!
    Perfect day to knit!


  11. That is some lovely yarn; look forward to see what it becomes. Know that the “kidzhearts” feel a pang too…tho’ they might never say so. I recall my own heart-feelings after Christmas when I was 400+ miles away from home…


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