It’s a Long Long Post….Warning!

dscf9756Al gave me this awesome black kitty bag and Wandering Wool Yarn.  Love them both.  The wool is less orange and much more coral than the photo says.  dscf9742This man, my incredible son, went back to Mexico to finish his teaching term.  I cried. Like. a. baby.  


So to pull this post together…..which I do try folks, really I do.  Sometimes my posts are cuckoo birds to follow.  I’m a bit of a scatterbrain at times.  Times when I am rushed mostly, and times when I’m bawling like a big baby about my great kids leaving after a holiday.  Did I mention that?

Nancy (Wyoming Breezes) posted a prompt about goals for 2017.  I haven’t set any in stone but this got the old noggin thinking.  Since Yesterday I’ve pretty much changed them all but here goes in text:

*I’d like to get better at: saying see you soon to my grown children.  I cried much of Monday and Pretty much all of Tuesday when they flew off.  They only thing that saved me was going to Mary’s 90th Birthday party.  Mary introduced me to a foursome of friends saying, ” We all figured last year we’d never see one another again.  Yet, look, here we are to celebrate.  ” and then she added , “We raised our babies together in Northbrook” .  Bite lip, Kathy.   Snap out of it Kathy.  These ladies have seen a lot of life.   Your babies are wonderful adults and you are so proud of them.  Nice try.  I just got in the car and cried more.

*I’d like to share:  Better photos. I really have gotten kind of lazy with the whole photograph thing.  You deserve better. I’m going to reread my Franklin Habits class notes that I took years ago at his class.

I’d really like to try: stand up paddle boarding.  On quiet water. Near the shore.  With a lifejacket on.  Oh heck. This reminds me of my MEMORY making with Zach inLake Michigan.  But Lake Geneva is a whole different little lake.  I think I can try.

I’d like to learn how to: knit lace?  Maybe?  Al’s Christmas gift of yarn is so beautiful and is saying, hey, make something lace out of me.  Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make friends with lace and……charts?

I want to read: The book on How to Hygge .  33 Ways to lead a happy, healthy and contented life through the Danish are of Hygge.  Pronounce Hoo-gah.  I keep reading it as Hegg ie.  I don’t think I can make the swithc to Hoo-gah.  Once I read a word in my mind it is way more difficult than it should be for me to really pronounce it well.  I can read awhole book mispronouncing one word in my head.  I plan to hunker down today.  Let my swollen mother eye balls unswell.  Knit on a shawl I just started with yarn from Fireman.

Oh wait!  I forgot something on I’d like to learn: I want to learn to get the shows I like to watch on our Lake Geneva TV.   I have lots of trouble with bandwidth here, but I have to find a way to watch Dr. Pol.  I go into this little Dr. Pol coma of quiet when I watch that show.  I have whole seasons of calf pulling and country farm life to catch up on.

(Is she ever going to finish this post, you ask?  I have to vent friends.  Its part of my recover after the grown children leave day. .  After we have a week of fun.  Of laughter. Of salsa dance lessons, of guitar music in the house as Zach plays, of Al and I trying to make gingerbread houses, and of sheer joy.  I know I don’t want them living in my basement and behaving like children….see that’s the problem.  They’ve grown up to be too fun)

Finally, I promise, finally today: I really need to: Find a knit group around here.  I love the inspiration I get from a great shop and fun knitters being excited about the craft.

If you stayed with me the whole post, I love ya.  If you emailed me to help me dry my eyes I can’t thank you enough.   Now I’m off to clean this lovely house.  Then I can hunker down, and knit with Christmas yarn.


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

24 thoughts on “It’s a Long Long Post….Warning!”

  1. Love your stars! Paddleboard – don’t think I can do that…my balance is so bad (and I thought yoga would help…so far NOT). And it’s hard – you need strong leg muscles. A friend of mine does it on the Chesapeake and loves it. And your black cat bag – wow! That is gorgeous and beautiful yarn too. I hope you can find a knitting group (that is one of my “wants” as well). Saying goodbye to our children is SO hard…but I hope you and Fireman enjoy a lovely Happy New Year.


  2. Love your “star” goals and dreams. Don’t beat yourself up for crying when your children leave – all good Moms do that! Truth be told, your kids cry, too, maybe not where you can see them, but they do.

    Hey, if you can’t find a knit group, then start one!


  3. Now you’ve made me cry. Seriously, I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. But what a wonderful thing we’ve done my friend. Raised children that we love being with. I just hate that they’re so far away from us. Such beautiful yarn Al gave you and look at your son hold his kitty that he still loves. You have so great goals. I thought about doing the same thing when I saw it on Nancy’s blog, but my emotions and thoughts and health are so all over the place I can’t even focus enough to do it. I, also, would love a knit group close by. How cool if we all lived where we could do that. I’m praying that you will soon adjust again to an empty house. Until the next time they come home and it starts again. Believe me, I understand.


    1. Thank you so much Betsy for your understanding kind words!!! Every day I get a bit more NORMAL and less sad. I adore my husband, so I thank God for that. He’s tearful at times too, so I don’t feel to serious about my emotions. BIg hugs of thanks


  4. I spend the whole month of December bawling. I miss my Mom, I hate where Daddio is, I am sad that my relationships with my sisters fell apart because of the stress Daddio put on us, I can’t understand how The Mister and I have 4 kids and still end up alone on Christmas almost every year. It’s the time of year that painfully reminds me I didn’t end up anywhere close to where I expected I would be at my age. It also reminds me that I have to learn to “bloom where I am planted”. I’m okay alone. Always have been, always will be but it hurts when so many others are celebrating with family during the holidays. Hang in there. You are not alone.


  5. The time you had with your youngsters there sounds divine. I wish I had a guitar playing kid to entertain me! I think we’re getting them for the boys next Christmas. You need to save your tears my dear.. you have a wonderful relationship with your kids. It’s those whose children are mean to them that should cry. You should change your tears to smiles in honor of the great time you had with them and the pride they give you. OK? 🙂 . ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


    1. I know you are right Teresa. But I am jealous of your son , his amazing wife, your grands and family at your fingertips!!! Jealous in a loving way not a resentful way. Your house always sounds full of fun and joy. You seek it though and you surround yourself with pretty little things and dear friends. Well done, Teresa.


  6. As I said to another friend recently, “We are, almost all of us, stronger than we know.” With all that has gone on in your life over the last year, I’d say you’re due a tear or two. I get choked up when I say goodbye to my two, and they both live in town!

    Have you heard of You might be able to find a knitting group there. It’s where I went to start mine; it works.


  7. I love this post – the randomness and the beautiful honesty of it all. Oh, and if you need help in your lace knitting goals – I am here to help!! I wish I had an answer for the kids – it is the same for me. Some days are blue – really blue!


  8. Beautiful goals for the New Year!! Well, maybe except for the paddle board thing. I’ll pass on that one. I understand you crying when your children leave. I cried when we went home from our daughter’s house on Christmas Eve, leaving all my “babies” behind. I was just going across town. Nothing is more wonderful and blessed than having grown children who you love enough to cry about when they leave you–and who love you enough to get teary about leaving mom and dad!! We are truly blessed!


  9. Wish I was there to give you a big ol’ hug!!!! You have raised WONDERFUL kids. It’s no wonder that you miss them when they leave.

    I was very sad when Stephen left today to go back to Virginia, but no tears. He’s going back to a brand new job and dang ….. I couldn’t be prouder of how that boy handled being laid off. He had until March, but he starts his new job on Jan 3. I was kind of hoping he would find a job here in Florida, but hearing him talk about VA, I know he is in the right place for him. So…sad? A bit. But happy for him too.

    Aren’t we lucky to have raised up such amazing young people????

    As for the paddleboarding ….go for it! It looks like so much fun. Our goal for this year is to do an urban kayaking on the St. Johns. You go UNDERGROUND for a little bit and when you come back out of the “cave”, you are in McCoy’s Creek! THAT I HAVE TO TRY!


  10. Good for you even thinking about goals for 2017, Kathy b, and the goals you have set are diverse, and sound interesting to pursue, to me. I am glad you have your loving Fireman to process your very understandable feelings with. This morning I met with some of my lady friends to knit/crochet preemie blankets. Finding the ladies and facilitating our group is a little challenging. I sometimes knit or crochet in public while waiting and have made some good contacts that way. Cheering you on… xx


  11. Friends allow scatterbraininess and tears and laughter and joy! We understand where you are and what you are going through. Write it out and shout it so it won’t sit and fester!
    Hugs are all around you!


  12. I read the whole thing because I love you, too!
    Go for the lace! You can do it. Charts aren’t as hard as they look. In fact, once you catch on, they are easy. Helpful hint: I often take mine to the copy shop and enlarge them.
    Good luck with the paddle boarding! I do not get that sport at all. Also, I have terrible balance.
    I hope your tears are dry. You raised two amazing adults, and that is something to be happy about — even when they are far away!


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