Knitting Going On’s


My 11 year old Great Nephew Rj, loved his neon socks.  This is a child who made his knit aunt so happy.   He loves the colors and the cozy, his mom says.  Having a December birthday is a bit hard on the kids.  I believe their day should be just as special as a August birthday.


Al’s knitting on a long road trip today.   This is a cowl pattern we found the last time she was at our new store Needles n Pins in Delevan, Wisconsin.  She has her starbucks in the other hand.  See?   Pretty pretty.

dscf9554And the cardinal in the heavy snowfall yesterday.  It is breathtaking the beauty of this snow.

I’m thinking I’ll give my current knit up socks to my Uncle Bill.  He is such a funny man.  We all enjoy his family stories and his flair for drama.  I think I have bent a new Susan B Anderson metal sock needle.  Oh well it works!

Are you ready? Are you wrapped? Are you way behind? Did you burn the cookies? Did the tree fall down?  It doesn’t matter, we have all done this before.  And you know what, every year is special for one reason or another.  This year, well

there is a CUBS WORLD SERIES ORNAMENT on our tree!!!!  Ha!  had to get that in!



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14 thoughts on “Knitting Going On’s”

  1. That is a great reaction to the sock gift. It must feel wonderful to have your hard work appreciated. That cowl is seriously awesome. It’s going to be beautiful.
    I’m doing as little as I can to get by this year. Tradition has flown out the window but I’m hanging in there and that’s what counts.


  2. Al’s road-knitting cowl is gorgeous! What’s the name of the patten? She selected the perfect yarn for the project.

    Your greatnephew is a hoot – it’s fun knitting for those who love their gifts.


  3. Look at that happy face for the warm and bright socks!

    We have some more shopping to do, but our main Christmas day won’t happen until the 29th. So it feels as if there is still time. We are headed to an art show tomorrow hoping to find some original art for Mr. Ink’s brother and sister in law. They do so much for us, and have all they need, so we are hoping to find something unique for them. We’ll see how it goes.

    I’ve got wrapping that needs to be done as well, and I really should get on it. But, the winter bitter cold and storm we are having has not only given us far more time at home than expected, but it’s also made me a bit of a slug! A knitting slug, to be sure. But a slug nonetheless!


  4. Looks like those socks made one young man happy…and I can see why! A Cubs world series ornament! Wait til I tell Norman…maybe his nephew will send him one. Ice storm today…perfect for staying in and doing not much of anything – which is just what I did!


  5. You are a very nice aunt to knit socks for your nephew and I’m so glad he appreciates them! Now.. you need to show us a photo of your Cubs ornament on your tree. I’m so jealous of your Cardinals!! We just have a couple things left to do but mostly we’re all set and enjoying the decorated house and the season. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. Great picture of a boy and his socks! Who wouldn’t love them? Al’s cowl is beautiful. Long distance wrapping is done. First batch of cookies baked (almost burned them…rescued in the nick of time). Now I am more than ready for bed – lol.


  7. Al’s cowl is awesome. What a pretty combo of colors!

    Love the photo of the cardinal. So far I haven’t seen one here in Jacksonville, but surely there must be some. I do know we have ROBINS ….there was a yard in Green Cove Springs that must have had 100 of them.


  8. That is a wonderful, wonderful picture of your nephew. He genuinely loves those socks…as well he should! :-). And I LOVE that cowl that Al is knitting on. It’s gorgeous. We’re done with Christmas preparations here at our house. Not much to do when it’s just the two of us. No tree, just a few decorations. No baking either. We don’t need it! We’re warm and happy in this frigid cold weather. (-10F predicted for tonight). It is enough.


  9. I love the pic of your great–nephew! I love that he is so happy, and that he loves the socks. Well done!

    Oh wow I love the cowl that Al is knitting – gorgeous.

    We have all the packages sent to their recipients. The tree and house are decorated, I’m going to clean today so we will be ready that way.

    Some cookies have been baked, but not all. Some wrapping has to happen. But there is time and it’s all so much fun I will never complain.


  10. What a happy face those socks made. Love the photo. Al is knitting beautiful things once again. I am not wrapped and Mr 23 just told me he needs new belts so apparently I am not done shopping either!


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