Christmas Memories

dscf9486Fezzik has been good about the tree so far.  For that matter, they all have.  Why do I blame the baby all the time?  

I’ll be knitting the Christmas socks all weekend.  Seems they are not getting longer despite the fact that I knit on them exclusively.  I usually cheat with a shortie sock and the past two pair I’ve knit a real size so …..surprise to me:  They take longer.  And I’m bored, red, green, white, red, green, white…..But I will keep going and be full of glad tidings when they are done. 

While visiting sweet confused as ever mom, I talked to her about Christmas things.  I tell her she gave us a great Christmas.   “Mom, you raised 6 kids!  You know that don’t you?  ”  and somehow I remembered when small we always gave her 

Jean Nate.   Fireman laughed and said he gave his mom Jean Nate too. Did you Jean Nate?   The sweetest thing was, my mom, had enough Jean Nate to fill a bathtub with it yet she always acted like it was just the best gift.  

We always gave my Nana dusting powder.  She smelled great.  I realize it was called dusting powder because you ‘dusted’ yourself with it.  I thought it was because my Nana was always dusting the house. 

My dad got OLD SPICE  and I can smell it still.   I recall giving the gifts with great pride.   Back in the day, we also made a gift in school for our parents.  I think it was the only time I liked school.  The teacher would show us the final product, explain all the steps and mine would look not a whole lot like the display!  

Through an odd sequence of events, (?) Fireman and I realized both of our aunts moved within a block of one another.  They have met.  I’ve been a bit estranged from that aunt due to my father, but I decided to reach out and send her a card this year.   I just said, “Sorry it has been so long.  ”  

I spent so many of my early Christmas’ at her home with my cousins.  Santa came to their house for us on Christmas eve.  Their neighborhood joined lights from roof to roof.  I have good memories of all of our families young, intact and playful there. So it was a joy to send her a card.   A strange relief.  

The Holidays… much emotion tied in.  I like to look back for all the good.  There was plenty of it.  and Plenty of Jean nate




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14 thoughts on “Christmas Memories”

  1. I remember one year we gave my mother what I thought were the most beautiful earrings from Woolworths. I looked at them a few years later (probably ten years) and they looked like hunks of dried pink bubble gum with rhinestones. She always said she loved them. Moms.


  2. I remember making Christmas gifts for my parents at school, too, and I was so proud of them. Some I remember – – pig-shaped cutting board, a white glass plate with a rooster decal, a wooden serving tray with rope handles.


  3. Ah, those were the days! I still love those Christmas gifts our kids made for us in school. I have a big box of notes they wrote to me and gifts they made. A few of the gifts I keep on display because I love to touch them and remember…. Thanks for the reminder Kathy! It was a sweet thing to remind your mom about the Jean Nate. You left behind a memory for her to reach out and grab one day. Honestly, I used to love Jean Nate myself!


  4. I agree with you when you say there’s so much emotion associated with the Christmas holidays, it can be a happy but sad time too. I’ve never heard of Jean Nate but Old Spice, oh gosh my dad loved that, it was one of the only things we could think of to buy for dad and with 4 daughters he got a lot of it! When I smell it now it always makes me think he’s close by. Fiona x


  5. Oh! I had forgotten about Jean Nate. Yup, my Mom got that (and my 2nd mom…best friend’s mom). They both loved it. So many memories. I’m happy you reached out to your aunt…I hope you hear from her. Cute Fezzik. Our tree is in and lights are on but no ornaments yet.


  6. I once gave my mother Evening in Paris. OMG . . . was that ever an awful smell. I don’t remember ever giving her Jean Nate, but I did give it to my step-mother-in-law. She loved it. I loved the musk scent Jean Nate, but liked the regular too. It was a great summer cologne — lots of alcohol to cool the skin.

    I have an aunt that I would love to keep in touch with. Unfortunately, something happened between her and my parents that she has chosen not to get over even though both my parents have been dead for years. My sister and I have tried to mend fences, but so far …..nothing. We won’t give up. We’ll know we gave it our best shot.


  7. I remember Jean Nate, dusting powder and ole Spice. I believe these were the gifts of choice to my parents and grandmother too. Must have been the times. I remember being so proud to buy my oldest brother an ash tray, really? He was 17 years older than me and he smoked, not sure if he liked it or not. Fezzik is so gorgeous!


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