Christmas Kitties

dscf9436Wonderful Giroux (aka Dee) sent Fezzik his first ornament.  Oh my . Gosh. Golly.  Holly.  Jolly.  Adorbs.  It will be just like Fezzik to peek out of a box.

I wonder if I bring my mom a little present, if she will know how to unwrap it?  I think a snowglobe will delight her.  Guess what?  We visited her last night and I got to feed her again: egg salad.  Again.  I’d feed her anything to make her happy, but I really gag with the egg salad!  Haha.  She kept saying her brother John and her Pa were there.  I said hello to both of them.  I do think they are angels in her room. 

I’ve been pretty disciplined about knitting the never ending blanket on our trips back to Illinois to see mom.  Still it seems to never end! 

I am enchanted with each and every house that is decorated this time of year.  Today, we put up our tree.  Let the (cat nonsense) festivities begin!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Christmas Kitties”

  1. Ha! Cat antics for sure. Believe my hubby is picking up a tree today for us…curious to see how Tyg reacts (the last two years we had really small, table-top trees because we were not in town). Cute ornament that Giroux sent Fezzik. Cat buddies – love it. Have fun with your tree! Oh, our son and his girlfriend put up their tree a couple of days ago and Marcel immediately climbed it! And I love the idea of angels in your mom’s room…so sweet.


  2. What a sweet little ornament. I think we were really lucky with our the one and only cat we’ve had. George never bothered the tree at all and he thought he was more dog than cat! Golly I miss him. Sorry about the egg salad but I love the thought of angels surrounding your mom. I am a true believe that angels are with us always.


  3. That ornament is simply perfection! You are so lucky to receive that gift! I lost my silver crochet hook yesterday that I’m using for the baby blanket I’m crocheting.. we turned my chair upside down twice and looked through my “drawer from hell” twice.. finally found it. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Did you show the ornament to Fezzik, or is that too dangerous?

    We have our tree, nothing on it yet. Which is just as well, since it’s been knocked down a few times …

    I love seeing all of the houses decorated at this time of year! Sometimes I’ll go a bit out of my way to see some new ones.


  5. Love the ornament. I fed my dad lots of things while he was in the nursing home and he loved salad, not egg, just plain crunchy salad with lots of dressing on. I have to admit it wasn’t the easiest thing to feed him but he really enjoyed it and it makes me smile now he’s gone, to remember how much he enjoyed it. I too believe in angels and have no doubt your mum knows they’re there. Fiona x


  6. Fezzik deserves his own ornament. He should have more because he is an amazing cat!! You are so sweet with your Mom! Of course she has angels around her. How nice that they are beings who love and care for her. Good luck with the tree. I have a friend who has given up on the Christmas tree. Her cat brought it down so many times she can’t deal with it any longer. I told her I thought it was cruel of her to take away Freaky’s (yes, that’s his name) greatest pleasure.


  7. I am glad that you enjoyed little stitched Fezzik!

    YOU are an angel too in your mom’s room. I know you are a great blessing to her even if she can’t tell you that!


  8. You got the kitty! I wondered who it was for. I should have known. It does look like Fez. I just got back from seeing Daddio and it was a much better visit. They adjusted his meds so he was back on earth again. Still talking to angels as you say but at least he knew who I was again.


  9. That Dee sure is a wizard with her needles, isn’t she? I am sure your visits are special to your mom even if can’t tell her so.


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