Creative Packaging

dscf9426There has been knitting.  Christmas socks.

And there has been uncharacteristic baking.

You all know my baking laments.  But something changed this weekend.  I was able to make gingerbread cookies that actually look pretty fair!

Truth: I used Krusteaz gingerbread mix.

Truth: it was much easier than buying all the ingreds.

Truth: There may have been more flour on the floor than on the cutting board.

Truth: it took all afternoon.

Truth: the new kitchen has infinitely more counter space than the old kitchen of 33 years and it seemed to make me less kookoo while baking.

Truth: the house smelled amazing.

Truth: I cheated with the icing.  You can buy a writing icing: CakeMate makes the icing and it hardens in about an hour.

Truth: This box is going to my brother in law in Minnesota.  He is a veterinarian so there are dog bones which are people bones actually , included.

Truth: I dreamed up packing them in coconut.  I think its pretty brilliant.

Truth: that British baking show coupled with some holiday cheer and the gingerbread houses we saw, prompted me.

Truth : I ate more of the cookies than I should have.  Less than I would have in past though.

Truth: I wish I could send you all a box.   Everyone seemed to like the idea in yesterday’s prompt.  Suffice to say if someone loves you enough to send you cookies they worked very hard to do so!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Creative Packaging”

  1. The cookies look so pretty in their coconut snow! I know they will be much enjoyed.

    I’ll bet your house smelled amazing! There is something about fall/winter spices that just YUM up the place!


  2. Brilliant packaging! I looked at it and initially thought “Is it shaved white chocolate?” But that seemed like an excessively expensive and time consuming type of packaging!


  3. I think using a baking mix is brilliant! No harm, no foul. I’ve never used the writing icing but that’s just because I rarely bake anything anymore. The coconut idea is wonderful too. Your just too smart for me today! Ha! Ha! Have a wonderful day my friend.


  4. Your gingerbread cookies are adorable and the packing makes them even cuter! Great idea Kathy!! I love using baking mixes. I have a shortbread cookie mix calling out to me in the pantry right now. Once in a while I start feeling guilty or afraid I have forgotten how to do it from scratch. Then I make one thing from scratch and go back to the easier, faster and just as yummy mixes. I’ll have to try that icing!


  5. Mmmm….I use a gingerbread cake mix when I make cookies too but when I make gingerbread cake I do it from scratch. Weird, I guess. I love those cookies you made. They are adorable! I need to catch up on the baking show but I’m afraid it will trigger my holiday munchies. I think I will wait until the week before Christmas to bake-that way I can’t do too much damage.


  6. Packing them in coconut IS brilliant. They look adorable!
    The fact is that counter space is correlated with cooking sanity. When we redid our kitchen, I was so happy with just a bit more counter space.
    Prepackaged frosting is an amazing invention1


  7. Good job.. now I want my house to smell like gingerbread cookies.. hmmm.. love the packing idea.

    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*


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