Beginning to Look Alike like Cookies

Oh look. Christmas cookies at the bakery.  I did not eat any.  This does not mean I didn’t have cookies at a dear friend’s house last night.  I had gingerbread and it was divine.  There wasn’t even any frosting on the gingerbread men and I ate more than I should have.  I’m going to make gingerbread people this week for the holiday. 


Oh look, Christmas sock yarn.  Wheee. I had to order it on ebay.  I’ve cast on but was too crazy busy to knit for two days……

What?  Two trips home ( to the old neighborhood I mean)  and back in two days.  Volunteering in the Operating room for 4 hours yesterday with a new vet, Board Meeting that was long Tuesday night, Seeing sweet mom (more on mom) and a holiday gathering with two dear ones from High school …whirlwind.  (both my friends got knitted cowls that I had made this year and they loved them) 

We do pass our old house and it is awesome to see new decorations on the fence and lights in the front trees that we never decorated.   I don’t feel. one. pang . to . go . back. 

Mom got her dinner tray while we visited.  I fed her again.  If there is one food you cannot eat, smell or see others eat what is it?  For me it is egg salad.  And that’s what mom had for dinner last night.  Talk about a work of mercy!   I tried not to gag.  She was so happy to be eating it that I got past it.    

( for those who asked, I knit about 4 inches in the cuff pattern of my last socks)



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “Beginning to Look Alike like Cookies”

  1. Great Christmas sock yarn!! I can’t wait to see the socks. You have been a busy lady this week. So glad you got to spend some quality time with your dear Mom! My can’t stand food is stuffed peppers. I was very sick once from stuffed bell peppers and since then I can’t stand to smell them even from a distance, and forget eating them or being around them. Isn’t it strange that our minds (and our stomachs) work that way?


  2. I love Christmas sock yarn. It’s a personal problem, and I’m fighting the urge to go and buy some off etsy looking at your picture. You know I love to bake cookies, but I’m not a fan of royal icing. I think I want to try and make checkerboard cookies this year. 🙂


  3. I can’t stand the smell of olives. I have to hold my breathe as I walk by the antipasto bar at the grocery store!

    Love those sugar cookies – one of my fave things about Christmas!


  4. I just came from a terrible visit with Daddio. He did not even know who I was. Last week he was on a rampage breaking things and hitting nurses and this week he is a zombie. I suspect it is from a change in his meds to control his behavior. I cried all the way home. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. I hate this disease.


  5. I am so glad that you love your new place and don’t miss the old. I don’t miss one single thing about Orlando. We are so happy here.

    You are so sweet to feed your Mom her supper (even though it was egg salad). For me, it would have been anything involving fish.

    Can’t wait to see your Christmas socks. Happy knitting!


  6. Was that the bakery where we had lunch? Nice of you to visit your mom and to help her eat even though it was difficult for you! That must have been a long drive back home after the Board Meeting; I hope they appreciate you.


  7. Lots in today’s post…you have been busy. I’m glad you’re so happy in your new home that seeing the other all “gussied up” for Christmas doesn’t bother you. How sweet to volunteer so much of your time and take care of others. I love egg salad but I have a problem with ham sandwiches. Ever since I was pregnant 38 years ago! I can eat them, I just can’t stand the smell of ham. Crazy isn’t it? You are a good daughter.


  8. i just drove by my old home for the first time in 10 years. I had avoided the road all this time and it didn’t bother me this time at all! I knew it but I wanted to keep the image of it as mine in my head as my memory. I found out it is there no matter what!
    Hope you can catch a breath soon!


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